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The Mountain Between UsWish couple who have some real obstacles to overcome Throw in a few spinsters a con artist a teenager and a local diner and you have yourself a town I liked how Meyers gave the characters strength and integrity They were likable and sweet They held each other up during snowstorms and swindles They lent each other an ear and a shoulder to cry on I also liked the dual romance and the inclusion of extended family I felt like I could depend on these people I trusted them The only thing that disappointed me about this book was the rambling writing Some chapters took way too long to say what they needed to say A good 10% of the verbiage should have been cut to tighten up the writing Because of the long windedness especially in the first half I found myself skipping over entire paragraphs itching to get to the action Nevertheless the writing is excellent and the dialogue flowed naturally The Mountain Between Us is a warm Christmas romance replete with snowstorms love and a strong sense of family Read it beside your Christmas tree with a cup of hot cocoa and you might even hear the jingle bells ARC was provided by NetGalley in exchange for an honest review Well in this chapter of the story of Eureka Colorado we have a baby on the way love in the air some good some not so good snow close two mountain pass and great community holiday spirit I really enjoyed the first book of the series so I was excited anxious to read this second book of the series I do not take any pleasure in this but out of 178 books that I have read this year this book may be at the bottom of the barrel My first thought after finishing the book "is that the author must really hate women after portraying so many of them as man hating psychopaths "that the author must really hate women after portraying so many of them as man hating psychopaths not one but two of the female characters main reason for living was to hold a grudge against a manfor NOT reading her mind We are not talking about a couple of tweens who may be excused for being a little emotionally immature but grown up women who were acting like tweensAnd it went downhill from there with ghosts appearing bad dialogue flowing This book was just awful The Mountain Between Us by Cindy MyersI was excited to be picked to read this book because I have read the other two related stories and love the locale and the charactersThis is the continuing story about Maggie and she was only going to stay a week to settle her father s possessions after he died but she ended up staying Now she is in love with Jameco Clark who s back from the war. Ut to put things in perspective When a blizzard blows through just days before Christmas some are left stranded and others missing Now there's only one thing on Eureka's wish list to live up to its name and its reputation for coming together and find a way to bring everyone back home where they belong.

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He real feeling you get while reading The Mountain Between Us The people are real they have real problems and make mistakes Big mistakes but the town rallys around them in support I enjoyed the funny lighthearted moments too I had this same conversation with my good friend Haha One of my favorite uotes She glanced at the plus sign on the little plastic strip in her hand again Maybe the test is defective she said Into The Phone Maybe That the phone Maybe that why it was for sale at the dollar store You bought a pregnancy test at the dollar store On the other end of the line her best friend Barb Stanowski sounded very far away Although i ve dreamt of running away to a small town like this There are not all rosy moments When winter hits it hits hard and there are times when the town is closed off from civilization for days on end No phone or cell service It sounds good but Maggie did make a good point Is this another one of those uaint Eureka customs that s supposed to make up for the fact that you don t have a Starbucks or a Taco Bell in the entire county she asked In the end this book was only missing one small thing I almost miss it till the last few pages when I realized there was one small sex scene Now I don t need that in all my books I ve just come to expect it with CR This book was not lacking in any way and even though it was limited on the steam it was high on community connections and lessons of love and family I really enjoyed The Mountain Between Us She gazed out the window at scenery that still took her breath away despite its familiarity Mountains like jagged broken teeth jutted against a sky blue and translucent as the finest "turuoise dug from the French Mistress Aspen glowed yellow against the darker "dug from the French Mistress Aspen glowed yellow against the darker green conifers on the flanks of the mountains the road a red brown ribbon wound between the peaks Felt like I was reading a Hallmark romance movie Had trouble eeping up with the characters Or maybe it didn t eep my interest Was getting the two guys and their girlfriends confused And I could not imagine being that cold on Christmas Eve That would be brutal A snowy Christmas romance The Mountain Between Us is set in Colorado in a tiny town where everyone leans on each other The dynamics among the residents of Eureka remind me of those in Robyn Carr s Virgin River a focus on family with woodsy macho men who protect strong and emotional women Cindy Meyers gives us DJ and Olivia a former couple who may or may not get back together and Maggie and Jameso a ne. Are those with personal problems like Maggie Stevens pregnant and torn between single motherhood or drawing the father to be into a life he's not cut out for And Olivia Theriot the mayor's prodigal daughter is harboring a secret so painful she may never be able to settle down But mother nature is abo. ,
Actually a pretty sweet little book I was drawn to this book because I love this part of Even though I usually don I love this part of Colorado Even though I don care very much for romantic novels I enjoyed the time I spent in Eureka Colorado at Christmas via this book A good Christmas novelBook was wellwritten but need a couple paragraph put into place to make the bookkeeper to follow Plot is excellent I received an advance copy of this title from Netgalleycom in exchange for an honest review This was a very warm hearted small town holiday story Welcome to Eureka Colorado an old mining town where there is this fantastic group of characters each struggling with their own life paths We meet Olivia who is young mother and a son afraid of being hurt again by her ex boyfriend who has come to town to win her back Maggie who finds herself entering a new stage in life in her new hometown A charming swindler who could ve walked right out of the current news stories and a cranky librarian with secrets of her own This is a story of the strength of friendship family and small town living It reminds you that when times get hard that s exactly "when you learn the true nature and character of those around you and uite often they surprise "you learn the true nature and character of those around you and uite often they surprise I truly enjoyed this book It was a nice contrast to the stories I normally read where everyone has a great job fancy houses trust funds and they never seem to work This book captures the heart of America and I for one am glad I read it This book really puts you in the holiday spirit 35 starsEvery once in awhile I get a book from Netgalley and i m expecting one ind of read but I get another I was expecting your tradition Contemporary Romance Not a lot of depth a singular couple that the book is focused on and cheesy moment Don t think i m bashing CR no no no It s a genre that I come back to time and time again I was just pleasantly surprised by The Mountain Between UsThe Mountain Between Us is not a story about one couple but a small town in Colorado It s not unlike my favorite small town series Virgin River by Robyn Carr Minus one very important thing i ll touch on that in a bit This story starts with two couples Olivia and DJ separated by war and miscommunication Also Maggie and Jameso separated by age and this idea of who you should be with Then the other relationship is a little out of the box the beautiful town of Eureka Colorado It s a one light town filled with local stores a community that sticks together and has always taken care of it s ownI also loved Cut off from the outside world by a blanket of snow the holidays are usually a time for peace and uiet in tiny Eureka Colorado But this year the mountain town is in trouble Thanks to a corrupt investor the treasury is bankrupt leaving residents to struggle through an especially harsh winter Then there. ,