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The Man with the Golden Gun (James Bond role-playing game) [Box Set] eWhat he wants them to doven breaking the law such as making the postmaster delivering the murder victim s mail to him and resorts to violence if he doesn t like what someone says It seems it is the all the rage portraying troubled and motionally immature characters in cop shows on TV today However these characters have some redeemable relatable and likeable character traits unlike Rocco the main character in this book While the first half of the book doesn t have much of a story line or character development in the second part of the book the story picks up speed the suspense builds up the murder mystery starts unfolding and one starts seeing some kindness and feelings in Rocco Overall the writing style of the book is so uniue descriptive and pleasure the read Obviously the author of this book is so talented Never the less the characters in a book need to be relatable and likeable on some level however flawed they may be in order to sell books The first part of the book is no than two stars and the last part is four Since I liked the last part written xceptionally well I may give another try to this series before I make up my mind Book review Black Run by Antonio ManziniThe Italian word for yellow is giallo Giallo also refers to a particular kind of novel the crime novel Why are these books called giallo gialli in the plural Because in 1929 the publisher Mondadori issued a number of them in a cheap paperback Schmerzmedizin - 1000 Fragen edition with a yellow coverThe genre has lost none of its steam and the Montalbano stories set in Sicily written by Andrea Cammileri have become a publishing phenomenonxceeded only by the phenomenon of the TV series The Psychologische Homöopathie. episodes are freuently aired opposite the soccer and beats the soccer in the ratings Cammileri age 90 is still going strong writing and smoking 4 packs a day In Italy he s a God When was the last time a writer left the house and got mobbed in public If Cammileri has an heir it would be Antonio Manzini a student at the University of Rome in the 80 s when Camilleri was in residence teaching theatre and Italian literature Manzini started out as an actor made the switch to directing and then another switch to writer and his first book Pista Nera Black Run published in 2006 was a best seller Here I want to talk about the Manzini books and the person of the cop viceuestore chief detective Rocco Schiavone Rocco and Montalbano share one thing in common a gift for solving homicide cases Take any city in the world and if the police department can claim a homicide clearance rate of 50% they are superstars But Montalbano and Rocco solve all their cases and boast a clearance rate of 100%Montalbano is a Columbo type not a fumbler but something of a softie who is very good at gaining your trust and the gradual coughing up of information For any cop information is the key Rocco has a different style He s a city guy the city is Rome and to call him hard boiled is like calling Hitler mean Rocco s method is to begin politelynough but the The Viva Mayr Diet: 14 days to a flatter stomach and a younger you exchange uickly degenerates into a discussion of your sister and how she makes her living followed by a uick blow to the nose drawing bloodRocco is smart creative and violent Also funny and relentless in pursuit of the one thing that truly gets the juices flowing to put your low life ass behind bars Rocco was married but his wife is dead murdered in a drive by Rocco was the target but the bullets found his wife instead Thevent changed him He was a hard case before his wifes death then became harder There are two sides to Rocco He leads a double life He is a viceuestore who dabbles in a bit of armed robbery on the side He grew up in Rome in the Trastevere district and growing up along with him were Sebastiano Furio Brizio It was a gang that did what gangs do to pull jobs and break a few heads At some point maturity beckoned and they were obliged to find jobs Rocco became a cop But they remained friends virtually brothers and to mend their criminal ways was a thought they never got around to thinking The money is important because Aviation Logistics: The Dynamic Partnership of Air Freight and Supply Chain even a viceuestore makes peanuts and Rocco is a sport thelegant type who prefers not to deprive himself He has a cool pad wears wears the 900 R High Performance Programming euro suit the 400uro shoes ats the 90 uro meal Its called overheadPista Nera Black Run is the first in the series of five gialli by Manzini FEATURING ROCCO AND HIS STALWART GANGSTER Rocco and his stalwart gangster The setting is Aosta in the north way north Rocco has always lived and worked in ROME HE DESPISES COLD WEATHER THE SNOW GOES he despises cold weather the snow that it and any kind of snow related activity But he s in Scala for Java Developers exile Something happened in Rome that is never made clear The prevailing gossip points to a woman the wife of a judge In Italian they say per toccare una donna che non doveva toccare to touch a woman you shouldn t be touchingButither way here he is in Aosta freezing his coglioni and doing his best to accommodate himself to the locals and their provincial ways I wont get into the plot a bizarre murder that reuires a master detective to unravel but leave it for you to read on your own Meanwhile here are 2 scenes to The Qur'an, Morality and Critical Reason: The Essential Muhammad Shahrur establish the toneOmar Borghetti is a ski instructor in Aosta and possible murder suspect Rocco has invited him to drop in at the uestura for a chat But Omar never shows and Rocco is obliged to track him down playing cards in a bar The followingxchange occursOmar I heard you were looking for me WhyRocco Because I m in love with youOmar being cute Is this about a parking ticketRocco Faccia di merda You think they send a viceuestore to collect finesOmar You talk tough behind that uniformRocco I m not wearing the uniform I m wearing a 900 Vermeer to Eternity euro suitFrom here things deteriorate further until Rocco to precisely clarify the situation delivers one of his patented blows to the bridge of the nose to break the nose and now there is blood Omar is staggered and a bit frightened Rocco produces a handkerchief for the blood and the interview proceeds Rocco returns to the office but first stops off at the lab to visit with Fumagalli the pathologist to test the handkerchief for DNAI loved that scene Heres anotherRocco in a bar having a coffee while listening in on a conversation between two women at the next table They are mid fifties speaking of a man one of the woman has recently met and her friend says he is hot he loves you and very important he has money And you know what my mother used to sayNo what did she used to sayShe used to say when your breasts no longer point at the stars but at your feet its time to start buyingxpensive shoesAny uestions On the cover of my copy it says Diamond hard crime writing Financial Times I say that the Financial Times doesn t know much about writing than it does about the political situation in Spain for which I give it low marks I would describe the writing as a cheap plastic imitation of a diamondOur hero Schiavone is a womanizer he s rude he insults his own officers he himself Heaven to Betsy engages in criminal activities Be. Ne Miccichè È un catanese di famiglia di imprenditori vinicoli venuto tra le cime i ghiacciai ad aprire una lussuosa attività turistica insieme alla moglie Luisa Pec un'intelligente bellezza del luogo che spicca tra le tante che stuzzicano i facili appetiti del viceuestore Davanti al uale si aprono tre piste la vendetta di mafia i debiti il delitto passionale uello di Schiavone è stato un trasferimento punitivo È un poliziotto corrotto ama la bella vita ,

Novel set in Champoluc Italian Alps The police can be your friend or your worst nightmare Introducing deputy Police Chief Rocco Schiavone recently transferred under duress to Val d Aosta from Rome His natural habitat is not the sprawling land mass of the Alps in the month of February covered in deep freezing snow he is a townie born and bred He has history He also has a curmudgeonly and bullying manner He has an So B. It eye for the ladies He seems to be a bit of misogynist In other words it s a struggle to warm to him Like many other fictional police officers he too has a uirk when he meets people he sums them up in his head and allocates them anuivalent often rare in the animal world For Cabaret example Alfonso Lorisaz is not filed away in his mind simply as a rodent no he is a rodent from the suborder Sciuromorpha specifically a Castor Fiber the Eurasian beaver I guess the usual proclivities likeating cooking origami and drinking treble spressos have already been bagged by other European detectivesOne vening as the snowcats or piste bashers prepare the slopes for another day of skiing driver Amedeo is minding his own business as he ploughs back and forth across the pistes joint in hand arbuds blasting music He is ordered to take a lane down from the Crest and as he motors down he crunches over something that turns out to be a body the snowcat having ground it up with its tillers and splattered corpse components across the snow It is the body of Leone Miccich with the remains of a red cloth wedged down his throat The unfortunate victim may hale from Sicily but Schiavone decides this is clearly not a Mafia killing the Mafia ither leave the body somewhere really Trading Places: The Netherlandish Merchants in Early Modern Venice evident or they hide it completely so it can never be found and they often insert a male body part into the mouth not a piece of cloth he muses This is therefore not the work of the Mafia and he concludes he is looking for a local he s clever like thatThis is Rocco Schiavone s investigation The people of the close knit communities in the Alps are another species nothing like the good and not so good folk of Rome Everyone is seemingly related toveryone En plein coeur else And it is his job tostablish the motive and the perpetrator He is a ball buster he intimidates and gets his own way He is not averse to breaking the law himself and is only too willing to team up with his old mate Sebastiano who has a tip off to intercept a lorry smuggling drugs from Rotterdam to Turin They work out the percentage they can cream off This is a side story somewhat relevant to the overall plotEarly on Omar Borghetti head of the ski school is in the frame as the primary suspect He is an old and seemingly persistent lover of Miccich s wife Luisa Pec and Schiavone soon discovers that they regularly still meet up Is he the culprit or is he notThis is a story that will transport you to the Alps the cold slopes the stunning scenery the business of skiing and the community behind a successful resort We also learn that Aosta the town where Schiavone is based is the richest city in Italy with a per capita income to rival Luxembourg s to me a surprising and interesting fact The author captures the mix of French and Italian flavour in this part of the Alps the wonderfully woody architecture of the rascard the typical Alpine building of the area and describes the mind numbing cold Schiavone is adamant that he will stick to wearing his Clarks desert shoes totally unsuited to the snow conditions underfoot and that is something we hear about on several The Bookshop on the Shore eually mind numbing occasions until he is forced to buy a hardy pair of boots Similarlyarly on the author refers time and again to the inebriated Brits who hang around the resort like a Brahms and Liszt chorus group singing You ll never walk alone monotonous information and adds nothing to the story or the ambience And as the book ground to its conclusion I felt to the story or the ambience And as the book ground to its conclusion I felt storyline had been incredibly thin uite how Schiavone has become Italy s No1 Detective as trumpeted on the cover of my copy see photos I have no idea Forget Montalbano states L Uomo Vogue on the back cover Montalbano is the Sicilian Commissario who features in the very successful crime novels by Andrea Camilleri But Montalbano is lovingly Dance Real Slow engraved on the heart of many and asking a reader to forget him is akin to ostracising your favourite uncle It s just not credible Ultimately I know who I would choose to forgetTo be frank I don t really think the translation helped This is a translation for the English speaking market that is to say the American market For sure I am by now used to reading sidewalk tire iron gotten and so forth but spare me phrases like the guy s holed up with some chippie he pulled a plastic baggie out his pocket yes really a baggie or the birdies were once again tweeting I got no sense that irony was intended in this particular usage of birdies The book hasssentially lost much of its European provenance although there are smatterings of Italian to keep the reader on track that it is actually set in Italy Measurements have been changed from metres used in Italy to feet and inches used in much of the English speaking world although UK folk are than used to dealing with metres these days and shoe sizes are frankly all over the place mainly American sizing but a pair of forty fours European sizing slipped in when
Schiavone Was Choosing His 
was choosing his bootsSo judge for yourself whether as the back cover of my copy The Art of Memoir exclaims Schiavone comes from the dark metropolis of a novel by James Ellroy L Indice orchoes Dudley Smith from LA Confidential La Stampa or The Day Christ Was Born: The True Account of the First 24 Hours of Jesus's Life even whether Schiavone is as bad a cop as Lt Kojak Repubblica Have you noticed these are all American comparisons What possible conclusion might be drawn from this observation I wonderThis review first appeared on our blog A foul mouthed disrespectful cynical corrupt policemanxiled to a small alpine town in Italy Rocco Schiavone gradually becomes a complex sympathetic character The writing is fluid the description vivid the situations unusual and interesting I literally had to force myself to read the first half of this book for so many reasons For one a main character who comes across as a very hostile angry and hateful main character who comes across as a very hostile angry and hateful with no conscience and very time he opens his mouth is to insult degrade and cut down someone in a worse way possible such as the way he insults one of subordinates about his weight missing teeth the way his hair looks tc He looks at ach female he comes across as someone he can have his way with to satisfy his physical needs not as human being to relate on an motional level This is a law PostgreSQL Server Programming - Second Edition enforcement officer who has no respect for law to the point of keeping a stash at his drawer and smoking pot at work during business hours It is not beneath him turning in half of the drugs he confiscates to the authorities and keeping the other half to sell it illegally to pocket the money He bullies people to intimidate and to make them do. Semisepolto in mezzo a una pista sciistica sopra Champoluc in Val d'Aosta viene rinvenuto un cadavere Sul corpo è passato un cingolato in uso per spianare la neve smembrandolo rendendolo irriconoscibile Poche tracce lì intorno per il viceuestore Rocco Schiavone da poco trasferito ad Aosta briciole di tabacco lembi di indumenti resti organici di varia pezzatura un macabro segno che non si è trattato di un incidente ma di un delitto La vittima si chiama Leo. Ing vulgar doesn t make one hard boiled it makes one vulgar Manzini tried all the tricks available to make Schiavone hard boiled but as far as I m concerned he failed I want my detectives to have some moral fiber and I want to like them I like detectives Maigret Montalbano Morse Spade and ven on the right day Poirot who is poached I didn t like Schiavone This book starts out promisingly The Taste of Night (Signs of the Zodiac, enough A mutilated body is discovered on the slopes of a ski resort in the Italian Alps and there are some interesting descriptions of the landscape and the people who live thereHowever things go rapidly downhill with the arrival of the investigating policeman Rocco Schiavone is a corrupt short tempered womanising bully In fact he is such an all round over the top badass that the only way to view him is as a comic parody However thatffect is spoilt by an italicised section at the nd of ach chapter which attempts to give an insight into his mind and make him sympathetic Not only does this signify that the author is unsure which type of novel he is writing but Shiavone wallows in so much self pity any xtra sympathy from the reader is superfluousThere is some strange diversion from the main plot midway through concerning a hijacked truck bound for Turin Once that is done with the central plot seems almost forgotten and uite frankly I d lost interest in who killed the man at the ski resort or whyThe only good thing I can say about this novel is that it s mercifully short so I didn t waste too much time reading it I certainly won t be wasting any time on this author s work 25 stars rounded up because of the bucolic location in the Italian Alps Comparisons to Camillieri s Inspector Montalbano character are a real stretch and not just because Deputy Chief Rocco Schiavone is Italian not Sicilian He s just not a good guy The novel opens with a snow cat driver accidentally driving over a body on a backwoods shortcut Schiavone is called to the scene not dressed for the weather The victim is the husband of a very attractive owner of a restaurantbar in the Aosta area and it is a basic small town mystery but for the nefarious activities of Schiavone Deputy Police Chief Rocco Schiaovne has some shtick His tongue wags uickly and he says what most people think but wouldn t have the gall to say He has a dark past is happy to do some illegal moonlighting if money is involved and loves women There is a crime in this story but I think it is about stablishing the character and his secret or probably one of themA story with style What an outstanding detective novel It s a real page turner not because of any The Road From Home: The Story Of An Armenian Girl excitement in the plot there is very little action per se but because it is beautifully crafted There is almost noxtraneous information Exile and Pilgrim everything in the book is there for a reason and adds to your understanding The protagonist who is the focus of virtuallyvery page is a rather imperfect but xtremely intelligent detective We really get to know him as this novel unfolds It s very well written for its genre not chock full of clich s though a few of the minor characters are familiar types for police novels It s full of very fun collouial Italian Is there a better language for swearing than Italian I doubt it All in all a really fun read and I ll be sure to look for novels by Antonio Manzini On the back cover there s a blurb by Andrea Camilleri which readsManzini devotes space to his characters than to vents and the detective story is a pretext for talking brilliantly about Italian societyand I would have to agree with him wholeheartedly Set in the alpine mountains of Val D Aosta in Italy the book starts with a gruesome scene as a snocat operator is making his way in the dark down a mountain ski track heading into the village of Crest at the Champoluc ski resort He s singing out loud Hitting The High Notes While the high notes while listening to Ligabue on the radio Suddenly he realizes that the snocat has hit something He gets out and notices feathers being blown about by the wind Still uncomprehending he walks on until he runs into an Hannah Montana: The Movie enormous red stain churned into the white blanket of snow The next look he takes has him throwing up and this is where we meet Deputy Police Chief Rocco Schiavone who is awakened during a sound sleep and sent out to have a look The discovery of a mangled body puts Schiavone in charge of a case that has any number of potential suspects once the dead person is identified Schiavone is not I repeat NOT your typical crime solving Chief Inspector For one thing he has this bizarre habit of meeting a person and giving them some sort of animaluivalent in his head genus species order suborder He s prone to ridicule those who serve underneath him if he finds them lacking He is a definite ladies man but at the same time comes off as a misogynist he is also prone to using violence or threats as a means of putting fear into people He scoffs at the people of Val D Aosta as they seem to be beneath him somehow and uite frankly he s crooked Everything gets compared to Rome where he d previously worked before he was sent seemingly into xile where he is right now The story of what happened in Rome has to wait until later in the story but when it comes out it does sort of give you an idea of wait until later in the story but when it comes out it does sort of give you an idea of he became what I called an asshat in my reading status updates However he is very very good at what he does ven if you don t agree with his methods or you don t think that s how cops ought to work By the nd of the book I actually felt kind of sorry for the guy In coming to understand him something popped out at me right as the book was about to nd where the author describes him as someone who was struggling to leave behind the ugliest things he d lived through Who was trying to forget the vil committed and the vil received The blood the screams the dead who presented themselves behind his Cardiovascular Pet: Current Concepts eyelidsvery time he shut his yes He often finds himself in a swamp which was always there where the boundary between good and vil between right and wrong no longer A Companion to Peter Martyr Vermigli exists And there are no nuances in the swamp Either you plunge in headfirst or you stay out There is no middle groundWhile the mystery itself is kind of run of the mill as far as the bigger picture goes as Camilleri states the focus is all on the characters As he also notes Manzini doesn t hesitate to draw attention to problems in Italian society which I ll leave the reader to discover The bottom line to me is that while it is definitely tough to warm up to Schiavone until you see where he s coming from I m drawn way to character than to plot so Black Run is most definitely in my wheelhouse Personally I think that readers who ve given low ratings to this novel are looking for a thriller sort of thing that they didn t get and that perhaps they ve sort of misunderstood Manzini smphasis on his main character Oh well I thought it was a fine debut series novel and I will definitely be waiting for the next one. Erò ha talento Mette un tassello dietro l'altro nell'enigma dell'inchiesta collocandovi vite caratteri delle persone come fossero frammenti di un puzzle Non è un brav'uomo ma non si può non parteggiare per lui forse per la sua vigorosa antipatia verso i luoghi comuni che ci circondano forse perché è l'unico baluardo contro il male peggiore la morte per mano omicida in natura la morte non ha colpe o forse per ualche altro motivo che chiude in fondo al cuor. ,

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