A Big Sky Christmas (E–pub)

A Big Sky Christmas

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By William W Johnstone and JA JohnstoneThis is "the third book in
a series of 
series of omances culminating at Christmas This time Jamie McAllister is corralled "third book in a series of Western omances culminating at Christmas This time Jamie McAllister is corralled leading a wagon train of pioneers from Kansas City Missouri to Montana territory where they plan to settle He thinks they are setting out too late to make it before the harsh winter weather but he agrees to lead them because if anybody can get them there by Christmas it s Jamie McAllister It s a stereotypical Western tale cardboard characters Teaching Machines: Learning from the Intersection of Education and Technology right out of central casting a band of varmints set onevenge an actress who is NOT a prostitute fleeing from a Sisi: Empress on Her Own rich man intent on having his way with her a cowboy who has beenunning with a group of outlaws but has eformed for love of course a fire and brimstone preacher a studious and polite Jewish immigrant Indians buffalo shoot outs prairie fires and blizzards It s also a fast ead with a plot that kept me interested enough to keep turning pages J A Johnstone has improved hisher writing since the first book in the series though not much The books carry William Johnstone s name but he died at least 7 years before the first book was published so I think it would be honest to have only J A Johnstone s name on the books Oh and if you The Art of Slow Writing: Reflections on Time, Craft, and Creativity re looking for a Christmas book look elsewhere About the onlyeference to Christmas is that McAllister promises to get the pilgrims to Montana by that date It s The Life of Samuel Johnson really just a Westernomance set during early winter with a plot that culminates on Christmas Day Not a bad ead A Big Sky Christmas features Jamie Ian MacCallister he takes over leading a wagon train egardless that it s late in the year they ar. In the fall of 1873 a wagon train of immigrants sets off from Missouri for the Montana Territory Leading them is wagon master Jamie Ian MacCallister a giant. E determined to head out for Eagle Valley in Montana Territory and won t wait till Spring A Big Sky Christmas has won t wait till Spring A Big Sky Christmas has A Wizard in Love really to do with Christmas other than Jamie promising to get them to Montana by Christmas It s kind of like the ghost writer took iconic characters from a legend put some cheesy storylines in it a overbear Minister a Jewish Rabbi Actress trying to escape a Rich Man then you got the outlaw trying to hide that he is and honestly win the girl The story goes along it s a decentead predictable at times but you get last 100 pages Jamie and several from the wagon train escue two children stolen from it and then you have Preacher Smoke Audie and Nighthawk make a cameo appearance into the story
both preacher and 
Preacher and Jensen are iconic characters of William s as a eader your in for some good eading with them both Audie and Nighthawk have appeared in the First Mountain Man Series The ghost writer easily could have written them into the story earlier then they were just based on their writing and Jamie looking for scouts for the wagon train My favorite part of William W Johnstone s books were the final 100 pages he was one "of the best at packing an overload of action to them and he never ever "the best at packing an overload of action to them and he never ever the easy button to finish one Which happens with this one Plus it contradicts his writing as they have Jamie an old man Smoke is in his 20 s Yet in the Eagle Series Jamie in his 20 s meets up with Preacher and Smoke s in his late teens and yes it s a little detail but it shows that the ghost writer has ead up on the characters and throws off the timeline you have of the characters Still an okay Presidential Secrecy and the Law read better than several of the Of a man who swears he can get them there by Christmas come hell or high snow drifts The journey is plagued by brutal storms andugged terrain outlaws and ,
The Price We Pay