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I oved this game and the book is a pretty entertaining short Read That Supplements It that supplements it I was just ooking for the most random book I could think of to see if it was on here and it was Book was meh Personally I wish there was depth to the story I was able to understand many parts of the book since I have played the original game many times over This is where fans Great Plains: America's Lingering Wild like the bookike myself but we are demanding details about everything in this book The game was amazing and it provided so much information that could have been a part of this book and all it did was scratch the surface If you have not played the game I would pass on the book For x com fans this can give you a small feeling of nostalgia remembering when you played one of the best turned based games in history Good Hard Bread (Phoenix Poets luck finding this book as well it s a hard title due to age andow production Guessing here when found you will have to drop some cash for a decent taken care of book Spent 40 bucks on mine I ike Diane Duane s writing Well At Least Most at east most it Her Star Trek TOS Rihannsu series was very good Her Young Wizards series was fun But this bookwas a complete waste of time Nice characters but without a plot much Forgetful of Their Sex: Female Sanctity and Society, ca. 500-1100 like a telephone book Probably as faithful an adaptation of X Com as we are everikely to see I really enjoyed it though I m not sure how much of a re read it is El ibro es bastante justillo y me ha decepcionado XCOM es un juego mezcla de estrategiaciencia ficcion terror Donde o mas importante es el apego ue el jugador desarrolla a o argo del juego a sus hombres ya ue en cualuier momento estos pueden morir y es permanente a manos de Wicked Loving Lies los extraterrestres o deos propios miembros del escuadron Pues de todo esto no vemos mucho en el La heredera del mar libroLos personajes 2 sonos principales son planos sin carisma o aptitudes especiales a comandante y un subalterno La trama es inexistente o irrelevante mas ue seguir os pasos de a comandante en su destino de una nueva base a otra os combates dos ugares del terror y un asalto a una base alienigena no muestran el dramatismo mas all de un par de muertes irrelevantes de soldados an nimos Espero ue alg n escritor se anime a escribir algo mas interesante sobre el tema D For this review and others ike it please visit my blog at The game based novel from will write for food author Sounds bad and well it is Official X COM UFO Defense also known as UFO Enemy Unknown in Europe video game novelization is your typical example of poor novel that relies only on the popularity of the original game without being able to provide anything about the reading itself As you can easily guess Diane Duane didn t even try to create a proper novel and decided that for people who care about video games it Aramaic Bowl Spells: Jewish Babylonian Aramaic Bowls Volume One ll be enough to just mention some terms from thereAnd that s the worst thing about this novel there s no plot Literally The whole narrative structure here is so forced that it feelsike a mess The part in which author Commander Jonelle Barrett is determined to win Having moved from Morocco to a new base in Switzerland she is well placed to build a fortified base and defend Europe from the marauding aliens who harvest humans as ab animals for breeding stock and for their dinne. S supposed to describe characters to us is a failure In this novel we have only two characters who were properly introduced the main heroine in whom you can clearly see the author who wants to become some sort of ideal woman in This Novel Yeah It S Your Typical novel yeah it s your typical evel of text and her boyfriend The ideal man of course Because you know ideal woman needs the ideal man who s brave beautiful and always ready for some sex when asked to The fact that we should suffer through somebody s cheap sexual fantasies is bad enough but what s even worse is that all others in this novel are just names Shallow and dim Like there s strong woman in the center of all events there s her boyfriend to be cool when needed and there are all others who aren t described at allSetting isn t described too So if you didn t play the original game and just picked this novel to get some Sci Fi experience you re in trouble Author will throw a Geography of the Gaze: Urban and Rural Vision in Early Modern Europe lot of terms from the original game on us without even trying to make it feelike a proper novel It s like Diane Duane had a ist with things that she was supposed to mention and just did Diane Duane had a ist with things that she was supposed to mention and just did without thinking much about it And if author will describe something here it One Wild Weekend ll be the most boring parts Building the base in the original game was fun Buying this selling that It used to make you think about money about incomes stuffike that That was part of the fun and pain in the neck at the same time But I Forgetful of Their Sex ll tell you what reading about how base commander buying and selling stuff may be much stronger than anyong acting hypnotic Especially since author wasted a ot of

just to describe that I come on Who in the right mind will want to read about how commander is buying and selling stuff It s a joke And it s not ike there was nothing else to describe in the game it s just author wasted too many time on something that can uickly make you sleepyAnd there s also nothing to make you keep reading No mystery no interesting turns of events nothing to make you turn pages in anticipation The whole thing flows slowly and pathetic F. Scott Fitzgerald's The Great Gatsby like the old socks through the sewers There siterally nothing to keep you interested in reading Or at Walled (The Line, least wake up The part that shouldead to the most interesting events was supposed to save the day but unfortunately it turned out to be a really really bad joke tooview spoilerAuthor tried to add feelings by making X COM to care about stolen cows but instead it made things to feel Cruel Attachments: The Ritual Rehab of Child Molesters in Germany like a bad parody I mean really X COM base commander who drinks in the bar and talks about the stolen cows That s something hide spoiler A surprisingly good adaptation of a now ancient video game I pulled this off my shelf when the X COM remake appearedast year The book is from 1996 when the original X COM games were hot I guess Microprose wanted to buy some egitimacy because they went and got a novel off Diane Duane Diane Duane it turns out really wanted to write a book about Switzerland If you R tablesBarrett soon finds that her new territory is already riddled with alien invaders Her handpicked garrison is all she has until she earns that one of her most trusted people may be a traitor Her task is twofold keep the aliens at bay and keep her own sanit. X COM UFO Defense A Novel X Com