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So B. It eLe ones I can t begin to mention them all and I am sure thatvery reader is going to have their favorite Mine is Damien s battle in the market It is a true work of art and I loved very minute of itIn this book Sophia and her team join forces with what is left of the resistance to try and stop the Fifth Column s new weapon There are characters here that will surprise the reader and there will be new characters as well that are fascinating The author doesn t just leave us with the same set number of characters *And Villains He Is Always Adding And Changing People Which *villains He is always adding and changing people which the xcitement and mystery to the story I think readers want to continue wondering who is the real nemy and if anyone can actually be considered a friend in this harsh worldThere are some new biological weapons but the mphasis is on the weapons and what a fantastic array of them we have Once again the author has done his homework It is done so well that you can actually visualize these weapons and creatures and that allows the battle scenes to become ven xciting You are drawn into the story with Trading Places: The Netherlandish Merchants in Early Modern Venice each page and with so much action it is like you are running with Sophia scene to sceneIn the midst of all of this we still are learning about Sophia who is truly the central character ofverything that is happening here She is a truly amazing woman but she is also En plein coeur extremely vulnerable At the same time we learn about the two team members closest to her Damien and Jay I have to admit I have a deep fondness for these two characters The author has also introduced us to characters who are part of an outside resistance in the US This allows the reader to see how radically the country is changing and how little they understand what is happening as wellAs with the first book I reached thend and felt that some achievements had been made in the fight but I knew that the true battle was only beginning and I look forward to the continuing saga here You always want to leave the reader wanting in this type of tale I m not sure how many volumes the author has planned here but I know that I m going to be along for The Ride Until The End ride until the nd very nice seuel to The Chimera Vector What had been a deterrent for me in the 1st book complicated plot too many people often changing sides was not present in this one The plot was polished and flowed well throughout the book and the characters had a depth that made them very loveableI will be looking forward to the next book and adventures for Sophia Damien Jay and Nasira This book the previous one show a lot of the Matthew Reilly formula Brief simple character development a lot of military technical strategy and

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ton of over the I just finished the seraphim seuence and I think it might have been just in time judging by the black yes and bloody nose i seem to have suffered on the wild ride that starts at the first page and doesn t let up until the very Dance Real Slow end So caught up in the story of Sophia s continuing fight against thevil shadow government complete with The Art of Memoir explosion guns and the mandatory flipping of vehicles and femme kickassery that i didn t notice the several punches to face the story gave me Thank the gods its not action packed than it is because I doubt I would have survived another chapter Be warned Once you meet Sophia you will never be the same Read at your o What is the Fifth Column Enter to find out October 2 16 2014 Click At ismerging from inside the Fifth Column Project Seraphim a technology utilizing The Day Christ Was Born: The True Account of the First 24 Hours of Jesus's Life extremely low freuencies that can make anyone feel and do anything at any time Mass populations will fall under the influence of an almost unlimited powerTo stop them Sophia must join forces with former friends turnednemies and former nemies turned unlikely allies fir. Nathan has done it again and raised the stakes so high I cannot imagine what the third book will be like but the fate of the world depends on It As Well As I as well as I sure his cadre of loyal fans He did verything he did in the first book and then improved upon it weaving another legacy of intrigue interwoven with History peppered with technology and tempered with the host of ngaging characters that remained alive form the initial novel I cannot wait for the follow up to this This is an Author I will follow to the depthsThe Chimera Vector The Fifth Column 1The Seraphim SeuenceNathan M FarrugiaNew Author EEBorton has done the same Without Suffer AbominationEE Borton When I had finished the first book in the series The Chimera Vector the conclusion was pretty much that it was a very good book but that it was not really my cup of tea I did however find the book as such a very good and well written book The fact that the first book is a debutant work was rather stunning given the uality of the work Thus I was uite interested in seeing what happened to Sophia and how she and the author developedThus here we are I have now read the second book in the series The Seraphim Seuence On the whole I think the conclusions from the previous book are still fairly valid for this book It is a very good actiontechno thriller but it is not really my cup of teaOne thing I had a very good actiontechno thriller but it is not really my cup of teaOne thing I had was that Sophia would now have the backing of a another secret organisation opposing the Fifth Column *but this is never really the case The beginning is specially disappointing *this is never really the case The beginning is PostgreSQL Server Programming - Second Edition especially disappointing this sense It gets a bit better but as in the previous book the plot twists and surprises are plentiful and Sophia and her friends are on a McGyver diet when it comes touipment a lot of the timeAlso similar to the previous book the Fifth Column are blamed for pretty much Integrity Restored: Helping Catholic Families Win the Battle Against Pornography everything from the grasshoppers of Egypt to obesity The conspiracy theories are multiplying like rabbits and halfway through the book I was starting to look around for a tinfoil hat to wearIf you can live with the conspiracy theories plotting and backstabbing the story is not really bad and it does indeed make a good job of holdingverything together not to mention stringing together all the action the latter which is as plentiful as the plot twists and conspiracies Actually I think these books would make The Taste of Night (Signs of the Zodiac, excellent action moviesAnyway bottom line is that if you like action and do not mind a lot of backstabbing and conspiracies within conspiracies this is a book for you Myself I am not too much into that stuff and since this is my non professional and personal review that is pretty much the only reason for my average rating of it After reading Mr Farrugia s The Chimera Vector I was delighted to discover that the seuel was available to read It took me longer to read due to other commitments but finally I was able to finishNow we all know that seuels often don t measure up to the debut novel Well I believe me this seuel is not going to disappoint readers If anything it takes the story of Sophia and her team to new heights so get ready for a super roller coaster ride bigger than the last oneI was taken immediately by the storyline and the amazing action scenes After the debut novel I thought I d seen it all but here the action is beyond that These were new scenes mind you not rehashed ones from the first book There were so many memorab. The world is reeling in the aftermath of genocideFormer black operative Sophia is among the remnants of the Akhana a once strong organized resistance against the all powerful world government known as the Fifth Column Branded as the world’s most wanted terrorist Sophia barelyscaped her last ncounter with the organization with her lifeNow a new thre. .

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N Banner to EnterTome Tender ExclusiveI thought I was ready for Nathan Farrugia s The Seraphim Seuence after having survived the vents of The Chimera Vector along with it s characters I have After reading the Chimera Vector I became a Farrugia fan and had to read the seuel as soon as I found the time Just like in the first one this is not a short book by any means but anyone who s read the first one knows that once you start reading you can t stop and you don t want it to ndAll the action that I really njoyed in the first one and hoped would continue the seuel blew that out of the ballpark Throughout the book just when I thought I could start predicting what would happen next I was often wrong Seraphim Seuence had me constantly on my toes wanting to find out what happened next The author was uite good at sprinkling in some humor in The Road From Home: The Story Of An Armenian Girl even the darkest of circumstances like when Jay made the Call of Duty referenceThe twists plots and battles are something Ixpect to find in a sci fi book but until now never convinced me of a story s authenticity and realism Whereas Seraphim Seuence had me thinking of the possibilities presented in our realityThe nding was really satisfying and it seems the story is over in our realityThe nding was really satisfying and it seems the story is over the conversation in the diner between Sophia Nasira Damien and Jay might suggest otherwise They got me thinking we may get the third installment in the series Nathan has obviously been inspired by the Matthew Reilly handbook on how to write nonstop action or maybe he moonlights as script writer for Total Recall or Die Hard movies because once you start reading you are completely mezmorisedThere are spectacular xplosions and fights in large shopping malls subway stationsairports and my all time favourite high speed car chasesview spoilerSophia finds out that she was injected with a locator vector 1 of 4 vials she was injected with in book 1 which was how the Fifth Column were always able to find them anywhere in the world lots of people killed in the first book are resurrected on this book Nasira Grace Ceciliaso I cannot help but wonder about the people killed I m this book DC Grace Benito and of course Cecilia might come back in book 3 hide spoiler 4 Stars The Chimera Vector the first book to the Fifth Column Series rated a 35 stars from me This was due in large part to the fact that it lack a certain polish from other action adventure books I have read What struck me in the Seraphim Seuence was a noted improvement in the uality of the writing which may have been due to better diting Regardless the reason the second
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in the series is to the first Unlike the first the characters are fully developed and a uniue family structure is created with the characters At times in the first book the dialogue came off as generic but that is rarely the case in this bookUnlike other action adventure novels The Fifth Column Series is not as focused on one indestructible hero as Shane Scarecrow Schofield in a Reilly novel or the indestructible Dirk Pitt in a Cussler novel There is a greater focus on the team which from my Hannah Montana: The Movie experience is different from the average novel in this genreOn the topic of genre I have stated that it is actionadventure butspecially in the second of the series a near ual part science fiction Modified super soldiers anyoneThis book marks a clear maturity in the author and am xcitedly awaiting his next boo. St among them Denton a master manipulator whom she would prefer to run her knife through than work withSophia has four days Four days before what little freedom the human race has left is gone foreverThe brutal game of betrayal and counter betrayal that began with the international bestseller The Chimera Vector continues in this highly anticipated seuel. ,
The Seraphim Seuence The Fifth Column #2
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