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5 Nights: Sinful Delights Boxed Set eHe time The writing is simply immature This is sooo cute I like it 375 starsA lonely men s boutiue owner A lost alien who does interesting things when his tail comes out to play A uick love story about two men from two different worlds literally who findach other and fall in loveA fun sexy readFull review can be found at On Top Down Under Book Reviews This book was provided by Dreamspinner Press in xchange for a fair and honest review This was a cute light hearted and fun read Taz is a Tygrian from space and Reed is a human Taz is a Tygrian from space and Reed is a human Earth Taz comes to Earth with another guy but it doesn t work out and Taz is left stranded on a *STRANGE PLANET WITH NO KNOWLEDGE OF * planet with no knowledge of to get home Enter "Reed The Two Literally Stumble Into Each "The two literally stumble into ach and its instalovelust Despite the short length their relationship is believable though Reed s reaction to Taz being an alien could have been prolonged However since this is a novella I like the authors show of humor which helped alleviate the yeah the fuck right moment when their lust kicked back into high gear 2 minutes after Reed finding out Taz was an alien I loved the brandishing the remote scene and wish we could have had scenes with voldemort yes I know not his real name I highly recommend this book and cannot wait to read of this series Be My Alien is a cute short fluffy read If you go into this book knowing that it s nothing than a sweet feel good story you won t be disappointed If you re And the Miss Ran Away with the Rake expecting a complicated plot with character growth you re not going to get itview spoilerThevents in this story take place over about a week It s almost an instant love story definitely an instant lust one I don t usually care for those kinds of plotlines but it works in this because the authors convey that that this is a purely for fun read Be My Alien is not to be taken seriously and if it is then the point of the book is lostTaz is a cat like alien that has come to Earth on a date with Vorlod the guy he s been crushing on Unfortunately the date doesn t turn out as planned Despite the date Trickle Down Tyranny: Crushing Obama's Dream of the Socialist States of America ending badly Taz meets Reed the owner of a highnd clothing store catering to men and which also has a special back room with The Pocket Wife extra fun items Reed is cynical and believes that there is no one special out there for him What I liked about the characters was that the authors made them sound very different fromach other Taz was bouncy and young with his The Color of Our Sky excitement and his fascination with Earth Reed came across as older and a bit jadedI liked the way the authors split the povs into chapters or definite paragraphs Sometimes there wererrors with povs changing within sentences or I couldn t uite discern whose pov I was reading but the majority of the time I didn t have an issueOne thing I do want to mention the tail Tail sex That was definitely. To come to Earth on a date he didn’t xpect to be dumped and left with no way home Then he falls into Reed’s arms literally A coffee date soon becomes a trip back to Reed’s apartmen. .

Spoilerish I suppose Ah It was not apparent immediately but we have the head hopping kind of collaboration again Basically two authors role playing togetherHaving those little scene breaks for viewpoint switches all the time is ridiculously since ven within those short pieces the viewpoint is shared I can t decide whether it s the "writing that is hopelessly clumsy or whether the problem consists of a major fail to dit this work by "that is hopelessly clumsy or whether the problem consists of a major fail to dit this work by people into something that flows wellThings were okay at first interesting Cabaret: A Roman Riddle evenBut when Reed completely lost it and turned into a raving idiot and jerk his reaction to Taz stripes is ridiculous his conclusion makes no sense and he goes into an all out panic based on them I lost any sympathy for himWith that disconnect the switch to sex seemed awkward and superficial and the story just never recoveredIt was a little known fact that many of the men of Trygos were infamous for their ability to handily deep throat their loversSo much wrong with that sentenceOne if it s little known how can they be infamous Also infamous is not actually describing something good while I see nothing vile in the ability to give pleasureTwo are you suggesting that the majority of Trygos men are gay or bisexual In the first case somexplanations might be necessary regarding procreation I mean why only the males There has to be a reason for saying it like this since it d make a lot sense to include all members of be a reason for saying it like this since it d make a lot sense to include all members of species So are we looking at an all male population Or do the women not fancy men Or do they have smaller throats or refuse to give oral Which is itDon t let me get started on the phrases and customs that "Taz Either Unbelievably Understands Or "either unbelievably understands or does not understand despite their fairly basic natureI also wish to know what was wrong with the coffee machine Did Taz try to operate it by voice or whatSo Reed s shop is basically a gay sex shop masuerading as an upscale boutiue And do people really buy sex toys made of platinum and diamonds I mean diamonds They d obviously be facetted and that can t be comfortable for insertion shudderYeah after one day of shopping and sex Taz decides this guy is so cool and this feels so nice that he wants to stay on an alien planet forever Because I am sure that day is totally representative of what his life would be like on Earth Work Bah who needs to work That day and a half literally consisted of nothing but seductive playing around and xpensive giftsAt that point I got a little creeped out because Taz was being so childlikeAs it is I felt a little sorry for Taz but verything lse left me pretty much cold The characters the plot The seuence of motions none of it is All Roads Lead Home even slightly believable And I am not referring to the fact that aliens are involved I read about fantasticlements all A man too busy for love Reed owns an upscale men’s boutiue with a naughty back room While making a late delivery to a client he runs into Taz A man on a disastrous date When Taz agreed. ,

SUMMARY Be My Alien Moonlit Skies #1

An njoyable part of their sexcapades Be My Alien was a fun uick read I just wish it was longer I give this 4 Stars hide *spoiler 35taz an alien with some cat likeness * 35Taz an alien with some cat likeness mostly when he s horny Now poor Taz was sort of used and tricked into a visit "to arth and then promptly dumpedstranded with no "earth and then promptly dumpedStranded with no no clothes no idea what to do fate helps him out when he literally falls into and onto ReedReed and Taz are immensity attracted to ach other and barely manage a meal before they make it to bed Of course being turned on brings out the kitten in Taz remember SoReed needs to decide if the stripes and a little bit of a tail is going to stop him from having TazThere is some dramarama and a cute ndingThis was a uick and sex filled cute Short story I d like to know how things continue for them and if The Mephisto Threat (Paul Tallis evil asshat Vorlord I kept thinking of him as Voldemort gets his comeuppance but the guy on the cover is too blond for how I pictured Taz from his description Be My Alien is one of the first alien books I havever read it might ven be my first I found myself in love with the way aliens were described and the story was fun cute and sexy It was a nice asy read with insta love galore for us fans I only wish it had been longer but at the same time it was perfectTaz was on a date with someone who used him In the nd it was the best thing that could have happened to him because he ran into Reed literally From there we get a really nice fun scene with them ating Reed well he was not prepared for what came next which included him getting lost in the haze of lust that fell over him The first sex scene was justSpoilerview spoilerAt first I was blushing like mad Especially when Taz used his tail It was hot yes But I couldn t stop thinking about how that tail was used hide spoiler Review posted on World of Diversity FictionI can t wait for This is a cute sweet fluffy fast read that I didn t want to see Just Cause end I love these guysspecially Taz He is so freakin adorable I would take him home in a heartbeat Poor Taz he comes to arth from a distant planet with Vor someone he s wanted to notice him for a while so when Vor asks Taz to join him on a trip to Earth he thinks he s died and gone to heavenUnfortunately Vor is using him to make someone lse jealousy and promptly dumps him at the Empire State Building when they get to Earth Alone with no money no clothes and no idea how to get back to the hotel that Vor make reservations at he s left to fend for himselfReed is an owner of a clothing store that has a backroom A sweet cute fun but much to short story I really hope for a seuel Ugh I had such high hopes for this book Aliens naughty backroom boutiues and the possibility of tail sex What s not to like Apparently many thingsThis book was fluffy to the xtreme Insta love. T But when Taz’s stripes begin to show Reed discovers Taz comes from a planet far far away Reed never believed aliens xisted but he’s facing one now What in the world is he going to. ,
Be My Alien Moonlit Skies #1
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