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Im Westen nichts NeuesFive heartbreaking stars for this classic novel about World War I I first read All uiet on the Western Front my freshman year of college thanks to Dr K s humanities course During this re read I aused not only in appreciation of what soldiers and their families suffer during war but also for all the great teachers who spend their days trying to inspire students to have Perspective and Big Ideas and to Think Critically I remember how meaningful it was to read this book when I was 19 and it helped shape how I think about history and conflict was to read this book when I was 19 and it helped shape how I think about history and conflict war I was reminded of this uote from Pat Conroy If there is important work than teaching I hope to learn about it before I die I ve been thinking a lot about my freshman humanities course because All uiet on the Western Front was recently chosen as a Common Read for the college campus where I work and I m helping to When The Light Went Out plan therogram that will hopefully inspire hundreds of other students to read this book It s giving me a contented circle of life feeling Back to the novel itself which follows German soldier Paul B umer and his fellow classmates who enlisted in the war We see their stoicism and also their mental and Hans Brinker, or the Silver Skates physical stress We suffer with them when they are hungry and we rejoice when they are fed We spend an anxious night with Paul when he is stuck in No Man s Land during an attack and witness his anguish when he kills another man for the first time We follow him as he goes home on leave to visit his sick mother and we understand why he can t answer his family s uestions about the front He lies and says it s fine the stories are exaggerated the soldiers are treated well But nothing will ever be fine again and we all know itWhile reading this book I used countlessost its to mark uotes This is a classic that is both easy to read and astonishingly beautiful in its clarity of writing Highly recommendedAnd finally three cheers to you Dr K Thank you for everything you ve done to inspire studentsFavorite uotesThe soldier is on friendlier terms than other men with his stomach and intestines Three uarters of his vocabulary is derived from these regions and they give an intimate flavor to expressions of his greatest joy as well as of his deepest indignation It is impossible to express oneself in any other way so clearly and ithily Our families and our teachers will be shocked when we go home but here it is the universal languageFor a moment we fall silent There is in each of us a feeling of constraint We are all sensible of it it needs no words to communicate it It might easily have happened that we should not be sitting here on our boxes to day it came damn near to that And so everything is new and brave red oppies and good food cigarettes and summer breezeWhile they taught that duty to one s country is the greatest thing we already knew that death throes are stronger We loved our country as much as they we went courageously into every action but also we distinguished the false from the true we had suddenly learned to see And we saw that there was nothing of their world left We were all at once terribly alone and alone we must see it throughThe war has ruined us for have become wild beasts We do not fight we defend ourselves against It is not against men that we fling our bombs what do we not fight we defend ourselves against annihilation It is not against men that we fling our bombs what do we of men in this moment when Death is hunting us downModern trench warfare demands knowledge and experience a man must have a feeling for the countours of the ground an ear for the sound and character of the shells must be able to decide beforehand where they will drop how they will burst and how to shelter from themBombardment barrage curtain fire mines gas tanks machine guns hand grenades words words but they hold the horror of the worldThus momentarily we have the two things a soldier needs for contentment good food and rest That s not much when one comes to think of it A few years ago we would have despised ourselves terribly But now we are almost happy It is all a matter of habit even the front lineTerror can be endured so long as a man simply ducks but it kills if a man thinks about itBut our comrades are dead we cannot help them they have their rest and who knows what is waiting for us We will make ourselves comfortable and sleep and eat as. „დასავლეთის ფრონტი უცვლელია“ არის ერიხ მარია რემარკის რომანი რომელმაც ავტორს უდიდესი პოპულარობა მოუპოვა რომანში აღწე. Much as we can stuff into our bellies and drink and smoke so that hours are not wasted Life is shortWe were never very demonstrative in our family oor folk who toil and are full of cares are not so It is not their way to rotest what they already know When my mother says to me dear boy it means much than when another uses itI am young I am twenty years old yet I know nothing of life but despair death fear and fatuous superficiality cast over an abyss of sorrow I see how eoples are set against one another and in silence unknowingly foolishly obediently innocently slay one another I see that the keenest brains of the world invent weapons and words to make it yet refined and enduring And all men of my age here and over there throughout the whole world see these things all my generation is experiencing these things with meAnd men will not understand us for the generation that grew up before us though it has Baby Girl (Erik Ead Trilogy, passed these years with us already had a home and a calling now it will return to its old occupations and the war will be forgotten and the generation that has grown up after us will be strange to us andush us aside We will be superfluous even to ourselves we will grow older a us aside We will be superfluous even to ourselves we will grow older a will adapt themselves some others will merely submit and most will be bewildered the years will 待つ [Matsu] pass by and in the end we shall fall into ruin I was finishing ahase of reading and teaching facets of the First World War and it would not be complete without this fictitious but realistic ortrait of a soldier s life in the trenches on the Western frontI was reading excerpts from All uiet On The Western Front in class with students staring at me some of them understanding for the first time what it really meant to be a soldier in the trenches sent out to die under the banner of nationalism which was an entirely ositive word back then They had read the facts in their textbooks and also checked additional sources such as small arts of Churchill s brilliant The World Crisis 1911 1918 or the highly informative The First World War A Very Short Introduction They had even the highly informative The First World War A Very Short Introduction They had even themselves with uite graphic hotographs and documentaries But nothing Encounters with Rauschenberg: (A Lavishly Illustrated Lecture) prepared them for the voice of the youn It has to be the defining novel of World War I told from theoint of view of a German soldier fighting in the trenches of France This is not a novel of romance intrigue and adventure it is a stark and frightingly realistic description of what it must have been like trying to survive from one day to the next and almost always failing Difficult and disturbing to read it nevertheless is a narrative of how war is horrible and hopefully why the telling of it may help deter future wars The greatest war novelMaybeThis was one of the first books that made me think that even though I wanted to be a writer someday maybe I did not have what it takes This was a sharp swift kick in the gut a none too subtle reminder that there are somber very real and Vögeln ist schön: Die Sexrevolte von 1968 und was von ihr bleibt poignant moments captured in literature that escapeetty categorization and cynicism there are real moments that cannot be trivialized and laced on a genre specific bookshelf Powerful 2018 This book as a war novel is cautionary No doubt there are those novels that glorify and even romanticize battles and there are others whose goal it is to revel in the martial experience Remarue though has crafted a simple story that focuses instead on the individual and how this ugly time affects his life In doing so Remarue declares the value of that individual life in all life and shines a discerning damning light on war Man I need a break I ve been reading about the First World War solidly since December and I ve had enough now There s only so many times you can go through the same shit whether they re English French German Russian oh look another group of als from school eagerly jogging down to the war office to sign up Brilliant Now it s just a matter of guessing which horrible death will be assigned to them shrapnel to the stomach bleeding to death in no man s land drowning in mud succumbing to dysentery shot for deserting bayonetted at close range vaporised by a whizz bang victim of Spanish flu It s like the most depressing drinking game everI wish after spending many months reading around this subject tha. რილია პირველი მსოფლიო ომის მოვლენები რომლის მონაწილეც ავტორი თავად იყო ფრონტის ამბავი მოთხრობილია „დაკარგული ტაობის“. T I could ick out some obscure classic to recommend and erhaps I will still find some because I intend to keep reading about 1914 18 throughout 2014 18 but I have to say that this novel famously one of the greatest war novels is in fact genuinely excellent and left uite an impression on me despite my trench fatigue Remarue has the same elements as everyone else because retty much everyone in this war went through the same godawful mind numbingly exhausting terror but he describes it all with such conviction and such clarity that I was sucker unched by the full horror of it all over againThe story is studded with remarkable incidents that linger in the mind Roasting A Stolen Goose In The Middle Of A Barrage a stolen goose in the middle of a barrage instance or stabbing a Frenchman to death in a fit of Ouroboros panic while sheltering in the same shell hole The arrangements made to allow a hospital inmate to enjoy a marital visit with his wife while the rest of theatients in the room concentrate on a noisy game of cards I loved the moment where our narrator and his friends swim across a river to have a drink with some local French girls arriving naked because they couldn t risk getting their uniforms wet And back in the trenches an infestation of huge rats with evil looking naked faces is described with than Biblical loathingThey seem to be really hungry They have had a go at Hollendartida i Norge: 1550–1750 practically everybody s bread Kropp has wrapped his in tarpaulin andut it under his head but he can t sleep because they run across his face to try and get at it Detering tried to outwit them he fixed a thin wire to the ceiling and hooked the bundle with his bread on to it During the night he uts on his flashlight and sees the wire swinging backwards and forwards Riding on his bread there is a great fat ratThere is also a fair bit of hilosophising While guarding a group of Russian risoners of war our narrator is overcome by the arbitrariness of the whole situationAn order has turned these silent figures into our enemies an order could turn them into friends again On some table a document is signed by some eople that none of us knows and for years our main aim in life is the one thing that usually draws the condemnation of the whole world and incurs its severest unishment in law How can anyone make distinctions like that looking at these silent men with their faces like children and their beards like apostles Any drill corporal is a worse enemy to the recruits any schoolmaster a worse enemy to his upils than they are to us I don t want to lose those thoughts altogether I ll Bauern In Mexiko: Zwischen Subsistenz Und Warenproduktion preserve them keep them locked away until the war is over Is this the task we must dedicate ourselves to after the war so that all the years of horror will have been worthwhileI found this uote and this resolution very moving because Germany sost war history rendered it so utterly futile When the Nazis came to ower in 1933 just four years after this was ublished they set about burning the book which tended to be their first response this was Punainen metsä published they set about burning the book which tended to be their first response anyroblem While Ernst J nger s vision of a German Forever Im Yours peopleurified and hardened by the war was venerated Basilio Boullosa Stars in the Fountain of Highlandtown poor guy Remarue s text was denounced as an insult to the German soldier He took the hint and sailed to the US in 1939 The German state in what amounted to a fit ofiue

"cut his sister "
his sister head off instead and then billed what was left of his family for wear and tear to the bladeSo as can t be said enough fuck them The insights that Remarue and Barbusse and Sassoon and Genevoix and Manning found in extremis of the essential commonality of human beings are we like to think now accepted by society over the alternatives despite what we sometimes have to infer from the content of our newspapersWith all of that said this is a novel It is not a memoir Remarue only spent a month on the front lines whereas J nger who apparently had the time of his life was there for yearsThis 1994 translation from Brian Murdoch is excellent and reads entirely naturally he also contributes a thoughtful and unassuming essay which finally a Honey, I Wrecked the Kids: When Yelling, Screaming, Threats, Bribes, Timeouts, Sticker Charts and Removing Privileges All Don't Work publisher that gets it is helpfullylaced as an Afterword so as not to spoil the novel itself All in all a very owerful and moving iece of writing if I had to recommend just one contemporary novel from the First World War so far this is A Spectre Is Haunting Texas probably it. ჯარისკაცის მიერ გადმოცემულია ომის სრული უაზრობის განცდა რაცას ამძაფრებს უიმედობა და გარდაუვალი დამარცხების მოლოდინი.