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Attack This book wasis amazing I love it and I love James Except for the epilogue I hate this type of epilogues two weeks later ten years later etc That was slightly disappointing However I have to say that I m very much impressed by this book 4 madly starsImagine a world where teenagers are in danger of themselves A world where teenagers kill themselves and suicides are contagious If all your friends jumped off a bridge would you tooApparently the answer is yes To prevent this situation the school district made the Program Handlers will take anyone with suicidal tendencies They will lock them in their institution and there they will take away their memories When they get out they will be sent in a private school designated just for other returners Sloane and James are a couple who is against the idea of the Program They re both fighting with their overwhelming emotions especially when they are surrounded with friends and family who have killed themselves or tried to They re trying not to show any kind of nhappy emotion in front of others even in front of their parents even when they lose beloved ones They are scared of getting infected but even worse they are scared of getting into the Program because they know afterwards they are going to lose themselves in thereI m still reeling from my recent experience of the Program This book was one hell of a ride my friends Intense suspenseful full of angst and depressing as hell It sounds bad but it was probably even worse It was actually a thriller I was turning the pages and I was scared because this book is cruel It brought out so many emotions to me I even shed a couple of tears and I was still early view spoiler WHY MILLERWHYYYY hide spoiler Reactions to The Program will differ I think based on which of these two scenarios you were expectingA a thought provoking treatment of teen suicide or B a typical dystopian that co opts yet another attention grabbing premise only to degenerate into the same evil government conspiracy keeping apart the star crossed lovers plotIf you thought B The Program is a perfectly fine book Ignore this review and enjoy the book for what it is Personally though I thought A so my reaction went from intrigued to somewhat disturbed before finally settling on disappointed Suicide is don t get me wrong a serious issue of mental health but while I certainly don t expect every young adult book to handle it with the grace of say Karen Healey s The Shattering I do think Suzanne Young could have done a much better job tackling the issue rather than just Sex, Rock Optical Illusions using it as gimmicky setup fodder for an otherwise average dystopianThen again it s no wonder the strongest elements of The Program are in the first of this three part book when Young seems to be actually writing about suicide Normally I d find the idea of people in white lab coats just waiting to haul kids away at the first sign of mental illness ridiculous but in this case combined with the depictions of rampant depression and the threat of the radical fix provided by The Program I had a lot to chew on I liked trying to figure out whether Sloane was annreliable narrator because she could ve been depressed herself explaining her attitude towards The Program looking at the situation from the parent s point of view which for once is actually believable for a dystopian I totally get why parents would put their kids through The Program rather than standing by doing nothing and allowing something bad to happen and having to decide whether the results of The Program in lives saved are worth the costs Heck I even liked how Sloane and James sort of had to rely on each other after Sloane s brother s suicide so for a brief while at least I could definitely say I was intrigued by the whole setupUnfortunately it really was a brief while because even though thoughts were provoked
they never went 
never went Instead it seems to me like Young never really planned to explore the suicide issue in the depth I was expecting and instead just takes an explore the suicide issue in the depth I was expecting and instead just takes an simplistic black and white view to the whole thing There really aren t any shades of gray with Sloane and her friends being good while The Program is evil and where does that lead Don t join The Program because you ll leave a mindless zombie but what s the alternative Denying reality ntil one day you just off yourself I just really didn t feel like it was Young s intent to explore suicide as an issue instead her intent all along seems to be for The Program to be the evil government conspiracy doing bad things to Sloane and her friends disguised in this case as suicide prevention and treatment and it just didn t feel right without having some sort of effective alternative Sloane doesn t want treatment and she doesn t really want to kill herself either at least when she s not sick but what should she do then It s hard to blame a government conspiracy for being evil when they re doing exactly the kind of thing I would expect a government to do given an epidemic of teen suicide step in and stop itNow that brings me to Part Two and Three where the book really falls apart I don t have a problem with Sloane s time in treatment or how she tries to beat The Program once she gets out per se but it s nothing or less than any other dystopian plot dealing with government conspiracies or memory loss although it s kind of weird Sloane s magically all better once she arrives without going through any sort of treatment or healing process Instead it s what Young doesn t say about suicide treatment that really bothers me What she s saying I guess is in the world of The Program depression is linked to certain memories and excising them causes the subject to be cured ok incredulous but sure I ll accept this for the book to work and yet to fight The Program Sloane ends p looking for her lost memories The same ones that supposedly made her suicidal in the first place Wouldn t she become depressed and try to kill herself again then Has she really been cured then Do these plot twists really explore the suicide aspect Or are they just to set Disney Infinity: Character Encyclopedia up yet another true love will overcome the evil dystopian government conspiracy induced memory loss plot because Sloane obviously reunites with James on the outsideI guess my problem is for a book about teen suicide The Program isn t really about teen suicide The suicide angleltimately makes very little sense and the treatment aspects of The Program are only superficially explored the rest of the book is just a generic dystopian that doesn t build pon the teen suicide premise as much as exploit it for world building points and that just doesn t feel RIGHT TO ME EDIT JULY 2014 to me Edit July 2014 so much passion about this review over a year later While you can certainly feel free to leave comments on this review I don t see my opinion of the book changing The fact that the book is fiction does not change my opinion that it s irresponsible and nrealistic particularly in a science fiction novel which is supposed to be based on scientific fact to portray mental illness in the way it is shown in The ProgramBooks don t Smitten usually piss me off but then I don tsually read books as poorly researched offensive and misleading as The ProgramThe premi. Ts have already lost one child; Sloane knows they’ll do anything to keep her alive She also knows that everyone who’s been through The Program returns as a blank slate Because their depression is gone but so are their memories Under constant surveillance at home and at school Sloane puts on a brave face and keeps her feelings buried as deep as she ca. I ll make this A White Slave in Turkey Book 1 - A BDSM Novel uick and painless like Deathuik It s a cheesy gooey melodramatic love story in the guise of a dystopian novel with a futuristic setting in which people are plagued with an epidemic that makes them want to go and kill themselves Don t bother with the whys because you won t get any Just go along with the story and the half absurdity of it all and I m sure you ll enjoy Lol If you don t like that kind of stuff I d say you skip it but if you gather much enjoyment and entertainment out of them like me then go for it For a beautiful elaborate positive review do check out Chelsea s review This is one of my new favorite books And I mean it s a top favorite I can t even explain how much I love this book And I think a lot of my love for it could come from the fact that it really hit home I ve never personally had depression but when I was in high school there was someone in my life who was really really important to me And I was right there during every second of his battle It was really devastating and something I don t like to remember very often but this book brought me right back to that I don t know if I would have pickedp this book if I knew that it would but wow I m so glad that I did Reading about Sloane and James was like reliving my own memories and it was really strange and bizarre and beautiful and overwhelming and terribly heartbreaking and I couldn t believe how much this book stole my heart 5 trillion stars I may or may not be ordering the seuel on my kindle right this second to dive into it Heh If I wasn t so bored with dystopians lately this one might have been enjoyable for me Although it has a little contemporary feel to it than most and the plot direction it takes is different from the expected and clich s run and hide from the big bad government in the end I still felt that it was yet another dystopian novel that doesn t particularly stand out from the restA little reminiscent of Delirium The Program involves teen suicide and how its become an epidemic and the cure involves wiping them out into a clean slate This means memory removal of anything that could cause negative feelings Thus if you re a teenager and you show any sort of negative emotions like crying you better make sure no one sees you I liked the idea of this world and I personally found it much believable than Delirium in the sense that I can see how society agreed to this mind erasing program if it will save their children from suicide I had difficulty believing that society could be convinced love was a disease but that is a review for another time I found the system intimidating and ite the paradox some rather die than go through the program if they re flagged for others having your best friend or anyone you love not remember who you are is heartbreaking in every sense turning you emotionally vulnerable Although it delivers a fairly predictable story arc The Program is ltimately a tragic love story and this part was done Night of the Werewolf (Choose Your Own Nightmare, uite well While the plot itself was enjoyable I did not find myself connecting to the characters as much as I would have liked They were likeable characters but Sloane didn t strike me as an especially memorable MC Same goes for the side characters Sloane makes a few friends throughout the story and none of them were well developed They weresed as nothing than extras There is even one character who was kind of a creep for the bigger part of the book that annoyed me senselessly He seemed to always be sneaking around intimidating Sloane every chance he got and I didn t see the point of it The book could have gone without him he was gross his storyline felt random and out of place and when he had done his task to help the plot along which could have been achieved without him he was just gone and forgotten He might be back in the seuel but really I don t see the point it seems his only role is to add nnecessary ickiness In the end The Program is a love story The main reason I didn t love this book is due to my distance from the romance itself I have a hard time falling for a romance when one is already established beforehand I love seeing connections strike one is already established beforehand I love seeing connections strike relationships bloom when I get into a book with it pre existing I don t get that fluttery young love feeling towards it as much There were flashbacks that showed the strength of their love for each other which helped though this helped me nderstand their relationship it didn t leave me swooning over it Therefore while I cared about the protagonist and what she was going through and I deduced the implied sadness or tragic nature of it all I felt like I was of a curious observer than someone invested into the heart of itWith so may previously failed dystopians this year The Program is easily one of the better ones I ve read lately If I hadn t read so many I might have given this one slack as it stands I liked it
but i don 
I don see it sticking out from the masses in the cluster of dystopians in my memory An advance copy was provided by the publisher for reviewFor of my reviews visit my blog at Xpresso Reads Well I had a lot of issues with this book but there were some good things so I don t think a 1 star was necessary It was very nearly that though IF YOU LOVE THIS BOOK YOU WILL PROBABLY NOT LOVE THIS REVIEW JUST PRIOR WARNINGBefore we go further in this review let me just say this book and review will have some trigger warnings for suicide self harm depression me just say this book and review will have some trigger warnings for suicide self harm depression s start with the positives The plot of the book was really interesting and the writing was alright I definitely sped through it because I wanted to know what happened The ending was really interesting as well and makes me curious about the rest of the books in the series It s fast paced and easy to read and get throughNOW FOR THE NEGATIVES The main plot of this book is that suicide is a contagious disease that The Program is trying to eradicate THIS IS WHERE MY ISSUES BEGIN Making suicidal thoughts and depression a disease to further the plot in a dystopian book is something I am not okay with It trivializes it in SO MANY WAYS And I am sure some misinformed people believe depression and suicidal tendencies are already contagious we don t need a fictional book to further that point YO EVERYONE DEPRESSION IS NOT CONTAGIOUS YOU DON T NEED TO AVOID PEOPLE THAT ARE DEPRESSED YOU CAN T CATCH IT FROM THEM At one point a character self harms and it is described as a symptom and I just could not Suicide was a disease that started with the same signs and the same types of depression leading to the same result Mental illnesses ARE diseases of the mind but they are not all the same nor are people the same nder their influences That was another issue I had how depression was dealt with It was all portrayed the same way with the same symptoms in different peopleand depression isn t the same for everyone It looks so different to so many peopleI am sure the author was tr A funny thing about this book is that I only ever read it when on a train For some reason it became my travelling read The first part of the book was totally mindblowing It left me speechless so many times I loved how we were thrown straight into the story All the time I felt like this would give me a heart. In this “gripping tale for lovers of dystopian romance” Kirkus Reviews true feelings are forbidden teen suicide is an epidemic and the only solution is The ProgramSloane knows better than to cry in front of anyone With suicide now an international epidemic one outburst could land her in The Program the only proven course of treatment Sloane’s paren.