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To Joe s help the drugs gambling prostitution and various other criminal enterprises are still doing well as he splits time between Florida and CubaAs a man who makes no enemies and is a cash cow for the Mob Joe s days of danger seem to be behind him so he s shocked to get a tip that a contract has been put out on his life As Joe tries to find out if there s any truth to the rumor he also has to deal with an escalating conflict between a white mobster trying to muscle in on the turf controlled by a black man as well as being leaned on by the war department to help them try to root out spies on the docksI wanted to love this one and I found Joe a fascinating character in a lot of ways this really comes across as kind of a generic gangster story The last book was Joe s rise to power and made for the interesting of the two as he fought to build a bootlegging empire and this one just didn t do anything that adds anything new or different to the genre The whole trilogy is a little weird because the first one The Given Day was of a look at post World War I Boston from a social and economic perspective with elements of a crime story that focused on Joe s family when he was supporting character as a kid Shifting from that to Joe as a reckless bootlegger and then into the older wiser counselor was a good story but didn t really seem to match up to the first book What they didn t tell ou about absolute power was that it was never absolute the instant ou had it someone had already lined up to try to take it away Princes could sleep soundly but never kings The ear was always tuned for the creak on the floorboard the whine of a hinge The princes would probably do well to stay alert as well Remember Richard the Third World Gone By is the final volume of Dennis Lehane s Coughlin Family trilogy The series began ambitiously with The Given Day set in Boston among other places in the late 19 teens That book cast a perceptive eye on the social movements of the era and the underlying problems that called them into being It was an opus magnus big canvas big ideas well realized The second of the Coughlin books Live by Night shifted the focus to Florida in the roaring twenties Prohibition rum trade a fair bit on the DNA of violence It was smart literary insightful and a damn fine read It took a lot of wordsmith ordnance to produce the first two But it seems that there were only a few cartridges left when it came time for the third This is not to say it is not a good book I liked it But compared to its older siblings it is disappointing for the reduction in scope and the feeling one might get that Lehane was dashing through this one to finish the series so he could move on to something else Joe Coughlin in Live by Night had carved out a nice little chunk of the Florida crime market Even bought himself some public respectability But now he has scaled back Maintains a low public profile Although he is still a member of the organized crime council he functions as a freelancer an advisor a voice of wisdom a gangland statesman almost So was I a gangster He nodded Yes Now I m an advisor to people Criminals He shrugged A friend of mine was Public Enemy Number Three about six ears ago She sat up uickly See that s what I m saying Who could begin a sentence A friend of mine was Public Enemy anything He is doing well plenty of money a son he adores a gorgeous connected girlfriend He hobnobs with the movers and shakers financial and civic also has working relationships with the military and the police But he gets wind that there is a hit out on him and the game is afoot Who when why This gives the story structure a ticking bomb with tension ramping up as the deadline approaches Dennis Lehane from Boston MagazineLehane brings back plenty of the cast from the last episode but there is enough new blood to keep things pumping Joe s pal boss of bosses Dion Bartolo appears to have a mole in his organization People are dying or being locked up It s bad for business and needs to end One of Joe Coughlin s challenges is to unearth the snitch There is enough organizational politicking back stabbing literally as the case may be and maneuvering for fans of Wolf Hall or Game of Thrones The seats of power may be smaller but the desire and willingness to do whatever it takes is just as high The scale of this book is far different from that of its elders 309 pps for this one versus 402 for Live by Night and 704 for The Given Day This one takes place within a few weeks whereas the prior two covered decades But thematic strains persist the gangster genre to me has always been a metaphor for unfettered capitalism It s the American system run completely amok without regulation without anything So whereas in the real world ou have say Exxon buying off the State of New Jersey a recently proposed and accepted pollution settlement well in the gangster novel that would just be somebody would get killed from the U T San Diego interviewFamily figures large here again Lehane brings back issues of fathers and sons how violence by elders scar and steer their children Can the cycle ever be broken Moms have a hard time of it mostly by their absence Although one who is delightfully a floral arranger and contract killer makes a well deserved dent in her abusive hubby s cranium to achieve her widowhood Widowers abound usually with sons It s a man s world so than in the earlier books probably because the female characters have been killed off I didn t realize that until after the book was pretty much going to print I could have thought that one through a little bit Where the hell are all the women in this from LA Review of Books interviewLehane touches on race as well most poignantly in a scene where Joe Coughlin talks with his mixed race son Tomas about being called a nigger There are some wonderful characters here A top hatted Montooth Dix conjures images of Baron Samedi A mob doctor "has a particularly interesting tale to tell An unaffiliated don has "a particularly interesting tale to tell An unaffiliated don has group of bodyguards with a particularly daunting rep One of the mob bosses Has A Gambling Problem Contract a gambling problem Contract have kids and even a big deal like Joe Coughlin has to cope with his kid getting chicken pox So there are both broad and fine brushes in Lehane s set Throughout the book Joe sees a oung boy He is uncertain if the boy is real a message from the other side maybe manifestation of a brain tumor But the sightings trouble him And this is not the onl. Of Joe's vision and seems to be trying to tell him something Racing against time and fate Joe hurtles through a violent et intoxicating world on the brink of total collapse or epic triumph a world on the cusp of reinvention and rebirth where the old codes the old sins and the old dreams may soon be swept away once and for .

Oston to the most powerful crime lord in Florida it s intimate and narrower in scope but still just as exciting the ticking clock of the assassination providing tension and suspense as the story moves forward But importantly the book deals with the theme of conseuences that come home to roost when ou live the lives that these characters do with each one forced to take stock of the things that they ve done in the past and what their lives have amounted to Yet again another good piece of work from one of my favorite authors You have put a lot of sin out into the world Joseph Maybe it s rolling back in on the tide Maybe men like us in order to be men like us sacrifice peace of mind forever A book with cover artwork that includes a faux sticker with a Stephen King uote about this book The best gangster novel since The Godfather A book so compelling that when I found out it was the last of a trilogy not only did I order the two preceding books I kept on reading this one A book so absorbing that I have delayed designing my new bathroom for want of reading thisIt s 1943 the United States is at war and back in Tampa Joe Coughlin retired gangster and now middleman between the legitimate world and the underworld is virtually everyone s ally but can anyone be untouchable in the world of organised crime The gangster and associated life is but a matter of a flick of a coin right A wonderful real feeling look at Tampa in the 1940s and the reach and power of organised crime headed by the American Italian mafia A book that lovingly and unrelentingly world builds as it also winds up the tension and drama in a book that starts of by telling Un lieu incertain you most people that attended the biggest party of theear awhile back are all dead now This is the 1940s version of The Sopranos and The godfather mafia realities and definitely belongs in that class 85 out of 12 In this 3rd book in the Joe Coughlin series the gangsterbusinessman is in the midst of deadly mob rivals The book can be read as a standaloneAs the book opens World War II is raging Joe Coughlin a former crime boss in the Tampa area is now of a businessman gangster living a or less respectable life with his 9 Starman The Truth Behind the Legend of Yuri Gagarin year old son Tomas Joe is an advisor to current Florida crime boss Dino Bartolo and friends with top lieutenant Rico DiGiacomo whom he s known since childhood He s also on good terms with other gang bosses because he makes lots of money for everyone and doesn t skim or cheatSo Joe is surprised when a hit woman need This excellent novel concludes the Coughlin Family trilogy that Dennis Lehane began with The Given Day Through the three books the story ultimately comes to focus on Joe Coughlin and is set against background of the nation s turbulent history from the end of World War I to the middle of World War II Joe is the son of a Boston cop Danny Coughlin but he ultimately rises to become a major crime boss with principal interests in Tampa and in Cuba He s associated with the noted gangsters of the day including Meyer Lansky and Charles Lucky LucianoAs this book opens in the spring of 1943 Joe though still aoung man has essentially retired from active duty and now acts as a consigliere to the Bartolo crime family He s the man who mediates disputes and smooths the path so that other criminals can play well together He s a major earner who fronts a number of legitimate businesses and plays a critical role as organized crime makes a fortune out of the raging world warAs a practical matter Joe is the Essential Man and as a result he s untouchable or at least that s what everyone thinks But then someone tells Joe that there s a contract out on his life At first he can t believe it but then he gradually comes to realize that it may be true Even than fearing for his own life Joe worries about the fate of his oung son Joe is a widower and naturally wonders what would become of his son were he to be killedJoe has precious little time to determine who might want him dead or why and even less time to figure out what he might do about it And as we watch him sort through his options and react to the forces arrayed against him the reader finds him or herself in a serious moral dilemma Why are we rooting so hard for a man who is pretty much the essence of evilThis is a gripping thought provoking story with a great protagonist and a very well drawn set of supporting characters As he has demonstrated in so many books by now Dennis Lehane is a very powerful and gifted writer and this is easily my favorite of his books since Mystic River It s a great conclusion to the Coughlin family trilogy I usually give very little weight to author blurbs but in this case I family trilogy I usually give very little weight to author blurbs but in this case I make an exception Stephen King calls this The best gangster novel since The Godfather and he ll get no argument from me 45 stars Joe stared out at all the prehistoric flora and told himself that s exactly what was troubling him that s what was gnawing at his soul the difference between him and a savageHe told himself and then he pledged to himself that there was a differenceThere wasThere wasA couple snorts of rye and he almost believed itThis is the last book in Lehane s Coughlin trilogy and it is the most disappointing I feel like Lehane has really lost the thread here The first book The Given Day was amazing The second book Live by Night was good This one is just mehJoe Coughlin has evolved into a real mob boss A grown men kiss his hands mob boss This is already bad because I don t really like mob bosses or enjoy reading about them It s hard to remember bosses or enjoy reading about them It s hard to remember Joe was just a kid living with his controlling father or when he was just a oung punk on the street doing his first robberies He s been so rich and so powerful for so longHe s been raising his son as a single father ever since view spoilerhis wife Graciela was gunned down at the end of the last novel hide spoiler I like crime stories set back in the days of fedoras and trenchcoats and I m a big fan of Dennis Lehane s So this should be perfect right Sadly the best I can say is that it isn t badSet 10 Edge of Chaos Sons of Chaos MC years after the previous book Live By Night Joe Coughlin has left behind his days of building a criminal empire based on bootlegging to the respectable position of being a prominent man in Tampa Joe runs several successful businesses but his real job is to work as an advisor and fixer for the Mob As World War II rages the same shortages of men and resources have hit even organized crime Thanks in part. His son and once again forged everything out of nothing money power a relationship with a beautiful woman and a privileged place in Tampa's shadowy underworldBut a rumor surfaces that someone wants Joe dead And he has only days to figure out who or he will die And then there's the ghost aoung boy who appears on the fringes. Seven Vol au-dessus d'un nid de coucou years after the events of Live By Night Dennis Lehane s World Gone By picks up as Joe Coughlin settles into a position acting as a bridge between the criminal underworld and high society Coughlin makes a lot of people a lot of money which means a lot of people are very happy so why has a hit been ordered on himOver the past fewears Dennis Lehane has slowly crept into Lawrence Block territory for me in that he s uickly becoming one of my favorite living crime writers although I m not sure Block has written a book I disliked as strongly as Since We Fell but that s neither here nor thereWorld Gone By weaves a rich tapestry of characters and settings All the major players are interconnected through alliances and rivalries that consistently raise the stakes based on actions by outside forces Joe is put through the wringer as he tries to nail down the person responsible for offering up a contract on his life He becomes so stressed during the ordeal that he hallucinates regularly adding another layer of complexity upon his predicament Despite this he s a hard character to have sympathy for While Joe s relationship with his ten The Summer I Wasn't Me year old son certainly lightens his character Lehane won t letou forget just how little empathy Joe has for others and isn t shy about showing the ruthless side of the self made gangsterThere s than enough gangland politics and violence in here to satisfy ardent Lehane fans Some scenes one in particular involving a tense standoff between two foes at a kitchen table were so intense I caught myself speed reading Although it is not as strong as its predecessor Live By Night World Gone By is a great conclusion if he so chooses to conclude here to his Coughlin series that began with a sprawling epic defining post War American life in the early twentieth century The Given Day Lehane has noted in past interviews that he views this as less of a trilogy and a group of three standalone novels that are connected through a family bloodline I suppose that s true Joe is barely a character in the first novel while Joe s older brothers are seldom mentioned in the later books so it isn t exactly linear Either way I wouldn t read any of these books without reading the others It s an intricate story that I feel reuires all three books be read in orderWith a particularly haunting ending World Gone By provides a good finish line for the series although I would not be against a continuation should he choose to do so Any subseuent seuels or spin offs would likely be very different Along with his Kenzie Gennaro series Dennis Lehane has ownership of two of my favorite modern crime sagas out there Description The best gangster novel since The Godfather Stephen King Joe Coughlin is untouchable Once one of America s most feared and prominent gangsters he now moves effortlessly between the social elite politicians police and the mob He has everything he could possibly want money power a beautiful mistress and anonymity But in a town that runs on corruption vengeance and greed success can t protect Joe from the dark truth of his past and ultimately the wages of a lifetime of sin will finally be paid in full Chilling heart breaking and gripping this is the most complex and powerful novel to date from Dennis Lehane writer on The Wire and author of modern classics such as Shutter Island Gone Baby Gone and The Given DayNope I am reading in English et the isbn is correct shrugs Set in Tampa which thanks to the horrors of Chris Cuomo s reporting during hurricane Irma from the west coast of Florida I am NOW FULLY CONFIDENT THAT I KNOW fully confident that I know this small city lies It used to be wars which improved geography and now it is man made climate change that does the job shakes a fist at the knowingly denialist Tillerson et alRead duringHurricane Maria Puerto Ricoprivate emails kushanka jr preibus bannonchemoluther strange v westworld cowboy bot in alabamasport kneel downsDotard s 250 daysworst mass shooting in US history Las Vegasoh and don t forget noko taunts I completely enjoyed this book for a number of reasons I m not a fan of bad boys so when I found myself drawn to Joe Coughlin I was shocked Yes he s a gangster however he possesses a bit of a conscious or at least twinges of guilt in some instances and his devotion to his son was the deal breaker forcing me to become a fan Joe walks the tight rope of morality and immorality uestions right and wrong searching deep within "For Justification Of Ugly Tasks "justification of ugly tasks Joe is a walking contradiction as flawed as flawed can be Lehane allows the reader into his head and heart the gritty lonely uestionable life of a gangsterPlenty of action all characters were colorful a few vibrant than others I had no idea where Lehane would take Joe was there a hit placed on him or was it merely a rumor Who would be the assassin The story unravels hitting a monumental apex with twists galore I was pleased with the ending admittedly I didn t see it comingI m a sucker for a narrative uestioning morality ou will find Tales from a Pilots Logbook yourself pondering much along with Joe I enjoyed the era too the harsh and cruel life in the mob but Joe drawsou in without hesitationA well crafted narrative leaving في الانفصال you with much to consider a compelling character all around good read A psychological adventure without a doubt Do I really need to tellou in this day and age that this is a very well written crime saga filled with fully drawn characters and a page turning plot I don t think so I could just tell Natural Cat Care you that it s a new Dennis Lehane book andou should already know what to expect World Gone By is the seuel to Lehane s Edgar Award winning Live by Night and And the Ass Saw the Angel you should definitely read that book before tackling this one It leads to a much rewarding experience Set in the middle of World War II in 1943ears after the events in Live By Night former South Florida crime boss Joe Coughlin has sort of gone legit a member of the Commission with Meyer Lansky but now he just runs his sugar cane and importexport business acting as the legal front and consigliere to the present Florida crime lords He leads a relatively uiet life between Cuba and Ybor City with his son Tomas But everything changes once Joe hears the rumours of a contract put out for his assassination a hit scheduled on Ash Wednesday eight days away This book is understandably not the epic crime saga that Live By Night was which tracked the bloody rise of Joe Coughlin from a small time hood in South Late spring 1943 The world is at war but the American mob is in its heyday Former crime boss Joe Coughlin now works as a consigliere to the infamous Bartolo Crime Family effortlessly handling its interests in Tampa Boston and Cuba In the decade since he lost his wife in a cascade of bullets Joe has made a home for himself and.

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