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Can nthusiastically recommend this book I won Behold a Lone Horseman on the Goodreads Giveway and I am so happy I didBehold a Lone Horseman is just what I like in historical fiction background info about what it was like during the time period a good plot and strong willed characters I specially liked the aunt

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she had a vision of life and stuck with it so matter what The story takes place in the 1876 Colorado territory and our main character young Regan leaves her home and verything she knows to travel out west to start her own career and is totally supported by her loving Aunt Lareina and she meets such famous people as Wild Bill Hickock and Calamity Jane I lost a lot of sleep over this book went into work the next day sleepy from reading for hours on nd If you like being swept away by a book that has it all romance adventure history this is the book for youSo in a nutshell Good Boo. Ed miners protection while traveling to the gold fields in the midst of hostilities between the Sioux and the miners ncroaching into their Holy Wilderness During the xpedition Regan is befriended by Wild Bill who is charmed by her spirit and courage In return she is intrigued by his heroic history and delights in taking photographs In return she is intrigued by his heroic history and delights in taking photographs him for her collection When she meets with Aiden a new menace forces them to remain apartTo salve her broken heart she spends the summer hard at work collecting photographs of the teeming town of miners and other locations in the Black Hills She is often confused and bewildered by the growing conflict between the whites' and the Sioux the miners' hatred of the Indians on whose hunting ground they are digging for gold Ultimately another ncounter with Aiden ignites a crisis of the heart that forces him and Regan to remain stranged Defeated and bereft Regan returns to Colorado Territory Once back with Lareina she recovers her faith and tenacity and vows to unlock the mystery that still threatens their future. Acters are well fleshed outeven the lesser make a strong impression on the reader I particularly liked Regan s aunt Lareina and the gorgeous Aiden of courseThe author s descriptive writing really brings the story alive Transporting the reader to a time when life moved at a much slower pace A time of romance beauty xcitement and danger Also I found the information about photography at that time fascinating The author must have done uite a bit of research on the subjectThis is a great read and the stories conclusion is brilliant Thank you Jeannie for autographing your wonderful book conclusion is brilliant Thank you Jeannie for autographing your wonderful book was a lucky win from Goodreads giveaway and has been sitting on my shelf for a couple of years This is an outstanding historical novel that includes some characters that I checked on
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ie Wild Bill Buffalo Bill Clamity Jane that were accurately portrayed The story is wonderful and the love story is better Er's death when she is seventeen she is ready to take up her uest to record for future generations her own collection of historic photographs in the American West Always Cinderella Unmasked (Fairytale Fantasies encouraged and supported by Lareina she accepts her invitation to come live with her in Denver where she can begin her career inarnest As her train from Philadelphia nears Denver she first ncounters the darkly handsome Aiden Endicott who uickly captures her heart and imagination The pair fall in love in the midst of titanic change and power struggles in the awakening land Yet their deepening romance is threatened by the past Regan opens a portrait studio in Lareina's home to finance her future work in the field She is stunned by her immediate success But this triumph is hollow in the face of growing turmoil in her relationship with Aiden He abruptly severs their bond and flees to Deadwood in the Black Hills of Dakota Territory on the pretense of checking on his mining interests there Heartsick Regan follows joining the Wild Bill HickokCharlie Utter xpedition that offer.

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Behold a Lone HorsemanThis is the first book I read by this author and is not normally a genre I would choose but I was very pleasantly surprised It author and is not normally a genre I would choose but I was very pleasantly surprised It a novel that seems to span many genres historical fiction western romance and women s fiction The author weaves a tale that captures the reader and makes it difficult to put the book down my favorite genre of all The characters were interesting and came to life off the page I just got another book by this author Ten Hours Til Spring and am looking forward to great stories by Hudson She is truly gifted in the art of storytelling I was delighted to be given a copy of this book by the author in xchange for an honest reviewI have been privileged to read other books by Ms Hudson However I have to say BEHOLD A LONE HORSEMAN IS MY FAVOURITE THIS IS A LONE HORSEMAN is my favourite This is a that is hard to put downThere s a subtle sense of intrigue that draws the reader into the story and it s a great storyThe char. Behold A Lone Horseman is the nthralling story of a tender and passionate love between a liberated young heroine and a fearless man both caught up *In The Pursuit Of *the pursuit of power and artistic achievement in 1876 Colorado Territory Aiden Endicott a dashing Englishman already possesses wealth and influence from his gold mines in Colorado and Dakota Territories but it is his gentle caring insight and worldly perception that captures Regan's heart Yet from the onset their love is threatened by insurmountable obstacles from the past Since she was a child Regan was charmed by her aunt Lareina Charles' success as a journalist in the male dominated West and has aspired to her own career in that untamed culture Aware that she must have the very finest training she spends seven years as an apprentice under her father a world renowned photographer in Philadelphia who is most famous for his xhibitions of historic images collected throughout the East and Canada Regan has always believed she has the talent and ambition to do similar work After her fath.