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Who have lost their child Especially since it is sually expected that parents will die before their children so to have the tables turned so as to speak must be a horror that is indescribable I found the section describing Lion s illness especially when it worsened particularly hard to read and it must have been incredibly difficult to write The Brothers uote below was particularly poignant We don t yet know when we ll die but thenknown is only ever two numerals away Throughout it all despite the immense grief and suffering Michel comes across as a strong talented and admirable individual the sub title of the book being This is not a book about death It s a book about life I respect the book about death It s a book about life I respect the for the strength it must have taken to write this book and enjoyed the moments of humour and the richness of the writing I highly recommend it as a truly thought provoking novel which offers hope and positivity for the future aheadPlease see my full review at interesting book part memoirs and part novel of a son who passes away and how the family reacts and what the son sees afterwards written in a humorous and humane way of looking at deat. Les the very hardest of subjects in the most readable of ways Michel Rostain resolutely ducks away from sentimentality and pathos and tells his story instead with wisdom and vitality For this is not a book about death; it's a book about li. ,

On of grief Ultimately it is a tale of trying to find meaning and a means to go on despite their loss I thought it was inclusive of every aspect of grief and felt it would be a great book for other bereaved parents as well as anyone who works in grief and loss as a way of learning Would highly recommend as a general great read as well The Son is the June selection from the Waterstones debut authors It is a emotional and moving read that blends memoir is a highly emotional and moving read that blends memoir fiction seamlessly exploring grief and loss through the son s eyes after his death as he watches his parents specifically his father Michel come to terms with their loss Lion dies The Little Bit Naughty Book of Wild Sex Positions uite suddenly andnexpectedly after succumbing to the horror that is meningitis and the story is told by flipping backwards and forwards from just before his death to his actual death the funeral and the time afterwards which can only be described as heart breakingI read somewhere that there are no words to describe parents who have lost a child When we think of the word orphan we automatically picture a child who has lost their parents but do we se the same word to describe parents. S personal journey through grief but the twist that makes the journey truly remarkable and tips this true story into fiction is the fact that we see it all through Lion's eyesIn a stunningly original blurring of memoir and fiction THE SON tack. I did not want to read this book once I read the cover blurb I did not want to hear about someone s son getting meningitis etc don read the cover blurb I did not want to hear about someone s son getting meningitis etc don want to spoil too muchIt was my book club read so I felt I had to read it I was pleasantly surprised It wasn t all doom and gloom and often ite life affirming This was a Waterstones recommended read and for once I felt a little let down It deals with a father s search for explanations after his son dies nexpectedly It is written from the son s point of view which is interesting but I don t think it worked completely It s a translated work so maybe some of the emotional punch was translated work so maybe some of the emotional punch was in translation This is a very powerful book that is a blending of both fiction and non fiction Written by a bereaved father who ses his dead son s voice to narrate it is both insightful tender but gives enough distance that it is not distressing The book illustrates beautifully the pull to life after the devastating and sudden loss of a much loved child Both parents are artists working in theatre and opera and the book describes their se of both music and prose to articulate their loss and also as an expressi. Selected for the Waterstones Eleven list for 2013We first meet Michel eleven days after the death of his son Lion Lion was lost suddenly to a virulent strain of meningitis and it's left his father and entire family reeling We join Michel on hi.

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