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Es for me last yearIs has it all1 A very warm hearted and detailed description of a forming unlikely friendship between tough punk girl Imogene who had a criminal gang member record in her hometown and a childhood spent mainly on her own because of her drug consuming carefree hippy parents and anxious smart and conservative outsider Maxine who has difficulties coming out of her shell because of her ever present controlling mother2 Dark mysterious fantasy tightly interwoven with reality Imogene s imaginary childhood friend Pelly something in the middle between hedgehog and boy with bunny ears and a monkey s tail turns up in flesh after a long absence and warns her Somehow Imogene has angered the malicious band of faeries warns her Somehow Imogene has angered the malicious band of faeries on the school grounds and therefore her life is suddenly on stake IN HER EFFORTS TO GET LIGHT INTO THE MATTER her efforts to get light into the matter meets the ghost of a former high school student whose death was caused by faeries as well Imogene finds out that faeries are by far not the most dangerous creatures in town Bonded with Pelly and Maxine the long time loner learns a lot about trust and friendship and wins in the end3 Last but not least there are some interesting sub plots like Imogene s dealings with the school s bullies her relationship with her brother plots like Imogene s dealings with the school s bullies her relationship with her brother the slowly growing romance with a music shop guy whose granny comes from Ireland and believes in faeries as wellI will definitly read books by this author and recommend for anyone who likes finely tuned characters and dark fantasy to have a try as well. E impossible is all too real And it's dangerous If she wants to survive high school not to mention stay alive she has to fall back on the skills she picked up in her hometown running with a gang Even with Maxine and some unexpected allies by her side will her new friend be able to make When people ask me what my favourite book is my default answer is The Blue Girl One of my first experiences with urban fantasy I found The Blue Girl to be the perfect combination of weird and wonderful I m sure that in the coming years I will re read this book to see if it holds up to my previous experience AND WHEN THAT HAPPENS I LL BE SURE TO when that happens I ll be sure to it a proper review In the meantime I highly recommend you check out Charles de Lint His Newford series is really interesting and worth it for anyone who loves world building and companion series This is a re re read for me One of the authors magical tales of a reality that is not iuitei the same reality as the rest of us live inImogene s mother has ust moved them to Newford where she has a new school to contend with never an easy thing at 17 But Imogene has had a very different sort of 17 years growing up in a hippy commune running with a tough gang at her last school This time she ust wants to blend in as much as her individual feisty nature allows make a friend or two perhaps get on with lifeIt does not seem she will be allowed to she makes friends with Maxine an intelligent funny girl who is nevertheless the school s outcast making her an instant butt of the school bullies she can see the school ghost who is fascinated by her and next she starts dreaming about her own forgotten imaginary friend in company of fairies These are not fairies in oink dresses with fairy dust on their wings these are the fairies that got referred to as the good folk because eve. Seventeen year old Imogene's tough rebellious nature has caused her harm than good so when her family moves to Newford she decides to reinvent herself She won't lose her punkthrift shop look but she'll try to avoid the gangs work a little harder at school and maybe even stay out of troub. The Blue Girl

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Ryone was terrified of getting on their bad sideWhile this is a YA in that the characters are teenagers at school as usual De sideWhile this is a YA in that the characters are teenagers at school as usual De s writing makes it totally accessible to all ages the beautiful writing of both the characters The beautiful writing of both the characters locations makes it totally accessible to all ages The beautiful writing of both the characters and locations the story make for a very visual reading experience Imogene is a complex character her honesty and straightforwardness make her very likable and in that way she surely does come across as youthful we are seeing her before life roughens the sharp edges and dilutes the directness The complexity is refreshing many books aimed at adults do a lesser ob of building complexity in a character The magical realism of the plot is fascinating also while there are no major explosions or melodramatic events the slow buildup of the plot the intentions of those involved and the repercussions of events are simultaneously fascinating and soothingThe ending when it comes is very satisfying so you close the book with a feeling of pleasure at a book beautifully written and well read I m not a big YA fan even for a Newford book It wasn t a bad book And I did enjoy the tiny cameos and mentions of a few of the established Newford folks One of my favorite books I read in middle school I remember being legitimately creeped out by her imaginary friend Pelly This is one I d like to revisit to see how it aged This review was originally posted in 2008 after I had read the book for the first timeThe Blue Girl by Charles de Lint has been one of the most satisfying snatches from the fantasy shelv. Le for a change But trouble shows up anyway Imogene uickly catches the eye of Redding's bullies as well as the school's resident teen ghost Then she gets on the wrong side of a gang of malicious fairies When her imaginary childhood friend Pelly actually manifests Imogene realizes that th.