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Phantoms of the Otherworld In Spiritu Et Veritate #2Ere was potential for some mystery and worldbuilding #here that just wasn tDo I recommend the book Sort of It s not a waste of time # that just wasn tDo I recommend the book Sort of It s not a waste of time ou re going to read the series through LovedI choose this

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because I the author wrote a story about two characters who were trying to find d their way back to each other The storyline and characters were believable I would definitely recommend This Book This Was Good But So So Bloody Sad book This was good but so so bloody sad truly annoyed me for awhile in this book I know Jane of Gowlands you re socially awkward and a tad stoic but dude talk toour girl I have mixed emotions about this bookI really wanted to rate this higher but it s really frustrating to the point that I m on the verge of throwing this to DNFThe whole book they ve avoided the topic of their break up or the misunderstanding of their break upMy heart breaks for Camille I really thought the Author hated her character I mean from book 1 to here Cami s like this love sick puppy following around Kyla I also think she s too weak and clumsy for a werewolfSecond I think Kyla and Abby has spent time together rather than Kyla and CamiI wanted to see Cami with someone else also but that didn t happen She s too good for Kyla Don t get me wrong I also like Kyla but she s selfish sometimesWheew I have one word to describe this one frustrating Frustrating because it was indeed just a stupid misunderstanding that kept Camille and Kyla apart and it took a lot not to stop reading Frustrating because there was so many interesting elements in the story jealousy a bonding of two souls a telepath vampires but Zoe Reed didn t explore them as much as she could have didn t give me as. And Otherworld overseers from the Supernatural Council think that whatever is committing the crimes might be coming for the Pack next Even with the help of a potential ally in a clan of vampires the Pack can't determine why they've.

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Much emotion from these elements as I would have liked Frustrating because I "had to wait for the two final chapters to be even remotely excited "to wait for the two final chapters to be even remotely excited the story Frustrating because there is so much potential in Zoe Reed s writing there are such sweet and powerful romantic moments and dialogues that it broke my heart how inconsistent the story was and how bored I was during most of ItBut Because Frustration Is Merely The Unfulfillment Of My Maybe because frustration is merely the unfulfillment of my maybe wishes I can t say that the story is entirely bad There are a lot of good things Kyla is a lot interesting and badass than in In Spirit and Truth moments of affection when they are in wolf forms are very sweet to read some plot ideas are uite original and I still very much like the idea that the girls are really meant to be together When the vast majority of the book is spent in the bad feels I m not gonna like it It wasn t so much the violence or the paranormal dark that bothered me It was the trilogy trope that the second book of the trilogy the couple for reasons unknown to me must break up I can t stand that So There ou have it 2 stars Now I know why I rated it the way I did 3 ears ago Sure hope book 3 is better I rated it the way I did 3 ears ago Sure hope book 3 is better one is a real stain for me This book is so WEIRD Rape had been implied at the end of the last book but there is no follow up on it Which is weird and confusing as hell but there is The character is possibly raped force to broke up with the love of her live then murdered then Changed in a werewolf which has control issues and so can t live with her family any That girl is expected to be able to control her beast self in weeks Without proper PSYCHOLOGICAL help She. Been targetedIt's a race against time as the abductions get closer and closer to home And when Camille and Kyla find themselves at the center of the turmoil they discover just how vast and dangerous their supernatural world really is. Yay magical creatures that aren t vampires The general plot was somewhat predictable but that didn t make the story less entertaining or gripping I did FIND MYSELF GETTING UITE FRUSTRATED BY myself getting uite frustrated by girls though Just talk You don t have to mope forever if ou talk I really liked the plot of this one and I enjoyed seeing Kyla forever if ou talk I really liked the plot of this one and I enjoyed seeing Kyla a werewolf Being in their minds as werewolves in this novel was really cute and fun I wish it didn t take until the 80% mark for them to actually communicate their feelings and thoughts to each other but it was still a great read Cannot wait until the 29th for The Innocent I usually give all of Zoe Reed s books a rating of 5 stars but I had to drop it down to 4 this time Why Because I spent the majority of the book so frustrated I liked this book Barely hence the two stars instead of three That said the writing is ok at best the plots and subplots are either overdeveloped and repetitivethe romance or underdeveloped the restThe most damning part though is that the plot is developed through making the main characters suddenly stupid and non communicative It s very out of character for them as described in the first book in this series It comes out of no where or at at least no where plausible or consistentThis depressing farce was alowed to go on for way too long And the way it was resolved was nothing short of a deus ex machina where spoiler someone just reads both characters minds and tells them YepIt broke the immersion for me and I d have thrown the book at the wall at one point if it weren t for the fact that I read it on my KindleThe subplot about the disapearing werewolves could have been fleshed out as th. Adjusting hasn't been easy for Kyla in her new life as a werewolf After a nearly catastrophic loss of control her and Camille decide to get help from the Pack in OregonThe girls soon learn that human kidnappings have been on the rise. .