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The Decline of African American TheologyRovides very valuable commentary on the of African Theology As Someone Who theology As someone who black and British it sometimes been depressing to note trajetory of theology and practice of the black church in the USA especially as it has such far reaching influence on the beliefs and practice of professing Christians from the African diaspora worldwide and on indigenous black Africans However this book redressed the. Frican American Christian theology from its earliest beginnings to the present He argues trenchantly that the modern fruit of African American theology has fallen far from the tree of its early predecessors In doing so Anyabwile closely examines the theological commitments of prominent African American theologians throughout American history Chapter by chapt. An honest look at the hurdles that BLT has faced and ltimately an Enlightening Glance Into The Hate glance into the hate and deconstructive world of BLT Traces how biblically faithful theology deteriorated in African American circles over the past couple centuries suggests solutions great mix of theology and history I initially found the structure of the chapters made it difficult to delve into the book However I think the author Who were Jupiter Hammon Lemuel Haynes and Daniel Alexander Payne And what do they have in common with Martin Luther King Jr Howard Thurman and James Cone All of these were African American Christian theologians yet their theologies are in many ways worlds apart In this book Thabiti Anyabwile offers a challenging and provocative assessment of the history of

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General lack of historical information on faithful Bible believing teachers among black Americans in the past few centuries and clearly pointed out the development of doctrinal teachers among black Americans in the past few centuries and clearly pointed out the development of doctrinal Liberalism and radicalism seem to have influenced African American theology deeply however the church in America which derives from a Northern European ethnicity has also been deeply affected by liberalism I think
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impact of in pr. Er he traces what he sees as the theological decline of African American theology from one generation to the next concluding with an nflinching examination of several Contemporary Figures Replete With figures Replete with texts and illustrations this book is a gold mine for any reader interested in the history of African American Christianity With a foreword by Mark Nol.