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R feats depicted here Too hard to suspend udgement here for the sake of the read alas uirk brings Mike Ford back for a new adventure filled with the perfect mix to keep the avid reader hooked With a new lease on life and a fiancee Ford seeks to turn away from his deceptive past and make a proper life for himself Faced with a father in law bent on screwing him over Ford sees that life on the straight and narrow is sure to be an uphill on screwing him over Ford sees that life on the straight and narrow is sure to be an uphill While visiting his brother Jack Ford witnesses a shake down and agrees against his better udgement to help Jack s got himself hooked to some people who have one thing In Mind Getting Back What S Owed mind getting back what s owed them When Ford takes it upon himself to help his brother he finds himself back in the world of con games and deceit a place to which he promised never to return When he uncovers the con game at the centre of all this Ford realises that he is in too deep to walk away that Jack and his fiancee are in the crosshairs of some very bad people With literally billions of dollars at stake and the lives of many on the line Ford must devise and execute his greatest con ever all in hopes of saving those he values most Who can he trust and how will these con games take on a life of their own leaving success anything put a three card monte all its own uirk knows ust how to hook the reader with fact fiction and a little sleight of hand With breadcrumbs throughout the intrigue and thrill factors stand front and centre for all to see Not to be missed for fans of tech and financial thrillersuirk s concept has a loose Christopher Reich feel to it this could be because I recently finished his latest novel with finance playing a key role in the larger plot He also eases though the world of tech talk and hacker speak creating a realistic narrative and dialogue sure to interest the reader The plot moves uickly and the characters appear real and believable Even the pace of the story is such that it does not bog down too much uirk is still in his infancy of fiction writing and Mike Ford creation but with books such as this his fan base is sure to grow and his popularity will skyrocket While the book s premise may seem a little far fetched it fuels the action and lets uirk s style lull the reader into trusting all that leaps from the pageKudos Mr uirk for this great piece of work You have a fan in me and I will surely spread the word. Self forced to call on all the skills of his criminal past in order to escape In this sharp fast paced seuel to The 500 Mike Ford again stars as the cunning and courageous former con man with a big heart and Matthew uirk confirms that he is one of the most exciting thriller writers at work toda. Mike Ford through his brother is obliged to take part in a heist This is effectively a plot to make a killing take part in heist This is effectively a plot to make a killing wise in getting hands on a directive which will shape US monetary policy A fast paced novel where you have suspend belief because you start to uestion could a lawyer really do all this physical stuff especially when injuredI did like how the second chapter foreshadowed future events but it wasn t hard to second guess this otherwise that chapter was pointless in being therePart of the crime involved hacking into computers and manipulating security cameras the technical explanation of which went whoosing over my headLike wise some of the fight scenes seemed over complicated and I started to uestion how did that happenStill it was readable and you wanted to know the fate of various characters both good and bad Mike Ford has gone from criminal to lawyer in Washington DC He has met the love of his life even though her family would rather her be with someone who truly fits with their social status His brother Jack no matter how hard he tries cannot seem to get his life together as Mike has Now his brother has gotten involved with some big power brokers the kind that will kill Jack s entire family if Jack does not cooperate This time the target is the FED s Directive a plan that can make someone extremely wealthy if they get could only get their hands on it before it was publicized In order to save his family and his fianc Mike must now steal the most well guarded secret in the United States the directive Mike must call on all of the skills he learned during his criminal past to bring this con to a successful end while deciphering who has set him up and how to get BACK AT THEM THE UESTION IS at them The uestion is he be able to do it especially after realizing that highly placed law enforcement personnel are involved The Directive by Matthew uirk which I won through Goodreads Giveaways is a heart stopping fast paced thriller that begins in Washington DC when Mike Ford s brother Jack cons him into stealing classified information from the Federal Reserve Bank of New York An ex con with a promising career as an attorney and a wedding in his future Mike is trapped by threats against his family and a murder where he s the chief suspect With the stakes so high his adrenaline in high gear and his life in constant danger Mike hunts for a way to evade authorities A pulse pounding thriller about two brothers billions of dollars and the heist of a lifetime by the author of the national bestseller The 500 After escaping the corrupt back rooms of Washington DC Mike Ford is again playing a dangerous game and this time the stakes are even higher Mike's brothe.

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The DirectiveNd turn the tables on the crooks Told in a first person narrative Matthew uirk takes the reader on a roller coaster ride from the minute the crooks assault his brother to a perilous robbery and a confrontation with the police swarming the Federal Reserve near the end With his life on the line mike faces deception violence intimidation and line Mike faces deception violence intimidation and as high powered crooks and the machinations of his brother force him back into a criminal world he thought long forgotten Cleverly Matthew uirk weaves in a how to in robbing a bank and picking a lock giving the story a stark sense of realism The plot twists and turns as events unfold that find Mike not only trying to extricate himself from a crime with a long prison sentence but scheming to save his brother and protect his fianc e Like the plot the characters are well developed and realistic with all their foibles especially Mike Ford an ex con skilled in the art of picking locks and pockets Intelligent resourceful and cunning he loves the adrenaline boost that comes resourceful and cunning he loves the adrenaline boost that comes living on the edge but soon finds thoughts of a normal life to his liking His brother Jack is a smooth talking lying con man who s self centered and weak Annie Clarke Mike s level headed patient no nonsense and smart fianc e starkly contrasts with the crafty manipulative and devious Emily Bloom a rogue security investigator Larry Clarke is a blustering arrogant financier with a corrupt soul while Lynch is a controlling merciless and shady cop Although I found the Mike Annie relationship a bit insipid all the characters add to the high impact of an entertaining and riveting story that I couldn t put downI thoroughly enjoyed The Directive a uniue and imaginative crime novel that keeps the reader on the edge of their seat from the first page to the last And Gauntlet A Novel of International Intrigue just when you think all the criminals will findusticethe climax leaves your mouth hanging open and looking for another Mike Ford adventure The ob posting for the hero of this book should readWanted an athletic young fellow who while shot in the lower back can hang by one hand off a concrete balcony 150 feet up in the sideways rain in bitterly cold New York after burgling papers from a D C up and comer s locked apartment office and then escape armed pursuers etc Sheees Although ust an adjunct to the plot it is this level of Batman like powers that Matt would need to perform the supe. R is in over his head in a powerful conspiracy to steal a secret worth billions from the rarely understood vitally important trading desk at the Federal Reserve Bank of New York Trying to bail his brother out Mike uickly finds himself playing a dangerous game trapped into planning the heist him.