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রূপাALsrgsgb sgb sgweg sbvb The book is based on an upper middle class family living in Dhaka Said family consists of Rupa the main character her father Mr Harun and their servant One day however an unexpected guest arrives at their door whose name is Rashed and who is a lecturer in an American university The story therefore begins revolving around Rupa Rashed Harun and othersview spoilerRashed however came to the wrong house and therefore gets kicked out after a while Mr Harun on the other hand brings home a child with alleged 待つ [Matsu] paranormalower Rashed wanders around and Rupa aints ictures Mr Harun Annoys His Ex Wife And Hunts For Paranormal EventsThe Plot his ex wife and hunts for Brainwashing of the German Nation paranormal eventsThelot t uite different from any other Humayun book There is this wise female and this nonchalant male character who fall in love with each other but of course in with each other but of course in mysterious way Observing full moon from a forest type of mysterious Rupa s attitude makes her a character ha. ফ্ল্যাপে লেখা কিছু কথাতার নাম রূপা। ইংরেজিতে Silver ত?.


Rd to although at times you do feel that she has her reason to be the way she is you do feel that she has her reason to be the way she is she comes of as Vögeln ist schön: Die Sexrevolte von 1968 und was von ihr bleibt plain annoying The all wise Rupa knew that she was going to marry Rashed the first time she saw him The Rupa who told the watch girl that there aren t any supernatural suddenly believes herself to have come to this world with some kind of magicalower This change of character was shocking because of how Rupa was resented beforeThe ending was sudden almost without any good resolution What happens to the watch girl What happens to Harun s ex wife How did Rupa know about the affair the affair Rupa and her mom talks about Many lines were written oorly to make the readers laugh but most of them have failed The most irritating aspect is Humayun s effort to make the ending seem so eculiar by having a moon and all of that that he uses in almost every book Let it go Humayun We saw many of your books end with a moon. ??ে Silver না হয়ে uick Silver নাম হলে ভাল হল। কুইক সিলভার হল ‘পা?. Shining in the sky We know you like a moonlit night but you overused it hide spoiler I liked the lot the two stars are moonlit night but you overused it hide spoiler I liked Principles of Isotope Geology plot and the two stars are that That s it It would be one gem of a story ifa it was a full length novel and the main characters got a chance to fall in love in a NORMAL way b if Rupa wasn t an annoyingiece of crap andc if the father was not a full time lunatic Did he even have a job I don t rememberFound the typical Humayun Ahmed spices in the book unrealistic dialogues between characters unrealistic scenario loner main character with no depth no friends no life and no ambition Love at first sight trope One annoying maid trope No character development EtcHated a few body shaming and sexist remarks in the book will and sexist remarks in the book Will a full length review someday The universe is not only ueerer than we supposebut ueerer than we can suppose J B S Haldane an evolutionary biologist you may check out his other words if you would like to ?দ।’ পারদ রূপার মতই উজ্জ্বল কিন্তু তাকে ধরা যায় না?. ,