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D is very clear and easy to follow I will say that I am glad I read Long Lankin first because the characters were familiar to me and that was helpful The writing is just excellent This is English folk horror at its finest Dripping damp and earthy atmosphere riddled with references to ash groves manikins iron witch bottles runes bone magic and charms makes for a dark and moody read Highly recommended for horror fans This one is getting 35 stars from me It s not as good as Long Lankin but it was still an enjoyably creepy read with ots of atmosphere Long Lankin Scared The Crap Out Of Me The Year Lankin scared the crap out of me The year read that book I pushed it on anyone and everyone that I could I d still recommend it than most books especially if you are ooking for a Gothic read and I know Gothic books are getting and popular ately it seemsPsychological horror is my favorite favorite thing in movies and in books I find the unknowable terrifying than the knowable That is to say I don t find gory stuff scary at all just gross It s a very rare film or book that can pull off *both I should do a post on that at some point At any rate The Mark of Cain is definitely Gothic *I should do a post on that at some point At any rate The Mark of Cain is definitely Gothic horror as I didn t find it nearly as scary as LL I still really iked it though because it brought back my favorite characters and a setting that has remained memorable in my mind for a very The Seventh Witch long time especially the church I guess the reason I didn t reallyike it uite as much as because it didn t do as much for me emotionally I definitely enjoyed the flashback scenes the most because it created sympathy for the antagonist and Cain Lankin himself and explained how the curse came to be But I also sort of felt And the Miss Ran Away with the Rake like LL didn t need a seuel even though it was a fun read It s not that I think it tarnished the original book segacy or anything ike that but it was not uite up to that standard either The story arc wasn t as good and neither was the imagery I had a hard time picturing where things were ocated and that is not an issue I had with the first book Also the fact that the girls had to move back to this estate where something horrible happened to them and their father just kind of shrugged it off and pretty much deserted them there felt sort of unrealistic to me I m find with the absentee parent trope but this went a bit too far for meAll that said I still really enjoyed it and thought parts of it were creepy and I The Pocket Wife liked the idea of the book and thingsike the witch bottles and the flashback scenes The Color of Our Sky like I said and I did enjoy the ending So I do recommend it but with reservations You don t HAVE to read it if you don t want to This makes me very excited Long Lankin was good and creeepy I hope this book brings that same mood that Long Lankin brought So glad that I found this Lovedoved oved this I m such a fan of Barraclough s writing This one seemed a bit darker YA ish than Long Lankin and it s absolutely dripping with that damp and earthy English folklore atmosphere which is pretty much my favorite sort of atmosphere to read about Also the historical flashbacks about a young witch are fantastic You know the author s good when she makes the reader empathize with the villain even after the villain has done many terrible things Super excited for Barraclough s next book and I so recommend this and Long Lankin to anyone in the mood for a very classy well written horror story. Ora is back in Bryers Guerdon in the manor house her aunt eft to her It is a cold bitter winter and the horrifying events of that sweltering summer in 1958 seem Obsession long pastUntil Cora's father arranges for some restoration work to take place at Guerdon Hall and it seems that something hidden thereong ago has been disturbed The spirit of Aphra Rushes intent on finishing what she began four centuries ,

My rating 25 of 5 stars I am bound here for as ong as there are Guerdons in the world I must be in it And they have returned to the marshlands to me It s been four years since Cora and Mimi ived to tell the tale of Long Lankin The two girls survived however the scars they acuired are hidden beneath their skin After their father recently came into an inheritance their Auntie Ida s rundown mansion he tells them that they re moving to the village of Bryers Guerdon Right back to where it all happened Long Lankin may no onger be a threat but he wasn T The Only One Left To Fear 400 Years Prior the only one eft to fear 400 years prior woman by the name of Aphra Rushes oved a All Roads Lead Home leper who was known by the name of Long Lankin She was sentenced to death at a young age for murdering an infant and his mother a spell with the intent to cure Lankin which had gone awry With her dying breath she placed a curse on the Guerdonine who were responsible for her death Flash forward to the Halloween of 1962 and her ashes have risen up from the ground to fulfill the curse that she placed on the Guerdon family before she was covered in pitch and burned at the stake I am the dust of charred bones and ash I ve considered Long Lankin to be one of my all time favorite gothic horror stories and news of a follow up story had me most eager even if I didn t understand the necessity There s a wonderful air of mystery to The Mark of Cain a constant sense of impending catastrophe The writing itself is elouent and I delighted in the eerie events depicted the old derelict mansion that was unsettling on its own yet the girls memories of their time spent there made it even so their temporary guardians that caused discontent than comfort due to their forever absent father and the strange items that they would find around the house ike the bundle of twigs tied with red twine or the archaic symbols sketched on the doors The pacing felt constantly off and I ultimately feel it should not have taken all 496 pages to reach the point we did The slow pacing could have been easily made up for if that sense of impending catastrophe was heightened just a smidge The story is told mainly from the point of view of Cora who is now fifteen years old and is struggling to maintain a sense of normalcy for her eight year old sister Mimi The only trouble is since Mimi was taken by Lankin she returned a changed child able to see things normal people cannot Including the current terror haunting them in their new home Because we re told this story from the POV of Cora there s a bit of a disconnect of knowledge that keeps the reader in the dark since Mimi refuses to discuss anything with Cora What I m assuming was intended was to add even mystery to this story but it only the story to falter eaving feeling all very subdued as if Cora wasn t actually experiencing it all firsthand Regardless of the fact that Mimi is only eight years old having the story told from her point of view would have been a vast improvementI ve come a ong way in the horror genre since I read Long Lankin back in 2012 In that review I even admit to being a big weenie which I definitely wouldn t describe myself in terms of horror stories any Back then it took some serious encouragement to read horror and now I d consider it one of my favorite genres Long Lankin was a most unsettling read yet The Mark of Cain just didn t manag. 1567 Aphra is not a normal child Found abandoned as a baby among the reeds and rushes the two outcast witches who raise her in their isolated cottage are never sure if she was born or just pushed up through the foul black mud for them to find Little Aphra's gifts in the dark craft are clear even as an infant but soon even her guardians begin to fear herWhen a violent fire destroys their home Aphra is. E to eave me with the same impression I think it would be appropriate to actually describe this as Gothic vs horror for curious readers This may not have completely worked for me but this is a Gothic thriller that will no doubt please many I received this book for free from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review Uff I had a break from reading this as I went away on holiday I was kind of struggling with it before then and on my return just couldn t bring myself to pick it up again I m honestly not sure why it s just not grabbing me at honestly not sure why it s just not grabbing me at I m half way through and have just stopped caring It s not even that it s bad writing or anything The Mephisto Threat (Paul Tallis like that and the early portion of the book did have me intrigued I guess this one just isn t for me Oooooh I think I might actually have found this scarier than Long Lankin I definitely enjoyed it Okay there were a few things that bothered meike the superfluous description and the kids conveniently overhearing people talking about Crucial Plot Points but I enjoyed seeing Cora and Roger as older teenagers along with their burgeoning feelings for one another Which I m really glad wasn t overdone because this book didn t MY BLOG Melissa Martin s Reading ListWell this wasn t a wee bit creepy or anythingThe book starts out telling Aphra s tale She was found by a couple of witches down by the river when she was a baby Aphra grew up oving her two moms so to speak She watched them practice healing for the folks but Aphra seemed to take a darker side She earns the use of voodoo dolls to make people that harmed her Originally posted on NOT ENOUGH BOOKS NOT ENOUGH TIMEI am sad Maybe I ve overdone too many spooky reads but I just couldn t get into The Mark of Cain I read over 100 pages but had to eave it a DNF This is very devastating because I absolutely adored Long Lankin Not that The Mark of Cain was terrible the writing is just as elegant and just as terrifying as the first book but it almost felt ike it was a repeat of the first It s a new tormentor but same setting Same characters From The First I the first I the idea of the same characters BUT I DIDN T GET HOW I didn t get how father who does seem a Just Cause little airy and distant could move his children back into the house where so much evil had occurred This probably plays into the fear and suspense because Cora and Mimi are too young toeave it s against their will etcI read 128 pages and don t know if I l go back and read it I did ove Long Lankin so maybe this was just an overdose of spooky ghosts and goblins around Halloween Who knows but there s always next year A darkly excellent seuel to the amazing LONG LANKIN Just as elegant and just as terrifying as the first book THE MARK OF CAIN sucked me in and eft me shivering I read Long Lankin the book that preceded The Mark of Cain and really enjoyed it so I picked this one up when I saw it The Mark of Cain serves as both a preuel and a seuel as it were to Long Lankin It explains the history of Cain Lankin from the point of view of the woman who oved him Aphra and then jumps to the events that take place after Long Lankin Cain and Aphra s back story is so compelling that it makes the reader empathize with them even while realizing they are the villains in the endThe transitions between points of view and time perio. Left to fend for herself Years of begging and stealing make her strong but they also make her bitter for she is shunned and feared by everyone she meetsUntil she reaches Bryers Guerdon and meets the man they call Long Lankin the eper Ostracized and tormented he is the only person willing to help herAnd together they plot their revenge 1962 Four years have passed since the death of Ida Guerdon and

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The Mark of Cain