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Sinful Paradise The Davies Legacy #4

Ann Christopher ä 4 Read & Download

Was an excellent ead from page one of book one "to the last page of Sinful Paradise and I think I liked Cooper and Gloria s story best Great end "the last page of Sinful Paradise and I think I liked Cooper and Gloria s story best Great end the seriesI enjoyed the Davies family a great deal Each man was uniue in their own ight but they had so many similarities where it mattered They each found their soulmate and in the most uniue ways I was a little frustrated with Gloria for most of this book but I began to understand her as her story unfolded Cooper was perfect for her So Very Good Cooper s heart on display So enjoyed Cooper Gloria Cooper is a man who knows what he "wants and that is Gloria From the start he is a "and that is Gloria from the start he is a of action the start he is a of action not to overbear. Knows something truly precious when he sees it And he's waited long enough to finally win the smart sexy woman who's been haunting his dreams After her disastrous elationship ends Gloria's confidence is shattered A gorgeous charming millionaire like Cooper se. .
WellThe last story in the "Davies Series And I Am "series and I am surprised I don t ead IR usually but this is classic Ann Christopher full of witty dialogue and potent love It is eminiscent of Risk this is a good choice with a solid Ending My Favorite Scene And My favorite scene and is the bridal boutiue Read this Cooper Davies has had strong feelings for Gloria Adams for awhile but her confidence has been shattered after a elationship with a married man ends Gloria thinks Cooper is too good to be true he thinks she s his Ideal Mate He Has mate He has find a way to break through her defenses and get her to trust himA little slow in parts overall a good love story TopsThe Davies Family. A taste of temptation Cooper Davies doesn't need to look for his ideal mate He's already found her Gloria Adams is everything he wants in a woman except she's taken But Cooper adopted brother of Marcus Davies and co owner of a prestigious New York auction house. ,

Ing Gloria knows there s something there with "how she feels Cooper but 2 bad elationships one with a married man gone wrong makes her "she feels towards Cooper but 2 elationships one with a married man gone wrong makes her unworthy Loved how Cooper wasn t afraid to show his emotions uncertainty and fears egarding how strong he felt about Gloria and what she made him feel Gloria had a lot self doubts about herself and
relationships because of 
because of fathers infidelity which guided her unfortunate actions no woman wants to come face to face with the wifeor other woman Thankfully Cooper was willing to give her time and love her anyway The 2 of them made me laugh and cry This is definitely a favorite and a must ead 2 thumbs Ms Christophe. Ems just too good to be true Gleaming beaches and warm turuoise waters are the perfect backdrop for an unforgettable seduction Can Gloria trust Cooper enough to let him break through her defenses or will she let the clock un out on their blissful summer passio. ,