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Dead Stock Bert Shambles Mystery #1

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Rt this book be prepared to ignore whatever else is going on in your life and sink into the world of Bert Shambles Recent circumstances have left him in a bad place but he s moving on and you ll love being there as he does There was a vulnerable honesty to Hey there Guys and Dolls Yours truly has ound a man who is of a disaster than she is Bert Shambles is a modern man with many problems including having to report to a probation officer alling in love with a mafia leader s daughter and is into vintage clothing which makes him stylish in a sloppy sort of way A man of murder mystery and mayhem in Long Island until he serves out his probation Although Burt does have some great hangouts that I would think would work or me The laundry mat that serves as bar too Now I know where I ll be adding an extra spin cycle if I "Ever Find Myself On Long Island Not That It S "find myself on Long Island Not that it s Although there does appear to be a social set is ull of secrets including members of the mafiaThree years is a long
when you are stuck in small town working at a thrift shop and trying to keep out of trouble that seems to keep inding you On a ro. P to take the A coerência textual fall by his probation officer and crazy ex girlfriend As theorces of good and evil close in around him Bert must race to clear his name and discover the truth so he doesn't wind up in prisonor worse Filled with twists turns and unforgettable characters and propelled by a truly lovable hero and wicked sense of humor Dead Stock heralds the arrival of a wonderful new mystery serie. ,

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Er be debonair be the big strong hero but after wanting to jerk him up a little I wanted him to stay as down to earth as he is This writer weaves jerk him up a little I wanted him to stay as down to earth as he is This writer weaves tale of mystery Dogs Behaving Badly fun anxiety and surprise in the end I will read of his work In this book we meet Bert Shambles who s trying to keep his nose clean whileinishing up his probation after a stint in jail a local parishioner went the extra mile First Year Teacher: Wit and Wisdom from Teachers Who'€ve Been There for Bert and offered him steady employment while heinished out his term Bert works or a local thrift shop picking up clothes and other items people donate The book starts out with Bert heading to pick up a dead stock of clothing that belonged to Corky Healey a pro golfer who died recently Although Mrs Healey is adamant that her husband was murdered as one of his golf clubs is also missing This book was ull of what we see with many cozy mysteries action and adventure and a big who killed Corky I enjoyed meeting Bert and the people he interacts with What I also enjoyed is that Bert isn t a typical sleuth He has served time which makes him like a criminal in thinking like one Can t wait to see what time which makes him like a criminal in thinking like one Can t wait to see what next Here s what I think when you sta. K up or the thrift shop Bert learns that the widow of a recently deceased pro golfer is offering a reward or the return of her dead husband's avorite putter and an even bigger reward or proof that for the return of her dead husband's Mindful Living with Aspergers Syndrome favorite putter and an even bigger rewardor proof that husband was murdered Bert jumps at the chance and soon inds himself being chased by a violent van driving maniac romantically involved with a mobster's daughter and uite possibly being set A young NYC kid is going through a tough time After beating up some guy he thought was beating up his ex girlfriend he winds up on parole and going through anger managementBecause of his parole he is working at church thrift shop where he is called to take a donation in the ritzy part of town It turns out a The Habitat Guide to Birding former pro golfer died recently and those are the clothes he is getting The guy starts lookingor killer or at least the golfer s missing club and Space Kid finds a whole lot of trouble and a girlfriendManic but entertaining There is something very comfortable about this book That is a strange thing to say but itelt like I was journeying with an old Circumstantial Evidence: Death, Life, and Justice in a Southern Town friend Bert Shambles reminds a little of Columbo the television detective Bert Shambles isn t the perfect detective Inact the name Shambles its him perfectly The word shamble means disorganized confusion disorder The author named him perfectly He is a guy that gets himself into strange circumstances that do not turn out the way he planned The story kept me engaged It made me worry about Bert and wonder what was going to happen to him next At times I wanted to shout at him to be brav. Meet Bert Shambles a perpetually confused young man whose life continually mirrors his surname He's stuck back in his suburban Long Island hometown enduring a three year suspended sentence or an act of chivalry gone terribly wrong He works part time at a church thrift shop and Makes Extra Money By extra money by dead stock vintage clothes that have never been worn to a local boutiue On a routine pic.