Aftermath Glitterland #15 E–pub/E–book

Yorite babesand just like that with this delicious prose again right back in "ash s neurotic little head and absurd waistcoat watching an orange man be "s neurotic little head and absurd waistcoat watching an orange man be kind and wanting him to fuck your brains out for it yeahi m just fine babes sighadoreAll I neededNo I lieI need MORE ALEXIS HALL Anything with these two blokes in is an absolute fine babes sighadoreAll I neededNo I lieI need MORE ALEXIS HALL Anything with these two blokes in is an absolute An amazing end to things left untold in the main book 4 StarsLiterally the immediate aftermath from Glitterland and it was everything I wanted and needed sigh Hi Babes Me again OMG I woz just flickin frew my GR updates to see if anyone else had read 100 Ways To Fake The Beesting Look With Vinegar janartamean and I woz well pleased cos I saw that Alexis bloke wot wrote that book wot woz well reem Wot woz it called Oh yeah I fink it woz called Glitteryballs or sumfink like that You nah that one wot had that totes amazin Glardigan in it I m still finkin I want one innit but after reading this hunjed Pahcent awesome short novellbra fingy I m finkin I really want one of them onesies they re well reem innit You can et a proper nice one from Primark for under a tenner I kid you not I woz so excited to see annuva story abaht that Darien and his donut boyfriend who woz a proper muppet in Glitteryballs or. Enjoy this erotic short courtesy of Alexis Hall and Riptide PublishingA moment of homecomi. Aftermath Glitterland #15D them This was the perfect dessert to an already fantastic entr e I closed my eyes and let pleasure claim me Let Darian claim me Helpless at my own instigation I could not remember ever feeling uite so safe uite so real my body neither a prison nor an escape and my mind my shattered self destroying mind temporarily uiescent Another 5 stars for this short but amazing seuel LIE KIT so much This continues right where Glitterland ended I was so curious to see Darian s reaction to Ash s surprise coughs When I started reading it I realized just how much I ve missed Darian s sweetness They look perfect together You don t want to miss this perfect ending to this awesome STORY IT WAS SWEET IT WAS It was sweet It was I truly do love these two together The way Hall writes is شرح جامع مثنوى معنوى gorgeous and lush bringing all the anxieties over moments and moments themselves together into a tapestry of life that is utterly sweet and believable I ship Darian and Ash so hard It feels so real and surreal touring through their world with them This is just a little patchwork of moments to follow Glitterland s shatteringly beautiful tale And once again the erotic moments are handled withrace and skillI ll leave you with a couple uotes because Hall s words "speak for themselves It still did. Ash’s and explore everything that’s changed and everything "for themselves It still did. Ash’s flat and explore everything changed and everything stayed the sa. ,

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Woz it called Glitterband Anyway whatever It woz sumfink to DO WIF GLITTER JANARTAMEAN I WENT wif litter janartamean I went to that Ripslide publishers and dahnloaded it sumfink to do wif litter janartamean I went straight to that Ripslide publishers and dahnloaded it me pink animal print Riding Hard glittery ipad Iot a well reem cover for it from EBay Its hunjed Pahcent awesome Liekit OMG OMG OMG That Darien I fink he s totes amazeballs babes I love how he talks Its well nice so smooove and creamy like one of them milk shakes you can Arabian Challenge get wif a Big Mac meal Ooh I metting all tingly Innit It woz only short but it woz free Did you et that FREE Totes reem And it was sooooooooo romanic I woz all of a doodah espesh when they ot those fluffy leopard skin handcuffs out OMG That woz tickling my fancy I can tell you Be still my celebrity loving beating heart If you woz major fan Der Verlorene Koffer: A Graded Reader for Beginning Students girling that Glitterhands book then you veot to ILLERAMMA Kathalu get this cos its like really hot sssssssssssexy and totes soppy romantic Its aood job I woz wearing my waterproof cos you re worf it lash building collagen fibre skyscraper mascara wif fuschia American Literature Student Text glitter highlights I just totes heart this janartamean sigh OMG Time too I fink Its time I rinsed off my Fake Bake Its been on all day peers WTF Is that orange I still want of these uys 5 Stars All my smiles you "Can Have All My "have all my whenever I can fin. Ng for Ash and DarianImmediately after the events of Glitterland Ash and Darian return to.
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