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Eno feels superior to his coworkers and especially to the guests n ship as they the guests Tank! on the ship As they the he finds new and powerful ways to convey the rapid lossf the glaciers desperate to make the tourists take this tragedy seriously The tourists meanwhile are interested in taking selfies with penguins and gorging themselves Geek Feminist Revolution on cruise ship buffet dinners In his desperation Zeno creates an extreme wake up call for the effectsf global warming and it almost ends in tragedy In his sixties Zeno is in the process Lucky Luciano of looking back at his life and lamenting all he has lost With the endf his marriage he has taken a lover A Reader& on the cruise ship but he doesn t see her as an eual in passion and intelligence His career has become irrelevant and his behavior is increasingly erratic The meltingf the ice caps pushes him The Ladys Handbook for Her Mysterious Illness over the edge bringing back memoriesf a colder idealized past The novel becomes complex as Zeno s inner world begins to unravelZeno s personal issues are a small scale view Churchill of what can be lost in a lifetime The larger issuef global warming then becomes a haunting view Euripides Fabulae: Vol. II: (Sup., El., Her., Tro., Iph.Tau., Ion): 2 ofur entire existence as a species and the potential for an end to the world we know Zeno recognizes the fragility Jean-Paul Sartre of the glaciers and how we don t appreciate them until they are almost gone much likether aspects f his personal life This novel brings humanity to the struggle to preserve the natural world It is a small book but it is packed with ideas that must be understood slowly and deeply I received this novel from Verso Books in exchange for an honest review Read this book Read it nowI cannot believe the low ratings and bad reviews but I am always n the In Enemy Hands (Honor Harrington, outside What can I say if you generally agree with my likes and dislikes in books you gotta read thisIt s the storyf a geologist who is given a glacier to study in the Alps and who knew that was a thing The book is full How Ireland Really Went Bust. by Matt Cooper of interesting facts like this His glacier dies and with it his hope that things will get better and people will pay attention to the environmental disasters around us He can t bear to keep teaching so takes a jobn a boat giving lectures to vacationers visiting Antarctica This way he can at least be among the glaciers he lovesThe book is a log he writes Super Gran Abroad (Super Gran, on a trip He musesver his former life he writes about the passengers and his coworkers Bambi and Me on the cruise Again we get fascinating info about whales from a fellow lecturern board about penguins and Pocahontas other birds from the bird lecturer Poor Zeno is a voice crying in the wilderness though thethers also understand what is at stake but haven t gotten to the same point Bala Santa of despair he has He s a modern Cassandra and none is listeningThere is a Christo ish artist also Book of Magickal and Occult Rites and Ceremonies on board as a passenger and he wants to do a pro environmental art piece in the Antarctic It s a spotn send up Bald Eagle (Zeuss Pack of how we all makeurselves feel good while doing nothing to little to make any real change As The Lady Elizabeth (Elizabeth I, one passenger says I ll do anything to help the environment when given the chance to participate in the art project knowing darned well nothing will change in his life when he gets homeIt s pretty upsetting to read because I am a despairer myself But the writing is amazing There are so so so many beautiful lines I stopped jotting and am just going to buy mywn copy Wolfsong of the book to underline to my heart s content Plus it s an important book I think and I want to both support the author for writing it for us and share it with ANYONE I can get to read itThere s been mention that people didn t like the staccato confusing jumbled endsf each chapter but I thought they were a perfect contrast the first part being the above the water reasonableness Zeno was still showing the second part Ultimate Memory Book of the chapter the terror the horror the despair and desperation beneath the surface like an iceberg It s the below the surface that gets you in the end Zeno is a jaded disillusioned and angry glaciologist who knows that the ice cap is melting and is distraught at the destructionf the environment he so much loves He works as a tour guide Pelnrušķis un trollis on an Atlantic cruise ship where he has to contend with the ignorance and superficial I am always in searchf novels about climate change which should have a great deal literature about it than is in fact the case Please recommend me any you find In The Lamentations Far Strike (The Transcended Book 3) of Zeno I was disappointed to find strong echoesf McEwan s Solar which I attempted to read then abandoned in annoyance Once again a man uses climate change as window dressing for his midlife crisis It is a potentially civilisation ending threat so really deserves better than that Just as with Solar I was left wondering why I should give a damn about this man s tedious love life when the stability O Mistério do Infante Santo of the earth s climate is at stake Neither McEwan nor Trojanow managed to make me care about their narratorr even believe that they actually studied climate change Moreover said narrators seemed very unlikely to be meaningfully affected by climate related disaster Basically I don t want literature that drapes climate change around. Ros turísticos ue viajan a la Antártida ansiando encontrar en el último rincón natural del planeta el silencio cargado de verdad ue tanto anhela Ni siuiera entre los amantes de la naturaleza encuentra un alma geme. A great short novel that manages to Bring Themes Of Personal Heartbreak The together themes Disgrace (Department Q, of personal heartbreak thef life and the destruction Monsoon of earth without cheap moralising Poetic book about a grumpy glaciologist who joins an Antarctic cruise ship as a guest lecturer after the glacier he has spent a lifetime studying melts and disappears Each chapter ends with a garbled sectionf radiospeak in which it becomes clear that Zeno the glaciologist will hijack the ship in a last desperate bid to draw attention to the planet s plight Some Slice by Slice of the writing is uite beautiful and the translation skilfully done An example every glacier has itswn voice A dying glacier sounds different than a healthy Angels Flight (Legion of Angels Book 8) one it givesff a powerful rattle when it bursts along a crevasse and if you listen closely you can hear the melt flowing into the underground lakes At and if you listen closely you can hear the melt flowing into the underground lakes At moment it was possible to think Ice Maiden of self annihilation as a beautiful thing aim the space ship into the heartf the sun and set controls for cruise no given the preponderance Latin Lovers Greek Husbands Bundle ofur sociopolitical decisions to annihilate this planet s biological existence as we know it anyway Trojanow rehabilitates this strange relationship Take Seducing the Heiress one glaciologist angry andld Add him to the crew And Cowboy Makes Three of a cruise ship that profits from the disappearing beautyf the Antarctic world Mix with a celebrity artist whose risible plans take up no narrative space than they deserve Narrate the inevitable history Teasing Her SEAL of environmental destruction as a prism for social relationships Set the controls for cruise Zeno Hintermeier is named for the founderf Stoicism a central tenet Rancher Bears Baby (Rancher Bears, of which is that we should live in accord with nature and that we should promote moral progress The demisef the Alpine glacier to which Hintermeier has devoted his scholarly life palpably demonstrates that today s consumerist humans certainly do not live in such accord What to do His work at the institute thus essentially A Valentines Wish over Zeno gamely follows a colleague s suggestion to give lectures to tourists traveling to the Antarctic Now in his fourth yearn the MS Hansen he has just been elevated to expedition leader and this is where he begins the notebook we read Ulf ZimmermanThis book was reviewed in the SeptemberOctober 2016 issue Paixão Sem Disfarce of World Literature Today magazine Read the full review by visitingur website An interesting mashup Rain of a narrative and an experimental book that felt like an art form than an easy read The first few pagesf the narrative followed Zeno a disgruntled misanthrope and aging expedition leader In the Matter of the Complaint Against Egbert C. Smyth and Others, Professors of the Theological Institution in Phillips Academy, Andover on a cruise to the Antarctic Bemoaning humanity and its ravagesf the world Zeno fails in his duties numerous times and seems focused I Met Someone on his lover a Filipina waitressn the same cruise In a final fit Quantum (Captain Chase of insanity he hijacks the ship when he andnly The Other Islam onether person are Last Man Standing onboard The last pager so Light, Gesture, and Color of each chapter is a mash upf words almost like word jazz that eschew punctuation and logic It almost felt like flipping frantically through TV channels some pornographic and catching just snippets Classic Krakauer: Mark Foo's Last Ride, After the Fall, and Other Essays from the Vault of things that made sense each ends with an alert about the ship s status post hijacking in capital letters In the end the hijacking feels almost poetic It happens during the stagingf a live art piece the crew and guests forming the letters S O S n the ice riginally intended as commentary Canada on climate change as the ship sails away I have mixed feelings about this book It s impressive that it was translated from German and yet it still felt very nuanced In hindsight I realize that the mash upf information in the last page r so f each paragraph is mostly from the rescuers and news shows following the hijacking and wonder if you can t read each section together as a bit Dead Reckoning (Sookie Stackhouse, of a puzzle to make it all make sense The text after the capital letter alerts for example when read together say and nevertheless keep it up nothing will help except a complete reboot I ll be sittin when the evening comes wastin time nothing else matters all ablaze now it s time to roll up your sleeves again and now for something completely different is in large measure suspect that cameff marvelously DogFace on andn without end which kind What You Owe Me of sounds like a weird song lyric Still this creative format was a bit toout there for me Maybe because I wasn t expecting it Buffalo Woman Comes Singing or maybe because I m a book traditionalist The plot was interesting the jazzy chapter endings were a bit too strange for my taste Took awhile to get a feel for it and really dig into this book As a conseuence it tookver 15 days to finish this 159 page book Please check ut all f my reviews at Hintermeier s lamentations are endless as he takes us n a journey in this novel Not nly is his marriage failing and his career faltering he is also undergoing an existential crisis due to the melting Shining City of the polar ice caps Zeno is a geologist and he has been watching the progressf global warming throughout his lifetime Now as a scientist working as a tour guide Blind Spots on a cruise ship he has a front row seat to the potential endf the worldOverualified for his job as tour guide En un mundo en paulatina destrucción por la acción del hombre el profesor Zeno Hintermeier vive la desaparición de “su” glaciar como una pérdida propia Decide dejar su cátedra y embarcarse como guía en cruce.

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Flimsily as a backdrop for stories about middle aged men s marital difficulties I want books that explore the meanings and conseuences A Boy and A Bear in a Boat of climate change for people s lived experience Examples I ve come across are Flight Behaviour which manages to have a marital difficulties sub plot without it dominating and The Carbon Diaries 2015 which remains a great climate change novel despite the title beingvertaken by timeI am willing to concede that The Lamentations f Zeno
uite possibly loses 
possibly loses in translation especially the metatextual interludes at the end f each chapter These didn t really work for me John Brunner did the same thing far better in Stand n Zanzibar Actually Brunner s The Sheep Look Up is a brilliant devastating novel about environmental pollution As it The Sheep Look Up is a brilliant devastating novel about environmental pollution As it written 1972 however climate change is not mentioned Although the setup f a jaded glaciologist leading an Antarctic cruise for the very rich seemed ideally suited to interesting environmental commentary not much materialised The The Roman Family odd incident stoodut generally involving penguins but the narrative was weighed down by awkward pointless sex scenes and digressive anecdotes The blurb claims it recalls the experimentation Hirvenmetsästäjä of high modernist fiction without compromising a limpid sensef place Hollywood Walk of Fame: 2000 Sensational Stars, Star Makers and Legends or the pacef its narrative I m afraid I must disagree A Christmas Miscellany on all fronts As a novel it felt conventional rather than experimental to me had very little sensef place and the narrative pace was glacial sorry couldn t resist uite possibly this is a great work Too Bad to Die of literature that merely failed to be what I expected and wanted If you weren t bored by Ian McEwan s Solar perhaps you might like it Just don t expect to find anything meaningful about climate change within Zeno has an environmental problem He cares too much about it His ex wife told him this his intensityf feeling and enthusiasm came across as anger and shoutingZeno is a German scientist who did his doctoral work studying a glacier in the Alps He fell in love with his glacier and with ice Now 40 years later he never visits it All that is left OXENBOXEN of the majestic glacier are scattered chunksf ice the size Resist (Wicked Ways Book 1) of desks Now Zeno gives lecturesn an Antarctic cruise ship and leads walking tours to see the penguins He knows his scientific stuff but he s such a downer about the calamity that is Beautiful Ghosts (Inspector Shan, occurring that he has to be told to lighten up We actually get very little science just hisbservations He holds the tourists in a kind f contempt They re verweight and interested in their checkoff lists than in the wildlife and natural beauty They sit in the warmth Hush, Hush (Hush, Hush, of the ship and watch the scenery go by the windows as if it s a documentaryn a TV screen Zeno is torn about his The Indian in the Cupboard (The Indian in the Cupboard, own role in all this is he contributing to their education and ultimate preservationf nature Reasoning and the Logic of Things or is he contributing to its destruction His paranoia makes him believe that the half dozen scientific research stations maintained by various nations are there just waiting to be allowed to exploit theil that s probably under the ice He gave up his glacier scientist role because he felt that it was like being a hospice doctor comforting dying patients If education is working why is nothing happening to improve the global warming situationWhile The Holcroft Covenant / The Rhinemann Exchange on the cruise he plots and carriesut a dramatic action that brings world wide news attention to his causeHe has a woman friend like many The Night Before Christmas: or, A Visit from St. Nicholas: The Heirloom Edition of the crew a Filipina whom he sees just three months a yearn the cruises which are held The Queens Assassin (Queens Secret, only during the short Antarctic summer So the cruise story is interspersed with lovemaking with his woman with reflections backn his student days studying the glacier and with episodes from the days when his marriage was dying Each chapter ends with a few paragraphs Space Calculated in Seconds of streamf consciousness passages like a brain dump Lightning of his dayThere s good writing my beard is straggling toward retirement none can teach the art Digital Web of complaining as well as rich people the words kept limping at the endf every sentence like a bad leg Of his bank advisor the title says it all the man advises his bank at the cost Atomic Bodyslams to Whiskey Zippers of his client He tries to fobff War of Hearts on him securities and what a phony word that is right up there with insurance I have the impression time and again that glaciers are puttingn the last act f a bad play A good book that kept moving short almost a novella less than 150 pages The author is a Bulgarian born writer b 1965 who now lives in Vienna and writes in German He has also lived in Nairobi Paris Munich Cape Town and Mumbai With than a couple f dozen works he is a prolific author but Portable Operating for Amateur Radio only a fewf his works have been translated into English He had his 15 minutes Fer-de-Lance of fame in 2013 after a flap in which he was denied entry to the US to attend a literary conference He blamed itn a magazine article he wrote critical f NSA surveillance techniues although his visa processing would have also ccurred during a federal government shutdown There s a story here photo from wanderlustcoukMiddle photo from sciencemagazineorgThe author from itb berlincom. La ue sienta la tragedia del planeta de forma tan intensa como él; guías periodistas y pasajeros consiguen dormir sin pesadillas y volverán a su rutina tras la travesía Tal vez sea necesaria una acción más radic. EisTau AUTHOR Ilija Trojanow
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