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Lioness rWhen Nigeria gained its independence from Britain in 1960 it stood to be one of the most prosperous productive and influential nations on the continent Rich with naturalesources including vast eserves of oil it possessed an educated middle class and a cultural life that blended multiple ethnic groups languages and eligions in a vast and vibrant collective Like many African nations colonized by Europeans its borders had been drawn with little Non Censure regard for political and culturalealities In Nigeria those Herrin der Schmuggler realities were the political divisions that fell largely along ethnic lines a mostly Muslim population in the North dominated by Hausa and Fulani Igbo in the southeast Yoruba in the southwest Only six years after independence Nigeria began to fall apart A coup destroyed the fragile trust between these ethnic groups and a portion of eastern Nigeria declared itself the free state of Biafra In July 1967 the Nigerian Civil War known collouially as the Biafran War began Thirty months later over one million Biafrans had died from fighting and famine In January 1970 Biafra surrendered and waseabsorbed into Nigeria It is an epic story that few outside of the Hope and Glory region or African Studies departments on European and American university campusesecall much less make sense of This is why we have always needed storytellers This is why in this age of scroll and skim journalism we need storytellers than everLet s be honest How many of us would pick up a work of narrative non fiction no matter how well written to learn about the Biafran War Do we know the first thing about Nigeria hell about Africa This is how fiction changes the world Despite our best efforts at ignorance fiction brings the world to us takes us inside the lives of those whose histories Ngui for Unity realities battles are so very different from our own The imagined stories lead us to the factual ones We find ourselves searching out the historyeading the articles the long form journalism pieces perhaps even the books asking How did this happen and I knew nothing about it What is this place Who are the Igbo the Hausa and why does it matter now Let Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie tell you why this nation the war this story matters Let her characters into your heart and wince as they break it over and over again Half of a Yellow Sun which takes its name from the emblem of Biafra Hysterie reveals a Nigeria that could have been before it became a nation split by war Set in the early and late 1960s the narrativeevolves around twin sisters Olanna and Kainene members of the Igbo lite Both women are single and live independently from their Lagos based parents Olanna and her lover Odenigbo share a home in the southern city of Nsukka where they teach at the university Kainene manages her father s business affairs from her home in Port Harcourt and falls in love with a British writer Richard Olanna is the story s principal voice but it is Odenigbo s young houseboy Ugwu who provides the most poignant perspective while Richard offers a detached counterpoint of someone yearning to fit in but whose very skin signals Outsider Half of a Yellow Sun is magnificent in detail I heard smelled saw felt tasted the world that Adichie painstakingly creates Her heart beats with such fierce love for and pride in Nigeria that the country becomes a character in its own Der Flügel des Engels : Autobiogr., Selbstzeugnisse, Briefe an Jack Kerouac right and as aeader you witness its tearing apart with such dread and sorrow Adichie was born in 1977 but she lost family members to war and famine and surely was aised in the shadow of tragedy Yet her goal is not to tell a history of the POLITICAL STRUGGLE BUT TO LET US struggle but to let us the human conflict The plot framework is built on the conflict between ethnic groups and political factions but the story ises from the families and lovers separated by cultural moral and emotional bordersThere is a slight dip and drag to the pace as we learn the depths of misunderstanding and animosity between the sisters or witness the unraveling of the adical Odenigbo or dip into Richard s ingratiating attempts to be accepted by Nigerians Adichie s paintbrush drips thick ich colors that swirl together in a dense mix of characters and details But everything about her writing is so warm and lush and welcoming you just want her to go on and on filling every inch of the canvas with her beautifully crafted phrases her characters full of curves and silky skin her streets vibrating with High Life musicAnd when sorrow and brutality and suffering come and come they will you will want to look away You will not want to believe that this Love and Its Place in Nature: A Philosophical Interpretation of Freudian Psychoanalysis really happened But happen it did Happen it does still Still a powerful vibrant nation with vast naturalesources Nigeria is once again in the headlines And the news is not good NPR Boko Haram Fighters Seize Nigerian Army Base JANUARY 05 2015 502 AM ET Ofeibea uist Arcton Too often we turn away from these current events because we don t understand the complexities of nations too distant to cause a Special Agent Francesca ripple in our morning coffee Because we have disaster and conflict fatigue These places matter only when we ve been touched personally by events Outside of time spent living in a placeeading a great work of literature one that makes the political personal and the foreign familiar is the best way to ensure we emain aware of and moved by the world around us For Nigeria s sake Half of a Yellow Sun is just such a book 5 At the gates Biafran soldiers were waving cars through They looked distinguished in their khaki uniforms boots shining half of a yellow sun sewn on their sleeves This story tracks a family as they transition from a position of influence and privilege with large comfortable homes in Nigeria to become citizens of the newly formed epublic of Biafra After a slow to me become citizens of the Newly Formed Republic Of Biafra After A Slow To Me formed Across the Wide and Lonesome Prairie republic of Biafra After a slow to me ended up fascinated by the story the family the people on the fringes of the family the history the culture everything The family circle shrinks from a large influential group before hostilities arise to smaller units as they separate to escape and hide They don t know whom to trust and areeduced to living in slums This part Mein wildes Geheimnis 03 reminded me of the Jews during WW2 gradually cut off from business and mainstream society then confined to their homes then pushed into cramped ghettoes as their homes wereeuisitioned by the Nazis then you know the horrifying Ein Goldfisch räumt auf rest In Biafra young men were captured and uniformed not by the Nigerian enemy but by their own Biafran army those distingui. A masterly haunting new novel from a writer heralded by The Washington Post Book World as “the 21st century daughter of Chinua Achebe” Half of a Yellow Sune creates a seminal moment in modern African history Biafra’s impassioned struggle to establish an independent epublic in Nigeria in the 1960s and the chilling violence that followed With astonishing empathy and the effortless grace of a natural storyteller Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie weaves together the lives of three characters swept up in ,

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Subject He covets his personal library which he loses in the war and then has The Worst Weather on Earth: A History of Mount Washington Observatory replaced by a benefactor But in my experience mathematicians are passionate people and are usually passionate about mathematics No mathematician I have ever met avoids all mention of personal academic interests in social settings as scrupulously as Odenigbo I didn t want the novel to become a textbook but if characters were ballet dancers surely we would expect to hear of theoles they had danced and the music that had moved them Of Odenigbo s academic character we hear nothing Why is he therefore endowed with knowledge and interest that is never explored Perhaps he only exists as a character to interact with the twin sisters And the problem is A London Home in the 1890s repeated with Richard Churchill who we are told is an Igbo speaking Englishadical I knew a lot of sixties The Geology And Landscape Of Santa Barbara County, California, And Its Offshore Islands radicals and they were never slow to offer an opinion or indeed place themselves suarely in a space on the ideological chessboard In Half of a Yellow Sun we never learn if Richard is a Marxist Maoist Leninist or Trot He never mentions Castro or Ho Chi Minh He doesn t appear to have any position on capitalism society business the Third World South Africa Central America or even Viet Nam I found myself wondering which sixties decade saw hisadicalisation When Chimanada Ngozi Adichie tells us that he travels to Lagos to attend a function in honour of the state funeral of Winston Churchill perhaps no Biopower: Foucault and Beyond relation I began to wonder if he was an early or indeed late bornadical Tory I have been an expatriate myself so I can forgive him his attendance of the function but not his total silence on the issues I Jane Doe and the Cradle of All Worlds read only about one third of this novel Adichie s CNA writing doesn t agree with me at all And the characters are so flat they should be able to slide under a door trouble free The characters don t even bother to play theirole with its limited definition Instead they keep pounding their fists on a table and shouting out what their Is That Even a Country, Sir! role is supposed to be I am a sardonic bitch I am sooo nonacist you won t even believe it blah blahOuch My head hurtsOne type of characters I am almost certain to hate are the PERFECT ones And CNA stops just short of establishing Olanna s idol in a temple and worshiping her We are constantly うそつきリリィ 3 [Usotsuki Lily 3] reminded of what a smart and benevolent person she is And nonacist She is always showing off her fancy London based education always talking about this charity or that To make sure she is universally adored CNA mentions her angel like beauty almost every time Olanna is mentionedIn CNA s world all The Prince rich people are by default super shallow Now poor Olanna had the misfortune of being born toich parents How do we fix that Olanna leaves her parent s house to live with her boyfriend does this count as a sacrifice and takes up a job Her parents still keep trying to shove fancy cars and bundles of cash down her throat She feebly A Bold Carnivore: An Alphabet of Predators resists but has to accept them anyway Very convenientOdenigbo theevolutionary His activism largely involves drinking with buddies in his living oom and abruptly shouting out some out of context political dialogue To hold up this forward and enlightened image of his he needs to keep breaking into such diatribes without any sense of place or time so I am driving my houseboy to see his sick mom I know exactly what the boy needs ight now my political Lifting rant YupUgwu So wait you mean my mom is not dying she is only terribly sick Hurray I can go back to fantasizing about Nnesinachi breastsRichard super lame white boy who hasead a Wikipedia article or some euivalent about one Nigerian art form and now that s the only thing he will ever talk about And hey he claims to have interest
in a local 
a local form What do you mean that s not sufficient to give him a non Mathruhridayam racist badgeand a couple of such posers In terms of writing CNA tries to be somewhat fancy and writer ly thus ending up writing in a style that doesn t come naturally to her You can see her trying a bit too hard Oneule of thumb she seems to follow is to attach an unrelated trivial sentence at the end of a paragraph Is that supposed to impart depth to the writingI know I haven t eached the meat of the novel yet There is a war on the horizon Typically one can expect to see a transformation in someone who has lived through a war Given what I have seen so far these characters may jump from one assigned characteristic to another if the author tells them to I don t expect to see any ealistic believable transitions I am just going to live without knowing who all make it through the war A few Months Ago I Read ago I A Life In School: What The Teacher Learned read Achebe s autobiography There Was a Country which depicted Nigeria s Biafran War 1967 1970 This book also deals with the events before and leading up to the war This book was marvelous The story just flows for the most part and the language used is so evocative I m sure people who have visited or lived in Africa will appreciate the descriptions of African life African mentality humour nature and so on I have to admit I much preferred the first half to the second half It was hard toead about the Biafran war The copy of the book I had actually showed pictures of children during the war who had suffered from kwashiorkor It was truly heartbreaking To think so many tribal wars occurred because of colonialists drawing arbitrary borders and also favouring one ethnic group over another similar to what happened in Burundi and RwandaThe stories of the five main characters Ugwu Olanna Richard Odenigbo and Kainene were also interesting though some parts were uite eminiscent of a Nollywood Nigerian movie industry movie affairs evil women desperation for babies meddling mothers etcSince a lot of people consider Africa on the whole to be a homogeneous country where everyone speaks African I m hoping books like this will help show people that that s not the case even a country like Nigeria has so many tribes and cultures One uote I eally liked was this The The House That Had Enough real tragedy of our postcolonial world is not that the majority of people had no say in whether or not they wanted this new worldather it is that the majority have not been given the tools to negotiate this new world A point to ponderAdichie is definitely a wonderful contemporary African writer probably one of the best I ve encountered in The Devil's Snake Curve: A Fan's Notes From Left Field recent years I meally excited to ead from Adichie She s so young and it s safe to suppose her writing will only get better. Tested as are their loyalties to one another Epic ambitious and triumphantly ealized Half of a Yellow Sun is a Pimpinella Meerprinzessin 1: Ankunft im Muschelschloss (German Edition) remarkable novel about moralesponsibility about the end of colonialism about ethnic allegiances about class and ace and the ways in which love can complicate them all Adichie brilliantly evokes the promise and the devastating disappointments that marked this time and place bringing us one of the most powerful dramatic and intensely emotional pictures of modern Africa that we have ever ha. Half of a Yellow SunShed looking soldiers above Women were aped Défendre Jacob regularly under all sorts of pretexts collusion wrong accent whatever handy excuse by soldiers from both sidesThis was Biafra where the people were starved into submission to bring them back into NigeriaOf course I knew about starving kids in Biafra Sure I did the same way I know about a lot of things superficial awareness of photographs and articles about something happening a long way away from me and mine I didn tead Darfur's Sorrow: A History of Destruction and Genocide reviews beforeeading this book but I liked Adichie s Americanah and was aware this was also about Nigeria and had won some prizes For the first third or so of the story I was a little impatient with the mix of family story and politics where characters seemed to suddenly go from local gossip about hairstyles etc to sudden heated conversations about government saying things like pan Africanism is fundamentally a European notion As the story moved on I also got a little confused by so many names beginning with O I expect that s just my unfamiliarity with the names as a non English speaker could have trouble with characters named Marianne Margaret and Marty So I did have to backtrack occasionally to Black Gold in North Dakota remember who was whoAdichie uses many Igbo words always in italics and sometimes translates phrases when she thinks it s necessary I d have liked a little glossary just because I enjoy languages but I eventuallyecognised some and got enough of the gist not to mindThere are 520 languages spoken in Nigeria Wikipedia footnoted eference and when people speak each other s language there may prejudice when an accent is noticed In the US a strong New York accent might sound foreign and suspect in the deep South In the UK a Cockney accent might be considered unsuitable in executive offices What a judgemental lot we areIllustration of main language groups of Nigeria from News of Nigeria The Igbo some say Ibo are the group our characters belong to They are interesting as are the family dynamics and the class structure of Nigeria with its very privileged and its dirt poor peasant servants Twin sisters Olanna and Kainene look and behave differently Olanna is our focus she whom a young servant boy newly arrived from his village describes with worshipful wonder she looked like she was not supposed to be walking and talking like everyone else she should be in a glass case like the one in Master s study where people could admire her curvy fleshy body where she would be preserved untainted There was something polished about her voice about her she was like the stone that lay ight below a gushing spring Nestle Toll House Recipe Collection rubbed smooth by years and years of sparkling water and looking at her was similar to finding that stone knowing that there were so few like it Olanna s partner is Odenigbo aevolutionary professor pro independence while sister Kainene works with their father negotiating lucrative possibly uestionable government contracts They are the privileged Kainene s partner is Richard a white Englishman interested in antiuities and art who would like to see euality in Nigeria but who is entranced by Kainene s powerful personalityThey epresent the fundamental difference between political ideologies Responding to Richard s suggestion that socialism could lead to economic justice Kainene declares Socialism would never work for the Igbo She held the brush suspended in mid air Ogbenyealu is a common name for girls and you know what it means Not to Be Married by a Poor Man To stamp that on a child at birth is capitalism at its best I wish I d had A Map To Refer To map to efer to I didn t know where places were when skirmishes escalated into war and there was a border as Biafra proclaimed itself a country with soldiers uniforms and flag as in the first uote Biafra was oughly the southeast corner of Nigeria Map of Nigeria 2015 flag as in the first
uote biafra was 
Biafra was the southeast corner of Nigeria Map of Nigeria 2015 and Biafra and inset with Africa From GeocurrentsTo give you some idea of the size of Nigeria compared to the US here s a map which also shows Americans what the different American accents might be in an area like thisMap of Nigeria superimposed over USA From waitbutwhycomAs I write in 2017 civil wars seem even of a threat as each cultural and language group strives for ecognition at least Not only those in Africa but the First Nations people of many countries are trying to salvage something from the Officer, Surgeon…Gentleman! ruins of colonialismThis was in important book when it was written and I think it s wortheading now to see what can happen when ideologies bump up against each other in your part of the world Something of a disappointmentIt is not often that a novel comes to hand that has been prized praised and pre inflated Half of a Yellow Sun was in that category when I opened it and began to Barefoot through Mauretania read And I was captivated immediately Iead the first hundred pages at a pace delighting in the ease with which the Chimanada Ngozi Adichie used language to draw me into the middle class cliue centred on the University of Nsukka which provides the core characters of her book Their infidelities their inconsistencies their desire despite the servants for euality and freedom are symptomatic of their time The dissimilar twin sisters Olanna and Kainene one imagines will provide a vehicle for parallel and different lives providing contrast and metaphor and I eagerly awaited their stories to unfoldThe book s sections alternate between the early and late 1960s the latter period in Nigeria of course being the Biafran War And yes the characters live through the war and their lives and their natures and along with them their country are transformed by it Perhaps even their own identity is Dude, You're a Fag: Masculinity and Sexuality in High School redrawn especially once the promise of aecognised nationality is promised and then denied Eventually there are vivid scenes of the war s brutality its double standards its compromises its cynicism its acism and its starvation The images are graphic and vivid unforgettable even and the ability of war to undermine utterly and profoundly any assumption that an individual might harbour about an imagined future is movingly portrayedSo why then was I so disappointed with the book All I can offer I m afraid is that eventually I found it shallow Its apparent concentration on the domestic lives of the characters undermined their credibility as members of an intellectual elite and endered them two or perhaps even one dimensional Chimanada Ngozi Adichie carefully tells us that Odenigbo is a mathematician and in love with his. He turbulence of the decade Thirteen year old Ugwu is employed as a houseboy for a university professor full of evolutionary zeal Olanna is the professor’s beautiful mistress who has abandoned her life of privilege in Lagos for a dusty university town and the charisma of her new lover And Richard is a shy young Englishman in thrall to Olanna’s twin sister an enigmatic figure who efuses to belong to anyone As Nigerian troops advance and the three must Colorblind run for their lives their ideals are severely.