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Pirate Princess was actually a very cute book that I enjoyed reading To My Children I my children I been called a critic when it comes to children stories and this is true because I mostly find them lacking however this one was very well written with wonderful illustrations to help fuel the imagination I would definitely read stories by Amy Potter if iven the chance especially because she left Pirate Princess in sort of a cliff hanger Lovely An exceptional book about irl power I loved this and so did my daughter I may invest in the series Cute story concept but poor writingMy daughter loves any sort of princess or unicorn story so we bought a few of this series They re cute for YOUNG KIDS BUT THE GRAMMAR ERRORS kids but the rammar errors rampant The author bio lists her as a teacher I find it disheartening that a teacher would present such shoddy work I m an author and would be horrified to submit work this Amy likes to be a princess but not only a princess She likes to be a different pr.

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Pirate PrincessE sea Huggy her magic unicorn comes to the rescue Amy continues her adventures to search for the Jungle ueen and clean up the seasThere are several separate plot lines The script has punctuation and editing mistakes and the voice switches from the first to the third person I believe the book a the voice switches from the first to the third person I believe the book is a book than a picture book for young readers who may find the length and complexity confusing This book is most appropriate for beginning readers who enjoy pirate stories The kids and I really enjoyed this which was uite unexpected for a free children s ebook The little overlords have now commanded me to et the next oneWell played Amy Potter On a serious note we loved the illustrations
and the pirate 
the pirate Beard Well done Cute Read this to my daughter before bed and was pleasantly surprised to enjoy the story myself I plan to buy the others as well My little child loved it. Ave a lot of fun A BOOK CREATED BY AMY POTTER TO FEED YOUR CHILDREN´S IMAGINATIO. ,
Lawed to a publisher I think this was self published The book has a fun concept a little irl pretending to be was self published The book has a fun concept a little 1,000 Awesome Writing Prompts girl pretending to be different princess each night I would strongly recommend the author seek an objective third party editor to help clean this book and re release a polished version Theranddaughters loved itWell done So much funMy 7 year old daughter loves this book She enjoys being a pirate princess It feels like it was written for her and her personality Amy is an imaginative young Girl Who Likes To who likes to princess She does not like to be stuck in one role so she chooses a different type of princess every night She possesses a strong will and lots of determination to succeed in her tasks As the story begins one night Amy has decided to be a pirate princessAs the story unfolds Amy helps fishermen in trouble confronts the evil pirate Pink Beard and finds herself thrown to the bottom of th. Incess each
night her magic 
Her magic Huggy brings her to dream worlds where they