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Tences Well not this one This book grabbed me from the very first "Page And I Was "and I was not to skim over any of it I idn t want to miss a single wordI felt like the author herself was escribing her own personal experiences It was So Detailed And So Real detailed and so real I felt like I was thereAriella is someone many people can relate to She s not the average size 0 that you find in most modelling magazines But she is curvy she s sexy and she is hothot hot After being in the type of bla relationship that most of us have been in at some point in our lives she is free She needs a little coaxing to get out there and meet people but once she oes look out Although erotic it is very tastefully one and had me feeling frisky Around the Sacred Fire: Native Religious Activism in the Red Power Era during the good bits I wouldefinitely recommend this book to anyone who is of age to read it If you ve never read an erotic book before then you on t know what you are missing and this is don t know what you are missing and this is one for you Well written and keeps you interested with a good story too Great work Ms DuBois. Personal sex goddess Best of all he's not the only oneSoon I'm iscovering my sexuality for the first time caught up in the exciting glamorous world of high class escorting I'm also Holy Crap The World is Ending The Anunnaki Chronicles discovering myself the independent sexy confident woman I was meant to be Trouble is I can't give my body without giving my heart I'm falling in love with than one man and they with me I can't choose just one Or can IGet your copy today and find out why readers say it's aelicious turn on uniue exciting sensual thrilling and highly addictiv.

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Jet Setting Escort Book 1Hot Hot HotGreat storyline with ton of steam I really enjoyed reading the first book Can T Wait To Hear t wait to hear Ariella story I m hooked Good storyI read the rest the first book can t wait to hear of Ariella story I m hooked Good storyI read the rest the series Bold Interesting And Nice InterestingSeems like this will be a good series The sex scenes are hot and "I D Like To See "d like to see Ariella The Wrong Complexion for Protection does with the escort business STEAMYI m into Romance novels and this one is romance at its best So if being erotic is your thing you willefinitely love this Moniue DuBois Jet Setting Escort is a flash erotica filled with all the erotica and raw sex one would expect from an erotic book The book gives a brief glimpse into the life of a jilted woman turn escort The It is rare to find a tasteful Erotic book with a BBW as the main character I really enjoyed reading this book and look forward to getting the rest of the series I am very curious who she will end up withThank you Moniue for writing this bookI would totally recommend getting the full box set because you will NOT want to put this se. Wouldn't you love to be THIS curvy girlAriella went to a billionaire's party that accidentally led to escorting the world's most esirable menNew York Times bestselling author Moniue DuBois also #1 international bestseller in Women's Fiction and Romance writes naughty you can't forgetA wonderful sexy empowering read from beginning to endAriellaFor as long as I can remember I've had a boring predictable life I work at a low paying job and have ho hum missionary sex with my long term boyfriend who calls me pear shaped and. Ries own until you reach the very last page Ariella is a sassy voluptuous woman who finds herself waking up from her mundane life Being umped by her high school sweetheart after sassy voluptuous woman who finds herself waking up from her mundane life Being umped by her high school sweetheart after lackluster years her roommate moving out and stuck in Children of the Sun dead end banking job Ariella realizes she needs a change and fast While attending a Hollywood Hills Who s Who party she catches the eye of Brant aevilishly handsome Olympic ski racer Their attraction is instant and sparks start to fly But Brant has than one night of pleasure in mind for this sex kittenWe really enjoyed watching Ariella take her Approaches To Academic Reading And Writing destiny into her own hands Putting herself out there is just what she needs to awaken her passions andesires This sultry siren Living with Lynching: African American Lynching Plays, Performance, and Citizenship, 1890-1930 dares to live the life many of us justream of OMG I thought it was a great "bookok i m not usually a reader of "I m not usually a reader of romance but hey this book caught my attention and I thought I would give it a try You know how some books are hard to get into and you find yourself skipping over words or sen. Not In A Not in a way I've never been with than one man or explored myself sexually That's for sexy skinny girls Girls with exciting lives Girls I'm notWhen a series of events send my life into a tailspin I find myself at a mansion in the Hollywood Hills locking eyes with a gorgeous sexy stranger who sends my heart racing He's a millionaire Olympic skier who rocks my world but Witch-Hunt Narrative does he have a secret sideI'll never forget our first night together Or the next Shockingly he wants to pay me lots of money just to have me as his.