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Pete her father who is a bookie working for Jimmy and asked her what was going on He couldn t tell her the truth Without her there s not much point to the moneyJesus new he loved Lily than she loved him He would follow her anywhere and He Just So Happens To just so happens to her into a world of hurtDisclaimer I received this book in exchange for an honest and unbiased reviewRight off the bat I loved the cover Simple and hot The title fits the story For a murder book the way it was written had me smiling through it the scene on the roof had me laughing It was a light and Enjoyable Mob Mystery I Thought mob mystery I thought writing flowed well and the characters were I m not sure if I liked any of them To me that means Chazz did his job well I look forward to reading about JesusBigger Than Jesus Robert Chazz Chute Jesus Diaz is an enforcer for the Machine He is tasked with ending Panama Bob Lima s life Jimmy Lima sent him Jimmy the underboss sent Jesus the little Cuban hitman and Big Denny to end Jimmy s stepbrother Bob s life cause Bob has been skimming from the take Jimmy and Bob are the underbosses Their dad Vincent who is in the hospital getting operated on for prostate cancer runs the Machine This may sound a little like the Sopranos and a little like Pulp Fiction but Jesus Diaz isn t any ordinary hitman This guy thinks of himself as a ninja and raps about Han Solo and the Matrix He has the funniest sense of humor for a dangerous guy Don t worry There s plenty of violence in this full on action story but the heart of this story is when the reader gets to climb inside Jesus s mind and. Fore the FBI has a chance Jesus is obsessed with movies and has a heartbreaking back story that screws up his romance with Lily Told in the second person present tense for a reas. .

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D it all 911 the World Trade Center attack Because he felt the need to make them pay he had joined the military to earn his citizenship ill Osama bin Laden collect the 10 million dollar reward and live happily ever after with Lily Until he was given a dishonorable discharge for clocking the sergeantNow he s waiting to take out Panama Bob for ripping off his own brother clocking the sergeantNow he s waiting to take out Panama Bob for ripping off his own brother Bob showed him a ey to a storage out Panama Bob for ripping off his own brother Panama Bob showed him a ey to a storage and said it held enough money to take care of Jesus forever He would give it to him if he would just let him go When Panama Bob made a move towards him they struggled and Jesus threw him off the roof He went back to Panama BOB S OFFICE AND BEGAN SEARCHING FOR THE NAME s office and began searching for the name the storage businessJimmy Panama Bob s brother was the one to put out the hit He was a hothead and had told Jesus to hit him at his office that he would be alone but he wasn t What if Jimmy was setting him up to be the fall guy Jimmy s father Vince could take exception to the hit The trick for Jesus would be eeping the ey to the storage locker for himselfHe created a ruse for Denny his friend and partner in the hit He had told him Barbara Jimmy s wife was cheating on him not nowing it was actually Denny that was having the affair with her He told Denny that the storage locker held the proof of the affair now Denny needed that proof It had backfired on Jesus and Denny ended up beating the crap out of himWhen Lily his lovely Lily sees him he concocts another lie telling her the Irish mob who were really cops were after him Now he s being uestioned by her because Jimmy had went to. H mob marriage to the lovely Lily Vasuez and enough money to get far away so he can finally live safely and free At every turn things go wrong Murphy's Law will get Jesus long be. This new thriller by the author of Self Help FOR STONERS IS A CRIME STORY WORTHY OF EL Stoners is a crime story worthy of El with a backstory that is shades of Thomas Harris An unusual mix El Leonard with a backstory that is shades of Thomas Harris An unusual mix some stock characters and a gangland scenario which is made fresh by great punchy dialogue and plot twists that Mindful Living with Aspergers Syndrome keep you moving from one calamity to the next with no time to catch your breathJesus pronounce it Hay soose Diaz is a Cuban refugeeorphantrainedillerex militarymob assassin who has been hired by his boss Jimmy Lima to ill his other boss Panama Bob aka Jimmy s brother But Bob offers to up the ante and turn the tables with some skimmed money he has stashed away Jesus instantly sees this As A Way To Fly Away South a way to fly away south Lily the love of his life and get out of the assassin trade for goodTurning the tables on Bob the table turner Jesus figures he ll ill him anyway and pocket the skim without Jimmy ever finding out But Jesus s partner Big Denny de Molina stands suarely in the way of this goal Will he have to ill his best friend to finally get out for good All in all a real page turner with lots of likeable unlikeable characters who don t trust each other one bit always with good reason Oh wow What can I say Mr Chute pulled me in with his POV and ept the twists coming through the whole book I found the ending to be delightful and perfect With comedy throughout and a wonderful cast of characters Bigger Than Jesus pulled me right in and wouldn t let me go I highly recommend that you devour this book It shines 4 Jesus a hit man for the Machine found himself on the roof remembering what starte. The first in The Hit Man Series Bigger Than Jesus is crime thriller about a clever funny Cuban hit man Jesus Salvador Diaz Jesus craves three things escape from New York's Spanis. Bigger Than Jesus Hit Man #1