EBOOK (The Stoning of Soraya M.: A True Story) Û Freidoune Sahebjam

Various motivations perspectives the background and he let s the reader decide i haven t finished the reader decide I haven t finished but I can already say that this is an excellent book reader decide I haven t finished yet but I can already say that this is an excellent book look forward to the filmthough I know it will be tough to watch A shocking and horrific true story I have no words to describe my feelings after reading this book I undoubtedly will not sleep well tonight Let me begin by offering a uotation from the prefaceAfter the shah was deposed and the fundamentalist regime headed by the Ayatollah Khomeini came to power in February 1979 many dubious elements of the population including common law criminals who had been jailed for ood reason under the shah were released from the country s prisons Taking advantag An illustration of life in the Middle East and one woman s jou. Of abuse and hardship Soraya said nothing and the makeshift tribunal took her silence as a confession of uilt They sentenced her to death by stoning a punishment prohibited by Islam but widely practiced Day by day sometimes minute by minute Sahebjam deftly recounts these horrendous events tracing Soraya's Life With Searing Immediacy life with searing immediacy her This started off slow It felt distant and too journalistic I didn t pick up this book for a journalistic account I didn t want information You can et information through research on the subject I wanted information AND emotion AND understanding I wanted the answer to the uestion of Why why why Nevertheless as I read onoh the momentum It built slowly and then faster and faster By the end it was as if it were a run away truck I ve only Catholics, Anglicans, and Puritans got a few pages left because I had to stop To breath It s a VERY disturbing read Very real Very very close It s actually full of emotion and you doain a clear understanding of how a small village of people could become a crazed mob that would stone a harmless Silent Woman To DeathSahebjam Gives You Everything woman to deathSahebjam ives you everything facts the emotion the. Soraya M's husband Ghorban Ali couldn't afford to marry another woman Rather than returning Soraya's dowry as custom reuired before taking a second wife he plotted with four friends and a counterfeit mullah to dispose of her Together they accused Soraya of adultery Her only crime was cooking for a friend's widowed husband Exhausted by a lifetime. ,

Rney from valued wife A Fallen Woman Did fallen woman How did happen Three Men Made It Happen Soraya was a devoted housemaker and loving mother despite knowledge of her husband falling out of love with her knowledge of her husband being unfaithful to her But that s just fine said sarcastically Men can do whatever they please A woman If she makes the same indiscretion her life would endSoraya begins to detach from her husband because of this and he ets furious at her audaciousness and rebellious streak Hatching a plan with two of the neighboring villagers Soraya finds herself in a the middle of a nightmare To her detriment She is accused of cheating on her husband Her real crime you might wonder view spoiler She has been cooking for a widower who just lost his wife hide spoiler. Rranged marriage and the births of her nine children to her husband's increasing cruelty and her horrifying execution where by tradition her father husband And Sons Hurled The First Stones This Is One Woman's sons hurled the first stones This is one woman's but it stands for the stories of thousands of women who suffered and continue to suffer the same fate It is a story that must be tol. The Stoning of Soraya M.: A True Story