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Inima BoieroaiceiD the obvious moral dilemmas triggered by such events By the same token Monumental Historical Events During historical events during Second World War are mentioned along the main narrative but treated as footnotes to the story which again distorts somewhat the balance of thingsThat being said the smooth flow of the text and the simple story line are satisfying in themselves in this story My impression is that a longer Love Letters piece might do justice to the eventsresented here and it would allow the reader a better grasp of times long gone I got hooked by the title It s a beautiful title The Baroness s Heart It was a short story and I said to give it a try I expected a story about the love a baroness have for some nobleman It was so much The story is very intense and the author has the talent of transmitting the intense feelings of the characters simply by their actions The sentiments described are raw and Eat to Beat Illness pure It s not an easy readI had to spend hours later and search information about Romania the war and about Bucharest The Little Paris It is amazing how much hist. Y the way war affectseople and become a art of a love

"Story There Is War "
There is war structures that disappear and there are eople who lived in those timesOf these eople some have followed their dreams by building a life just as they wanted it ignoring history.

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Mparison is between a big cup of american coffee topped with an italian espresso at the end for effect And it works I was debating about if I liked it while I was thinking about the book for days after reading it lol Conclusion the book stays with you And for it being such a short book it definitely does a number on you Read it and you ll get what I Definitely a must read Although this is a short 27 ages long it is ambitious in its breadth as it spans a few generations and makes reference to significant historical events It reads like a tale told by a gifted storyteller The narrative centers on PETER WHOSE TRADE AMONG OTHERS IS IN HORSE STEALING whose trade among others is in horse stealing learn that Peter steals a horse from a couple generically named baron and baroness and then in a second act he steals the baroness s heart ie her beautiful daughter Safta Although these are morally objectionably events they are treated somewhat simplistically as a given in this story My two cents is that a lot of complexity and character could have been added if the author addresse. S from the oor girl who dreamed of the city lights and tumultuous urban life a young lady living the dream Destiny makes her fall in love with Peter give up the life offered by her adoptive arents and follow a man until the end of her lifeYou live differentl. Grigoras writes about his grandparents in this story of sacrifice and loveWritten after hearing of his grandparents life together Grigoras shares how they met and about their life and loveWritten after hearing of his grandparents life together Grigoras shares how they met and about their life This is a short story with ictures of the couple flanking the front and back of the book The writing is somewhat oetic and the writer does a good job at that but I think it could have been much Poignant To Write It In write it in of a cryptic manner However finding out that it true did make this a better story for meI d recommend it I have mixed feelings about this book It is very intense story You get ulled into the characters motion through time and space and you feel the urge to follow them anywhereWhat scares me is the absence of moral values or immoral values as a matter of fact Petre and Safta the main characters act as driven by an inner drive of going The Ulfric's Mate places or doing things without any need to justify their actions to anybody Not even to themselvesIt s just a short novel but it has two stories in it Two stories of two generations The closest co. The Baroness's Heart is based on the or less true life story of the author's grandparentsThe baronseople with material wealth but with impoverished soul by the baroness being unable to have children adopt SaftaThroughout the story Safta grow up and transform. ,