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Eaves her home for this adventure It is ntertaining in an Agatha Raisin sort of way Man I loathe Agatha Raisen Does she have ANY redeeming ualities to make one like her at all No Are these mysteries detailed and interesting nough to continue reading them although one despises the main characters NoRead Laurie R King instead Or Ngaio Marsh or Ms Sayers or ANYONE If you have to have Beaton s popcorn for the soul then read the Hamish Macbeth series instead At last there the characters aren t terribly stupid and annoying and self centered Or not as much as Agatha is If you don t love the detective and the writing s not spectacular what is tehre left to read I found myself thoroughly njoying and devouring this 10th installment of the Agatha Raisin series Another book where Agatha is not in Carsley this time opting for a cottage in norfolk to get for a cottage in Norfolk to get from James Lacey her neighbour in Carsley who Agatha has become a tad obsessed with over the course of the series Therefore some of our usual friends are a rather absent in this book however that didn t spoil my njoyment as there were plenty of strange characters in Fryfam for Agatha to investigate and in this she is joined by her irrepressible friend Sir Charles Fraith Another fun and Guitar Makers: The Endurance of Artisanal Values in North America enjoyable installment which right at thend left me wanting to reach for the next one right away which I do have but I will resist for a little while at least Fair warning there are going to be a lot of spoilers in this review Please don t read it unless you want to ruin your reading xperienceI began this book with high hopes In the previous installment in this series Agatha Raisin has been making steady progress at moving past her obsession with James Lacey and is really coming into her own as a mature woman Of course like all of us Aggie still has her insecurities which make her a normal person However she is working on moving on with her life and is growing as a characterIn uAgatha Raisin and the Fairies of Fryfamu Agatha decides to take a trip to Norfolk where she is destined to meet her one

True Love As Per The 
love as per the of the Witch of Wyckhadden Picking a place at random in Norfolk Agatha lands up in the strange village of Fryfam There she meets a whole new cast of characters ranging from the gnarled and crabby Mrs Jackson to the smooth and always well put together Rosie Wilden More than that Agatha discovers that there may be. Go missing from people's homes and odd little lights are seen dancing in the villagers' gardens and yards Stories soon begin circulating about the presence of fairiesBut when a prominent village resident is found murdered and some suspicion falls. As I finished this last Agatha Raisin book in my collection I cannot but sigh in relief as I would no longer
Be Harried In One Of 
harried in one of s finest xamples of codswallop With a central character who hovers on the borders of constant self pitying neurosis and bullying she is laughingly supported by a dolt of a character Col Lacey Ohh and did you know that until and unless a successful woman like Raisin hasn t met the chap of her life she hasn t done anything yet and will remain the witch of the concrete forest Double sighMy Rating 05 Bored and a bit desperate Agatha follows the advice of a fortune teller sticks and pin in a map and leaves to find her destiny Instead in the not so uaint village of Fryfam she finds murder She had hoped to find something or someone to keep her mind off James so she was happy to see Charles when he showed up The two of them set out to solve the murder because Charles sees it as a bit of a lark I love this series because it is good In this book Agatha again leaves Carsley and rents a cottage in Fryfam Of Course She Of course she herself in the middle of the action again and finally a murder happens Agatha just like Hard Bread (Phoenix Poets (Paper)) every time sets out to solve the murderWhat I liked most about this book a point that makes it slightly better than it s forerunners is that James didn t play a big role and Agatha spent her time mostly with Charles whom I like so much And there was a little fairy mystery that I uitenjoyed The nd which I will not spoiler here really makes me want to read the next book ven though I think I ALREADY KNOW WHAT WILL HAPPEN AFTER THIS TWISTI THOROUGHLY know what will happen after this twistI thoroughly the book and think that it is one of the better ones of the series Oh Aggie Love her and all her brashness She never just let s things go She keeps digging until it blows up in her face Everyone looks past the fairies but not our Agatha She wants answers Murders thefts flirting husbands Answers or lse If only she would tackle her romantic relationships with the same logical thinking she tackles the mysteries around her I ve had this short book on my to read list for several years and I m glad I finally got to it Remember 3 stars means I liked it the Agatha books are always asy comfort reads for me Another light Agatha to get me through a day of cooking This was a second or third read Poor Agatha still longs for James while Charles is the one who is loyal to her Agatha When a fortune teller from a previous case informs Agatha Raisin that her destiny and true love lies in Norfolk she promptly rents a cottage in the uaint village of Fryfam No sooner does she arrive than strange things start happening Random objects.

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Fairies living in the village fairies THAT SEEM TO STEAL SMALL EVERYDAY seem to steal small veryday whenever they appear Soon an invaluable Stubbs painting is stolen and after that Tolly Trumpington James is found murdered in his manorAgatha Unable To Decide Whether To to decide whether to in Fryfam or return to Carsely chooses to stay and try to see what she can discover of the thefts and murder Sir Charles Fraith joins her and they soon nd up head over heels in alibis and a convoluted and seemingly untraceable mysteryLet the spoilers beginAs I have previously stated I like Sir Charles Fraith as Agatha s loversidekickpartner much than James Lacy who I find to be a condescending jerk of a person Sir Charles may have amoral tendencies and likes to njoy himself sexually but he Is A Funny Lighthearted Person And Is a funny lighthearted person and is perfect foil for Agatha s vibrant personality I very much njoyed his role in the storyHowever at the Foundations of Tropical Forest Biology: Classic Papers with Commentaries end of the story Agatha returns to Carsely to find that James Lacy has returned Not only has he returned to Carsely but he is also romantically linked to Melissa Sheppard a new village resident Agatha finds herself torn but with her newfound dignity refuses to make first contact with James I can t tell you how much I loved seeing Agatha s struggle and then witness her making a choice that is completely in tune with her new mature personalityThen horror of all horrors Ms Beaton has James show up at Agatha s front door After coming in and hearing about Agatha s newest adventure James proposes marriage to Agatha And what does Agatha do She accepts his proposalWhat in the world I don t understand I am so irritated by this plot twist and it makes so LITTLE sense in the grand scheme of things that it makes me want to give up on thentire series Why OH WHY in the world did you do that Ms ChesneyHaven t we seen Agatha suffer nough and learn about her loneliness and work hard to make new friends and grow as a person to be rewarded with a LITTLE BIT of happiness for herSighI don t ven know what to think any I was really happy with the direction the stories were taking Agatha was becoming herself and learning about who she is as a character The stories were volving the characters were changing the world was gaining depth And then this disasterI am very very disappointedSo now I m going to read the next book in the series to see if I should continue reading the rest of the series or notWish me luc. On her and her friend Sir Charles Fraith Agatha decides she's had nough of this fairy nonsense and steps up her sleuthing for a human killerThe prickly yet ndearing Agatha will have fans dangling in suspense Will she catch her crook and a husband. ,
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