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Il but never meandersYou let me now that I wasn t the only one who grew up with that creepy Bloody Mary in the mirror urban legend that terrified me all through my childhood but especially during power outages You made me laugh hard enough to have to apologize to the neighbors with the You re under ARREST And on FIRE pageAnd after your funny thoughtful glued me to my seat telling of a story I could relate to in so many ways you made me tear up and cheer out loud on what I thought was the last page of many ways you made me tear up and cheer out loud on what I thought was the last page of story you made me tear up and cheer out loud on what I thought was the last page of that story then crack up and cheer out loud on the last page of a wonderfully unexpected epilogueTwo YES moments in two pagesFive starsAll my love and please write another book soon Find all of my reviews at I was going to say my apologies for this being long and rambly but I m fairly certain 999999% of my reviews have become long and rambly so I m no longer apologizing Strange little story Tomboy popped up on my library recommendations as an option when I had to go on the waiting list for Gracefully Grayson Why the library would recommend a book to me that had an even longer waiting list than the one I originally intended to reuest is beyond me But anywho I m a sucker and put a hold on both books Then I poked around Goodreads and found my friend Erica had already read and enjoyed this story and wrote an actual review very unlike the lack of substance and abundance of imagery you are soon to see in this review space Weird thing is Goodreads did the you might like this thing to Erica too Those evil librarians they conspire against us EVERYWHERE BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA I eeeeeeed Erica please don t hurt meSo long story even longer my turn finally came around and I picked up Tomboy with little to no expectations regarding whether I would enjoy it or not Imagine my surprise when I absolutely LOVED it Tomboy A Graphic Memoir is just what claims it to be This is the story of Liz Prince s childhood as a tomboy Liz isn t gay she isn t trans she just doesn t like wearing dresses and when you re a id that is something that can get you bullied Kids are assholesLiz s story tells about how she dealt with bullies Hanegotiated the shark infested waters of puberty changing friendships and first crushes Wayne s World reference CLASSIC and eventually found a great group of people who accepted her for who she was The story also includes some pretty awesome information regarding how much girls ick ass and to make sure to never sell yourself short I loved this book Almost as much as I love the fact that Liz Prince has written all about me for the Adventure Time comic book Seriously who doesn t love Adventure Time BWAHAHAHAHAHAThe only downfall is I want every child in the universe to own this book but it contains some F bombs that not all parents will be comfortable letting their tweenage child see If you don t mind a dropped bomb or three I highly recommend it for ids be they the bully the bullied or the bystander Even if you don t want your The Cake House kids to read it you parents should read this one too and get a little refresher course about accepting your child for whoever and whatever they want to be When you give yourid a little leeway when it comes to choosing hisher own path you end up with an awesome result Like a id who can drink his Saturday morning chocolate milk out of an Iron Man goblet while rocking a Planet Comicon t shirt And participate in the Little League World Series Homerun Derby later that afternoon That s just super man See what I did there So clever sometimesOh and one Note To All You to all you It doesn t hurt to let your own freak flag fly every once in a while too Lead by example and encourage your id to take the road less traveled This may be a graphic novel but it is also one of the most honest refreshing detailed and touching memoirs I have ever read I have one slight complaint and it isn t really a complaint of a little suggestion as to how this could have been better if a couple of the f bombs had been removed and this became a book we could give to younger ids Because damn in a world of pin. An easy place to be Tomboy follows award winning author and artist Liz Prince through her early years and explores with humor honesty and poignancy what it means to be a gi. .
Eing less traditionally feminine just as Liz felt pushed towards being I don t expect every book to be I was at a party this weekend where one of the attendees was talking about this book He said his 10 year old daughter had just read it twice in 24 hours She told him This book is about me dadI can t wait to read it Read it loved itGive it to ids who are into Raina Telgemeier Roller Girl Jimmy Gownley and El Deafo and are ready for mature themes and content You now how Victoria Jamieson shows her character working through identity and relationship issues here prince goes there there relationship issues Here Prince GOES THERE There drawings of boobs in this book in the context of Liz going to sex ed She talks explicitly about embracing herself as she is a straight ciswoman who doesn t do femme She talks about navigating the drama of secondary education in that identityPart of me feels like this woul 72117 Reread for my summer YA Graphic Novels class with a focus on girls and women a memoir for tomboys of all ages and those that make fun of them too I guess I liked it even this time around 101714 Liz Prince writes this memoir from her younger self s point of view with her Jeffery Brownish artwork to match which I like so much I m here to tell ya that this book is really good and useful in the world to all those who have issues with their bodies their gender identities who maybe don t feel entirely comfortable being the gender they were born into or a range of related issues covered by this concept of Tomboy So this book is both funny self deprecating and painful re all the bullying and through it we get to like and understand Liz in all her honesty as we see her struggles as important and something lots of people probably go through She draws in such a way to simply and uietly draw us in to the story The point is that the style makes her and her story relatable and though this book seems to be mainly addressed

girls women who went through journeys also will appreciate it Great discussion starter It s in part about finding the right clothes for you and crushes and being mistaken for the opposite gender just because of the way you look and sometimes taking that for a complimentThis is a book that is making a difference in the lives of a lot of girls My sister was a tomboy and so was my wife my neighbor and so on This story can help those who are not tomboys understand the way tomboys might feel Hello I m an fairly biased reviewer because I wrote this book but I figured I d throw my 2 cents in anyhowI learned a lot from writing this memoir which is my first full length narrative graphic novel It was a challenge to write a book that spans the first 18 years of my life in a way that is succinct engaging and entertaining without being overly redundant or narcissistic I reserved my narcissism for the glowing review I m giving myself here Most importantly though it was challenging and important to write a book that has such a personal message one that so many people of many ages and genders and sexual orientation have written to me about since this book came out I feel really inspired by all of the stories that readers have told me about the Tomboys they now in their lives or the ways in which they ve felt like outsiders or the ways in which they ve never personally dealt with bullying but really appreciated the way that I spoke about it I ve been able to communicate an idea that is really CLOSE TO MY HEART AND I HAVE HAD IT to my heart and I have had it so well recievedWhen I started writing this book I was afraid that it wouldn t say the things I wanted to say or that nobody would relate to it or that it just wasn t worth writing but I proved myself wrong and that in and of itself deserves 5 stars The short reviewAWWW YEAH WOOHOO SRSLY I HAZ A HAPPINESSSlightly detailHow do I love thee Liz Prince Let me count the waysYour drawing is deeply appealing the ind of deceptively casual looking art that clearly takes a lot of thoughtYour writing flows with seemingly effortless easeYour dialogue is utterly authenticYour story includes all inds of wonderful deta. Either She was somewhere in between But with the forces of middle school high school parents friendship and romance pulling her this way and that the middle wasn't exactly. .
I read TOMBOY and adored it It s a very smart and immediate portrait of adolescence a book I wish I had had when I was 14 My first graphic novel While I can t say this is the form I like to read in it was a compelling look at gender It has to take a lot of talent to write a memoir in such a way In fact this could have been my memoir as I related to it so much Liz Prince while born a girl does not fit into the typical girl stereotypes Liz is a tomboy who s first memory is that of hating dress I feel like this book waited a little too long to introduce the pointmoral because for the entire book Liz has really unhealthy thoughts and she discusses her hatred of women uite often but never actually addresses that those thoughts were unhealthy until the last pages of the book But overall I really really enjoyed this I thought the narrative was funny and Liz s story is really worth getting to now and the overall theme of accepting yourself your gender is really great UghLook I feel for Liz Prince Nobody should be bullied and they especially shouldn t be bullied for the fact that they don t conform to society s expectations of what a man or woman should be But the message in this book feels shallow to me there s 237 pages about how being traditionally feminine sucks and then about three pages where she realizes wait maybe there are lots of ways to be a girl and my way is completely valid and then it winds down into a happily ever afterThere s never a moment where she considers that maybe the real problem isn t that being a tomboy is hard it s that being a girl is hard She never shows much empathy for girls who aren t like her which is ind of ironic when this book appears to be a plea for understanding To the contrary she really shits on the traditionally feminine girls around her I really don t now how else to describe scenes like the one where she imagines going back in time and accosting a child half her age for failing to meet her own Standards For Being A Tomboy Turnabout is not fair play with a subject like this validating different ways of being female shouldn t be a zero sum gameAnd there s never a point where she realizes that maybe the problem with being constantly mistaken for a lesbian isn t that it s inherently embarrassing or unpleasant to be a lesbian but that society s homophobia makes people use lesbian as an insult It s notable that her less negative references to homosexuality are all related to gay men somehow There s a panel pretty early on in which
the ids on the playground obsessed with the opposite sex and it includes a boy saying girls and thinking boys and there s a moment late in the book where Liz and a male friend and there s a moment late in the book where Liz and a male friend maybe mistaken for a gay male couple and she thinks that it s homophobic There are no similar instances involving lesbians or bisexual women being a woman attracted to other women is only ever depicted as the basis for an insult Being a butch lesbian is a stereotype to be plagued by not a valid identity other women hold as strongly as Liz does her tomboy natureIn the interest of fair reporting here s my bias I ve never been a tomboy In fact I m writing this review while wearing a bright pink dress I was the The Missing World kind ofid Liz Prince would have thought of as a fake tomboy while I loved Hot Wheels and tee ball I also loved dresses and nail polish and sewing and pretending to be a fairy in my backyard The really illuminating story from my childhood is the fact that I asked for an ironing board for my birthday when I was two I ve always been a Sansa at heart never an Arya even if I dressed a lot like Liz during the 90s And like Liz figuring out what ind of girl I wanted to be was hard but it was hard from the opposite end For instance it took until very recently for me to let myself really learn to experiment with makeup while I ve always loved the idea of it it took until I was almost twenty eight to truly let myself have it for myself without worrying what other people might think if they saw me with colour on my eyes or lips I felt pushed towards Growing up Liz Prince wasn't a girly girl dressing in pink tutus or playing pretty princess like the other girls in her neighborhood But she wasn't exactly one of the guys. ,

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