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A Singular ManAl impressionistic sentence fragments of a truly niue writer I wonder what a younger reader can make of Donleavy To me his novels would be easily made into movies perhaps even an HBO series or mini series But I fear that my love of his work is just because I happened Banana Fish, Tome 14 : upon it in my solitary early years where stereotypical adolescent poetic angst hadnnaturally elongated into my 20s and even 30s I suppose you re either love him or hate him I enjoy all his books but try The Unexpurgated Code and Schultz first you ll know soon whether you want to immerse yourself further Donleavy s great accomplishment in his second novel is to make the reader sympathise with one of the And IT IS SYMPATHY RATHER ENVY is sympathy rather than envy wants a piece of George Smith and while he may have cash than the average Donleavy lead as well as. Trying arouse his carnal interest; and his secretary the blond Miss Tomson will barely give him the time of day Making matters even worse are the threatening letters 'Dear Sir Only for the moment are we saying nothin. Havent had so much sex in a book in a while Very comforting book relaxing A kinda of enjoy the "Ride Book George Smith Is Dealing With An Empty Life "book George Smith is dealing with an empty life trying to chase his dream girl Building a memorial grave site for himself and having to deal with the press and a mysterious persona threatening him The book really invest you in George and these wacky side characters but the ending really made it all worth it On a recent rare late winter evening sitting in my firelit cavernous library a brace of Borzois at my feet #MY FINGERS PLAYING OVER THE LEATHER # fingers playing over the leather of my choice library I happened pon the 24 inches or so of Donleavy s works that I so cherish At random I drew down this novel not having read it for lo these many decades And what a delight it is again to once again immerse myself in the wistful once again immerse myself in the wistful What will happen to George Smith Mysteriously rich and desperately lonely George appears to be nder attack from all arters his former wife and four horrible children are suing to get his money; his dipsomaniacal housekeeper is. ,

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The sual The Volleyball Coaching Bible - Volume II (The Volleyball Coaching Bible, uota of impossible yearning he seems lacking in some crucialality call it gumption Thus rendered something of an eternal victim without the lunatic vigour of a Schultz whereby to convert pward from passivity to heroism For all his shagging and dubious dealings I imagine there were saints much like him in spirit A sopho novel of absurdities and crudities a plotless rambling were saints much like him in Spirit A Sopho Novel A sopho novel absurdities and crudities a plotless rambling in the realm of a loathsome rich philanderer named George Smith Donleavy s narrative techniue of mashing staccato third person omniscient with internal monologue creates waves of bristling and vital prose and thickets of nonsensical and irritating nonspecificness The humour is strained and wackier than The Ginger Man a choice that ltimately makes this novel a chore to complete as pleasurable are its first coupla hundred pp. G Yours etc Present Associates'Despite such precautions as a two inch thick surgical steel door and a bulletproof limousine Smith remains worried So he The Very First Christmas Stocking the Gifts of the 7 Coins undertakes to build a giant mausoleum complete with plumbing in which to live.