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Cooking for Company: All the Recipes You Need for Simple, Elegant Entertaining at Home jMe from his routine with Hot Pockets and there is mention of them in this book But that part was the most boring thing in the book so I admit to skimming there I m not even brave enough to eat those suckers So ain t nobody got time for that He also is not a big fan of sea bugs seafood so if you love the stuffust get prepared to maybe not love it so much after reading this book The book is fun though He takes you to some of his favorite burger places places to get BB talks about grits in the south describes the eating experiences of American holidaysI loved it So ust embrace your eating At least as long as it takes to power through this book Because you gonna be hungry Not for kale either Booksource I received a copy of this book from blogging for books in exchange for review I got interested in this book through a twisty little road First Jeff s review of this book started itthen I went and saw Kelly s review of this bookand she had food porn postedwith cake So I knew I had to read thisBut I ve always featured those two farters on this so I m featuring Licha s review because she is awesome Go show her some loveand eat some bacon and donuts The Hook I love food but food or actually the calories don t necessarily love me The Line Triscuits are ust shredded wheat in cracker formThe Sinker My GR friend Elyse recommended this book Ha she s the one who complained today that I m adding books to her TBR pile Doesn t she know that books to lovers of reading are worse than potato chips Some readers have watched Jim Gaffigan perform stand up comedy and were disappointed that some of the material in Food A Love Story is covered in his shows Others who are familiar with his routine were easily able to enjoy the old and the new I didn t know Jim from Adam so all the monologues were new to me What I wondered was whether I would be able to listen to six discs of Jim talking about food No problem Even with a few repetitive segments I found myself My Wifes Affair just enjoying my daily walk with Jim You know immediately tha Thank you Mr Gaffigan for my first book of 2016 and a good way to startIn spring of 2000 I went to The Late Show with David Letterman the guests were Jackie Chan and up and coming and little known comedian Jim Gaffigan I am excited that years later I can say that I was there to see someone before they were big and have the opportunity to name drop in a Goodreads reviewI enjoyed Gaffigan s cynical and humorous approach to foods of every kind While I didn t always agree with his sentiment I love shellfish I knew exactly what he was getting at and realized I had thought the same thing myself from time to time Also his poking fun of something followed by praise often made me wonder if he loved it or hated itAnother thing I like was that the humor was clean Not that I mind cuss words but it seems like lately when I try and watch a stand up comedian they use foul language as a crutch and the material doesn t end up being very funny Food lovers of the world unite and read Food A Love Story between bites of your burritoNote I listened to this book and at one point I did pull over and buy a burger because Gaffigan made me want one SO BADLY Maybe all Americans shouldust eat starving people from other nationsmaybe it s ust me but I was dying laughing silly when Jim Gaffigan spit out the sentenceI had another thought perhaps the hungry People Should Eat The should eat the Americans Go ahead Spank me I ve a sick sense of humor but I was very entertained during my walks with this book WAY TOO FUNNYAudiobookHILARIOUS Crab oysters lobster anchovies and octopus are nothing but sea buggers swimming at the bottom of the ocean which can ust stay there as far as Jim Gaffigan is concernand you know forgive me but I agree with him I m not a fan of ANY SHELLFISHI don t like it and it doesn t like me Shellfish and are not friends so everything Jim was preaching about Shellfish was a feeling like coming home GOGOJimJim says he s an eatie not a foodie I can somewhat relate I know I m not a foodie I could care less about the gourmet foods That Many Of My many of my so enjoyI rather eat something near my own town if not in my own kitchen than spend my time traveling afar ust to eat the best whatever ever Where I don t relate is that everything tastes better with cheese and I don t like gravy I m not a fast food eater nor do I care much for fancy cuisineSo I m sorta a plain Jane boring eater who likes

food the way Mother Nature its No matter if you are a veggie boy or girl a proud unk food eatiefollow a paleo dieteat food at all enjoy laughing want to know learn where to get a great BB meal in Kansas with 5 kids local gas stationand other around the country food tidbits of interesting information Then READ THIS BOOK FOR PURE FUNNY BONE laughsBetter yetlisten to the audiobook Jim not slim Jim Gaffigan is a lovable guy too I was ugly laughingI relate so deeply that it feels like he is watching me through my windows Mind you I m not criticizing the biscuits and gravy or the chicken and waffles I find them delightful I m ust saying if I lived down there I would be dead p48I remember when I was ten years old looking around at my small Indiana town that didn t even have a McDonald s and thinking I M NOT SUPPOSED TO BE HERE THERE S BEEN SOME MISTAKE p 53They are heroes really Or drug dealers Either way they are allowed to be erks Thank you arrogant view spoiler coffee shop employee hide spoiler. F his thoughts on all things culinaryish Insights such as why he believes coconut water was invented to get people to stop drinking coconut water why pretzel bread is #3 on his most important inventions of humankind behind the wheel and the computer and the answer to the age old uestion “which animal is delicious the pig the cow or the bacon cheeseburger?. Ng a da happy While we re talking about Chili Mac let me take an aside to address the good folks at Pinterest STOP trying to say you have a recipe for this concoction You don t As someone who lived in a town without a Steak N Shake for years I can tell you I ve attempted to recreate this magic again and again It simply can t be doneAs the title states this is Jim Gaffigan s ode to food It s about the foods he loves the foods he hates and of course Hot Pockets While I m not sure I d recommend reading it from start to finish without taking a breather like I did I can say every chapter made me smile and several drew some big hardy har hars Gaffigan is funny and once I saw he claimed Oklahoma Joe s to be Kansas City s 1 BB spot I was a firm believer that he really knows his shit when it comes to porking out That s Oklahoma Joe s Yep it s a gas station that also happens to sell the best barbecue in a city KNOWN for barbecue ointsIf you re contemplating when you re going to go grab your next kale burger this is probably not the book for you but if you like to laugh almost as much as you like to eat then you should definitely check it out I feel like I would be a failure as a plump reviewer if I didn t include some recommendations of my own so here goes if you re on a diet you best ust back away from the computer now I m going to skip the obvious like if you re ever in Chicago you should go to Gino s East because duh if you re ever in Chicago you should go to Gino s East Instead I m going to focus on the place I grew up and the place I live now I ll begin with my hometown of Galesburg Illinois If you ever find yourself stuck in flyover country you probably won t be surprised to know that the corn fed members of the US population eat pretty tasty stuff in order to maintain their physiues No trip to Galesburg should EVER happen without a stop at Dixon s Coney Island They ve been in business since Jesus was a toddler and serve up the most delicious greasy coney dog you ll ever shove in your face This sounds grotesue but order at least 4 preferably 6 It ll ust save you a walk of shame back up to the counter begging for Happy Joe s now spans a few states in the Midwest rather than only Illinois and their taco pizza is something that s been raved about for years but I m telling you to skip the taco pizza and get the BLT instead Yes mayo on a pizza No additional charge for the heart attackSometimes you don t mess with perfection The best cake in the universe comes from no other place than Costco It only costs like 15 and it is to die for Literally If you eat than one piece there s a 98% chance you ll get diabetesIf you want to eat a sea scorpion order it from Legal Seafoods It comes covered in seaweed and is alive and kicking until you put it in the pot of death Can you hear the lobsters screaming Clarice Same goes for donuts The best donuts hands down are made at Voodoo Doughnut in Portland Pay the billion dollars and have a box shipped to you It s worth it Make sure you the billion dollars and have a box shipped to you It s worth it Make sure you a maple bacon insert Homer Simpson drool noise However if you are in Kansas City and want to experience something other than the deliciousness that is Dunkin you should seek out the Donut King Not only do they have every type of donut your heart desires they cook them fresh 24 hours a day You re probably asking yourself why is this dumb broad including a picture of her house Well smartypants it s not my house This is a pretty well known establishment called Stroud s It s been featured on about every eating across America type of program on the Food Channel and for good reason Dinner is served family style with heaping bowls of green beans potatoes and gravy cinnamon rolls and of course chicken I don t eat meat with bones in it that s what she said rimshot so I always opt it that s what she said rimshot so I always opt the chicken fried steak Trust me when I say it s worth the clogged arties While you re there you can also get a super appropriate T shirt to wear to your next parentteacher conference Last but not least if you re ever in KC you should take a stroll down 39th Street This is where the hipsters live but don t let that detract from your enjoyment Regular weirdos like me have lived there too The best place to eat is Fric Frac If you re lucky the wicked hot bartender will be working but even if he s not the food is killer What do I recommend Why the Kelly of course ARC provided by Blogging for Books in exchange for an honest review I think I found my long lost brother Yes JimI doA book on totally embracing all your food sins Sign me up I try and eat healthyAvoid McDonald s Not eat Bacon for everymeal Notice how Bacon gets capitilized it should always eat some veggiesand fruit Who am I kidding In this book you don t read it for the fruit You read it to have fun with food Even when it kills you Jim Gaffigan doesn t care if you eat McDonald s He admits he does Even when he hides behind the counters so that you can t see him there I think he might be a chubby evil genius though He comes up with the idea of restaurants helping you when you go out to eat Instead of wine sommeliers the oints should have fattelierCase in point Fattelier Well I D Get The Chili Cheese Fries With The Cheese On get the chili cheese fries with the cheese on side You get cheese that wayGeniusNow is Gaffigan a foodie Heck no He is an eatie I think I m going to give up being a foodie and The Curious Cases of Cyriack Skinner Grey justoin his idea It sounds like way fun Plus I m kinda lazy too So win win Now I do know that Gaffigan gained some fa. Most treasured dishes of the American diet “choking on bacon is like getting murdered by your lover” and decrying the worst offenders “kale is the early morning of foods” Fans flocked to his New York Times bestselling book Dad is Fat to hear him riff on fatherhood but now in his second book he will give them what they really crave hundreds of pages ,
I think it was Plato who struggled over the uestion What is the difference between seeing a doughnut and wanting to eat a doughnut The answer is of course One second Until this book ended up in my hands I really wasn t too familiar with comedian Jim Gaffigan I bought it for the subject matter food I love food particularly food that is not good for me Gaffigan loves food even than I do Just take a gander at himHe looks like a typical TV sitcom dad pudgy and middle aged yet somehow endowed with an impossibly hot wife Come to think of it that sort of describes my husband Just kidding honey This is a guy who knows all about irresistible cravings and obviously lacks willpower Just like me I often find myself thinking about what I will eat at my next meal while I m in the middle of eating a meal I see nothing wrong with that I ve had days where dinner is honestly the best thing that happens to me Despite Gaffigan s status as a stand up comedian his book is not ust a series of Did you ever notice uips but a well organized and well written treatise on the American lifestyle If anything defines American eating it is the uantity of food we consume That would explain why the All You Can Eat Buffet is such an American phenomenon and it makes perfect sense that it started in Las Vegas Some of the most amazing restaurants in the world are in Las Vegas but the real local specialty is the All You Can Eat Buffet Buffets are as common in Vegas as glitter and regrettable behavior The Vegas casino buffets are expansive and ridiculous In other words completely American You can get sushi mac and cheese and doughnuts all in the same meal God Bless America It would be embarrassing trying to explain what an appetizer is to someone from a starving country Yeah the appetizer that s the food we eat before we have our food No no you re thinking of dessert that s the food we have after we have our food We eat tons of food Sometimes there s so much we ust stick it in a bag Maybe give it to the dog Some other things that made me snicker If you don t know what a churro is ust try to picture a ribbed doughnut stick A churro is not fluffy like a doughnut but rather hard and crunchy It s like the pipe cleaner of pastry It seems everyone I knew had that same thin bottle of A1 It always felt like it was empty right before it flooded your steak Ironically the empty feeling bottle never seemed to run out I think most people still have the same bottle of A1 that they had in 1989 Once I looked at the back of a bottle of A1 and was not surprised to find that one of the ingredients was magic Gaffigan s take on Easter GUY 1 Easter is the day Jesus rose from the dead What should we doGUY 2 How about eggsGUY 1 Well what does that have to do with JesusGUY 2 All right we ll hide themGUY 1 I don t follow your logicGUY 2 Don t worry There s a bunny Highly recommended to all who live to eat rather than those who eat to live Most especially recommended to those of you who are reaching for the car keys right about now because you suddenly NEED to make a trip to Dunkin Donuts We All Know Seeing A Doughnut Happens all know seeing a doughnut happens Wanting a doughnut is a continuous desire I had a doughnut recently I was with my friend Tom and we were walking by a doughnut shop and I asked him if he wanted to get a doughnut He responded that he wasn t hungry Understandably I replied What does that have to do with it Gaffigan is definitely my kind of guy If aliens studied Earth they would come to the conclusion that the United States is somehow consuming food on behalf of other countriesAnd so begins comedian im gaiffigan s food a begins Comedian Jim Gaiffigan s Food A Story Actually that s not how it begins I ust thought the uote sounded almost philosophical plus I wanted to use the grandiose And so begins I could have ust as well started with I m convinced that anyone who doesn t li Jim GaffiganJim Gaffigan is an American stand up comedian actor and writer His comedy routines are generally about fatherhood indolence being out of shape and writer His comedy routines are generally about fatherhood indolence being out of shape food Gaffigan s books are based on his stand up material so if you ve seen his shows or TV specials you know what to expectI read the author s first book Dad is Fat and enjoyed the collection of fun anecdotes about Gaffigan and his wife Jeannie raising their five kids in a two bedroom New York City apartment In this second book Gaffigan addresses another one of his favorite subjects foodGaffigan likes to oke about his big belly and insatiable appetite and notes I try to stick to three meals a day and three at night The comic travels all over the country to perform and being too lazy to research restaurants relies on local residents and Twitter followers to direct him to tasty eateriesThus the comic Find all of my reviews at DATE TODAY 1021 YUMMY YUMMYAs a person who enjoys Jim Gaffigan s stand up routine I umped at the chance to read Dad is Fat Unfortunately probably due to the fact that I m raising my own brood of horrible offspring that one fell ust a tad flat for me However as a fellow chubbo I was all grabby hands when it came to getting a copy of Food A Love Story Wait you know what this review could use A DONUT Ahhhhh much better Where was I Oh yes being a fatty Like Gaffigan I too have been accused of eating my feelings a time or twelve and my response is the same as Jim s Yeah but these feelings are DELICIOUS There are no endorphins released from eating tofu but a giant plate of Chili Mac from Steak N Shake can bri. “What are my ualifications to write this book None really So why should you read it Here’s why I’m a little fat If a thin guy were to write about a love of food and eating I’d highly recommend that you do not read his book” Bacon McDonalds Cinnabon Hot Pockets Kale Stand up comedian and author Jim Gaffigan has made his career rhapsodizing over the. ,
Food A Love Story