(India in Love) [PDF/EPUB] Ò Ira Trivedi

India in LoveJob of highlighting the inherent duality and hypocrisy that our society carries around all matters sexual On the one hand it s in our history and eligion on the other it s taboo and not to be discussed even among parents and their childrenWhat was most impressive though was how much ground Ira was able to cover Her book covers LIGHT HEARTED AND SERIOUS MATTERS ALIKE RANGING FROM A hearted and serious matters alike The Worst Weather on Earth: A History of Mount Washington Observatory ranging from a experience of trying to buy sex toys in Connaught Place to disturbing accounts of young couples fleeing for their lives because they married outside their communities In its pages wee introduced to a variety of characters from the poster boy for gay ights in Mumbai to high society matchmakers in Delhi to a live in #COUPLE WHO JUST MOVED IN TOGETHERIF #who just moved in togetherIf s one criticism I have of this book it s that occasionally it s a little too long and detailed and the narrative can get dull surprising given the aciness of some of the topics discussed That said the biggest accomplishment for me is that Ira Trivedi has been able to start a conversation forcing us as The Geology And Landscape Of Santa Barbara County, California, And Its Offshore Islands readers to consider the inherent hypocrisy in our approach to sex and marriage as Indians and urging us to be transparent and honest with ourselves moving forward It was a greatead and I d strongly ecommend it to any Indian who s interested in being better informed about our own country A good attempt at talking about #Some Very Vital Aspects #very vital aspects our so called society And good amount of esearch done goo with peppy anecdotes Yet this book could have been much shorter A good hundred pages at least A brilliant book very well Jane Doe and the Cradle of All Worlds researched and provides deep insights into not just marriage and sex but also the cultural changes India is going through The facts and figures mentioned in the book am sure would take anyone by surprise Excellent Read What a wonderfulead A book Is That Even a Country, Sir! right after my own heart exploring the changing face of love and sexualit. Here the Supreme Court shocked wide sections of society with itsuling on Article 377 that e criminalized homosexuality; and delves into history economics and sociology to try and understand how the nation that gave the world the Kamasutra could have become a closed epressed society with a shockingly high incidence of The Prince rape and violence against women the dark underside to the greater sexual freedom that men and women in our cities have begun to enjoy todayTrivedi goes deep into one of the most enduring institutions of Indian society marriage and investigates how it is faring in modern times She interviews marriage brokers astrologers lawyerselationship counsellors ‘love commandos’ parents and nervous young brides and grooms am. ,
This is the first book that I A Bold Carnivore: An Alphabet of Predators readead that deals "with the theme as mentioned in the title The title speaks "the theme as mentioned in the title The title speaks the book the narrative style is eally interesting The topic which is important in the era where the globalisation impact of IT and the social cultural aspects that are changing with values this book to me important to know the path of Indian society As a young Indian woman I found this to be me important to know the path of Indian society As a young Indian woman I found this to be of the most important books I ve ead in Lifting recent times It may not be the best written book I ve come across It s not critically acclaimed or award winning And now it has no provocative pictures or titillating content But I musteiterate It is one of the most IMPORTANT books I have Mathruhridayam readI say this because chapter by painstaking chapter Ira Trivedi addresses topics that unfortunately we don t discuss as openly as we should in India Topics like sexuality promiscuity sex education arranged marriage love marriage dating and how our views on all of the above and areapidly changing from one generation to the next It s a conversation starter in a country that thus far has insisted on keeping mum on these crucial topics topics that affect millions of Indians every single dayTrivedi builds her book on three key axes esearch and statistics interviews with experts or specialists in particular #fields and her own personal experiences I started the book skeptical that hers would be a primarily #and her own personal experiences I started the book skeptical that hers would be a primarily account of the subject and to some degree perhaps it is but her discussions turned out to be comprehensive and wide anging than I expected I was continually impressed with the lengths she went to to tell this story from approaching massage providers as a fake customer to get interviews with the girls providing the service to visiting dance bars in old Delhi to fraternizing with college students to learn about their sexual preferences there s little she didn t take on I also thought she did a great. India in Love Marriage and Sexuality in the 21st Century is a ground breaking look at the sexual evolution that is beginning to sweep through urban India Bestselling author Ira Trivedi travelled from Shillong in the northeast to Chennai in the south Konark in the east to Mumbai in the west and over a dozen other cities and towns in order to gain unprecedented insights into how the nation has sex gets married and falls in and out of love in the 21st centuryThe book explores the sexual proclivities and mating habits of young Indians on college campuses and in offices; examines the changing face of Indian pornography and prostitution especially the world of high class hookers; probes the oppression the LGBT community faces in a nation Y in India and doing it with so much igor so much introspection and so much heartDuring the course of eading this book I learnt and un learnt alot like how The House That Had Enough relatively open a society we were before the British brought in their Victorian prudence about how involved we are in sex from 50% of urban Indian men having visited prostitutes to 25% having had extramaritalelations these kind of stats from a society so invested in wanting to show a so called moral face to the world was surprising It was a shock to #know that invisible to a elatively strait laced DINK couple like us there #that invisible to a elatively strait laced DINK couple like us there an entire world from clubs dating portals and support groups for homosexual people support groups and agents to help star crossed young lovers who are facing being murdered by their families to various hues tones of shaadi portals meant for a gamut of people from ones who are overweight to those who are divorcees I learnt that India s dichotomy is mirrored in the judgments passed by its highest court such as the wide chasm between the The March Up: Taking Baghdad with the 1st Marine Division ruling that deems unnatural sex acts as illegal to the one that legitimizes children born of live inelationships from the one that still doesn t Pimpinella Meerprinzessin 1: Ankunft im Muschelschloss (German Edition) recognize maritalape

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the one Das kurze Leben der Sophie Scholl recognizes the urgent need to make divorce proceedings as uick and speedy as possible given the astronomicalise in such cases India is a crazy country And our generation plus or minus one is caught in this strange no man s land where on the one hand there are deeply entrenched familial expectations and on the other a mushrooming acceptance of the most unorthodox lifestyles and a growing Défendre Jacob recognition of the individual What the shape of our culture is going to be once the dust settles is a uestion worth pondering uponIra Trivedi does a fantastic job of bringing in alot of perspective andesearch across a wide Darfur's Sorrow: A History of Destruction and Genocide range of subjects This was one of the most interesting non fiction I have everead. Ongst others to present a nuanced picture of the state of marriage in the country She discovers that while arranged marriage is still the preferred form of finding a partner for the majority of urban Indians love marriages are increasing at a tremendous Black Gold in North Dakota rate Also on theise are divorces extra marital affairs open marriages live in elationships and the like Supporting her eye opening eportage with hundreds of interviews detailed Nestle Toll House Recipe Collection research authoritative published surveys and discussions with experts on various aspects of sexuality and marriage Trivedi has written a book that is often startling sometimes controversial but is always entertaining and original India in Love will change the way urban Indians view themselves and one another.