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Jobs s Pixar and from Ferrari to the Ryder Cup Khoi draws Analogies And Artful Prepcepts To and artful prepcepts to the clinical success of team Ryder Cup Khoi Tu draws analogies and artful to demonstrate the clinical success of team The book lays the framework for successful teams through 7 case studies of teams in ite diverse contexts The issue with the variability of teams business politics charity sports is that only few readers who find interest in one group will enjoy all case studies Some chapters were so boring that I ended p resorting to my secondary readingNeve. Formula One to the Iranian Embassy Siege Team from the Red Cross in Haiti to the Northern Ireland Peace Process negotiators you'll learn the secrets of the superteams how to build a team from scratch work powerfully together and perform at your peak Go stellar with your own superteam 'Buy this book it's a game changer' Jamie Oliver 'Inspirational' Sir Jackie Stewart 'Khoi Tu is the most visionary among visionaries' Management TodayKhoi Tu is a teamwork consultant who has worked with teams at Coca Cola BP Deutsche Bank UBS Tesco LVMH and the British Red. .
If you work on or with teams you must read this book It will either reinforce what you already do and believe or open your eyes to what is possible This is a must read book DNFI wanted to care I really did but honestly there are other books about management teamwork that are less like yomping through margarine Jurgen Appelo s Managing for Happiness immediately springs to mind Feels intrinsically blokey too Not for me From the Rolling Stones to the Red Cross from the SAS to Steve. In Superteams Khoi Tu reveals the secrets to taking your team to the topWhen Disney shutdown production on Toy Story how did Pixar save itWhat turned sworn shutdown production on Toy Story how did Pixar save itWhat turned sworn into a winning Ryder Cup teamWhy is the Stones' longevity down to Mick and Keith's rivalryThese are the stories behind the world's greatest superteams In seven fascinating case studies Khoi Tu investigates why it is that some teams excel endure and overcome insuperable odds How they deliver the impossible and remain loyal to one another in the very best and worst
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Rtheless the writing style and the layout of each chapter were and the content easily digested It is another why not for the content easily digested It is another why not book for fiction business readersWhy not read it or Why not read something else your choice I enjoyed a number of the stories told I felt that there was a bit of a disconnect between the descriptive and prescriptive parts of the book There was also a distinct lack of growth mindset in the book To paraphrase get excellent people to make an excellent team. Cross He has also advised some of the world's most influential individuals including Jamie Oliver leading entrepreneurs and Formula One world champions He worked around the world for Shell before joining the pioneering web design company Razorfish during the early days of the dot com boom He jointly founded a leadership advisory firm with Booz Allen Hamilton before starting his own company Inverstar in 2006 Khoi Tu will donate all his royalties from the sale of Superteams to the British Red Cross which works both in the UK and overseas wwwsuperteamsor. ,