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characters their respective I enjoyed the opportunity to catch up with Hannah and Lincoln again and I m intrigued to see where the author takes the youngest Gregory sister Tessa in the final book in the seriesAs fun as it was to revisit these sisters I didn t find While Love Stirs uite as compelling as its predecessor The first book had been impossible to put down with its engaging storyline and rich historical details While it s evident that the author put a lot of research into the second volume in the series the story just didn t draw me in uite the same I won t deny that I found the details about Charlotte s studies in cooking and nutrition absolutely fascinating I love to cook and I m constantly on the lookout for new recipes to experiment with so it was interesting to learn about the recipes that were popular in 1910 as well as the techniues and cooking styles Since Charlotte enters a competition run by the gas company it was also intriguing to learn about the introduction of the gas cooker and the massive impact this had on cooking While I don t mind having an electric oven a gas hob is something I refuse to compromise on and it was something my husband and I specifically looked for when we moved house last year Perhaps this aspect of this novel might not be fascinating to those who aren t so interested in cooking and its history but Charlotte s struggles to prove herself in the world of cooking and nutrition certainly transcend the world of food Like her lawyer sister Charlotte is striving to get ahead in a male dominated arena From being forced to enter a hotel via the side entrance to being laughed at by male chefs to being expected to settle for just cooking for her own husband and family Charlotte s struggles are representative of those faced by many women in this eraCharlotte and Joel s romance is your typical opposites attract situation They butt heads early in the novel over the issue of the nutritional standards at Joel s hospital and this puts them at odds for a large part of the novel even as they fight their growing attraction for each other Even if their story is relatively predictable it made for a sweet and fun read I think I would have got wrapped up in their story if it weren t for the way in which it was told The author freuently switches perspective in scenes featuring Joel and Charlotte and while I could tell that this was intended to build suspense it often felt like the scenes in this novel ended far too soon not giving us enough time to care about one character or the other Additionally some of the scenes were so short that I felt like I barely got a chance to get a feel of the situation before I was flipped into a different pers This is the second Lorna Seilstad book I ve read the other was her d but novel Making Waves and I wasn t overly impressed by it The writing wasn t bad but I didn t like the heroine at all and I couldn t stomach the thought of reading further books in the series if she was featured However While Love Stirs is part of a new series so I hoped it would be better It was While Love Stirs is the story of Charlotte Gregory recent graduate of Fannie Farmer s School of Cookery She is seeking employment as a chef chef stirs get it but none of the restaurants in St Paul s are interested in hiring a woman chef Charlotte is an intelligent if opinionated woman which puts her streets ahead of the heroine of Making Waves with feminist tendencies and she doesn t want to be controlled by any man Joel Brooks is a doctor at the local hospital this was a little confusing At first he seemed to be on the maternity ward then he was looking after a woman with suspected cancer then a stroke patient Anyway he has a run in with Charlotte about the appropriate diet for a new mother Charlotte s sister I didn t like Joel at first because of his pathological need to have complete control over his environment and I didn t see him getting past that Freud would have a field day with Joel s OCD However but he grew on me as he grew on Charlotte This is actually the second book in The Gregory Sisters series The first was the story of Charlotte s older sister attorney Hannah although you don t need to read the first in order to understand or enjoy this I hadn t The writing and research was well done with a couple of unimportant glitches and I was impressed by the medical nowledge The minor characters were well written and while I found characters like Kathleen and Nurse Pierce rather annoying that was the poin. His to perform at her lectures Lewis encourages her work especially her crusade to introduce fresh appetizing nutritious food to those convalescing in hospitals But young hospital superintendent Dr Joel Brooks is not convinced any changes should be made especially by this outspoken young womanWhen Charlotte and Joel are coerced While Love Stirs The Gregory Sisters #2Great seuel From the book I was a little worried about "this one I usually don t like love because I get "one I usually don t like love triangles because I get twisted up if the heroine doesn t end up with the one I fell in love with and liked better So I m usually in a state of anxiety LOL but for me there was no uestion who Charlotte belonged with and should end up with from the beginning I LOVE Charlotte as a character In When Love Calls she worried and frustrated me with her relationship with George so I was really cheering for her from the start And I Was SO Happy When She Grew Into A I was SO happy when she grew into a young woman with a mind of her own and a passion with fierceness to back it up In this seuel though she is still struggling to find where God wants her to be exactly and how He wants he to use her gifts and talent Since I don t really want to give anything away I ll just say that I LOVE who Charlotte ends up with He is an amazing God led man with his own uirks who is excellent for her Tessa the youngest has always been one of my favorite characters also and I CAN NOT wait for her story Spunky and feisty as ever she thinks she s found her dream and calling in While Love Stirs and plows right into it with all her wit tenacity and imagination I truly can not wait to see where Lorna leads this feisty young lady The pace is nice there are some slips but then it would pick back up and the dialogue is FANTASTIC and humorous From the competition to the lectures to the ball I really enjoy this book And in the mix of all of this lies a great mystery with many twists and turns that blew me away I do wish that there were a few actual cooking scenes accompanying he demonstrations instead of just mentioning them at times but maybe that s just me I just really loved the cooking demos and found them fascinating as the gas stoves were the new and latest thing back then I recommend this read and overall think it is a fantastic seuel that has made it to my Favorite Books ListSongs He Leadeth Me by The Cluster Pluckers Hail Hail The Gangs All Here by Classic Carnival Circus Calliope Music By The Light Of The Silvery Moon by Doris Day and Butterfly Waltz by Brian CrainSongs etc May be changed andor added in the future ASCEphesians 320 Proverbs 169 2 Kings 4 Psalm 374ASCI reuested and received this book from Revell for the purpose of reviewing it This in now way affected my opinion and the above are my true thoughts and feelings about While Love Stirs ASC 35 out of 5Having recently graduated from Fannie Farmer s School of Cookery Charlotte Gregory is excited at the prospect of being able to use her cooking skills in a real Chuck and Danielle kitchen maybe even one at a prestigious hotel But after all of her attempts to obtain a job are turned down due to the fact that women are not welcome in most hotelitchens Charlotte feels dejected Will she ever get the chance to use the skills she obtained in cookery school She Escaping the Endless Adolescence: How We Can Help Our Teenagers Grow Up Before They Grow Old knows that cooking and nutrition are her calling but even the doctor she attempts to talk to at a local hospital makes hernowledge feel unwanted When the opportunity arises for Charlotte to display her cooking skills in a competition run by the gas company she hopes this is her true chance to shineDr Joel Brooks is slowly rising through the ranks at his hospital and hopes to one day become superintendent Unlike some of his colleagues Joel wants the best for his patients whether they can afford it or not His main concern is providing the best service he can often donating extra time and money to those who need it like the children at the orphanage where he volunteers after work When Charlotte Gregory approaches him to suggest a complete overhaul of the hospital s cooking services he attempts to brush her ideas aside The hospital s funds are already stretched to their limit and he doesn t see how new menus would truly benefit his patients health But Charlotte won t let go of the idea and as he continues to run into her around town Joel begins to wonder if he should pay attention to the persistent cook But can two people so stubborn and set in their ways find a way to work together not only for the benefit of Joel s patients but also their futureI fell in love with Lorna Seilstad s writing when I read When Love Calls last year and I ve been anxiously anticipating the next instalment in the Gregory Sisters series ever since While Love Stirs picks up the three sisters stories a few months down the line with Charlotte visiting Hannah in hospital after the birth of her first child Even if you haven t read the first book in the series enough is summarised to. After graduating from Fannie Farmer's School of Cookery in 1910 Charlotte Gregory is ready to stir things up She is thrilled to have the opportunity to travel lecture and give cooking demonstrations on the very latest itchen revolution the gas stove and certainly doesn't mind that the gas company has hired the handsome Lewis Mat. ,

T The one character I didn t like was Tessa Charlotte s younger sister Tessa was too flighty partly because she was young but I didn t realise how young she was because I haven t read the first book I enjoyed While Love Stirs but it s still not a book I d bother to reread I also thought the Christian aspects were too understated perhaps a reaction to the reviews of Making Waves which suggested it was too preachy All in all it s a solid historical Christian romance but with nothing to make it stand out above all the others in the genre Thanks to Revell and NetGalley for providing a free ebook for review About this book Take one lovely young womanAdd two ambitious young menStir and stand back As a graduate of Fannie Farmer s School of Cookery Charlotte Gregory is thrilled to have the opportunity to travel lecture and give cooking demonstrations on the very latest itchen revolution the gas stove And she certainly doesn t mind that the gas company has hired the indhearted Lewis Mathis to entertain at her lectures Lewis encourages Charlotte s work especially her crusade to introduce fresh appetizing nutritious food to those convalescing in hospitals But young hospital superintendent Dr Joel Brooks is not convinced any changes should be made especially by this outspoken young woman When Charlotte and Joel are coerced into planning a fund raising gala For The Hospital Will the hospital will combustible pair explode Follow the second Gregory sister as she looks for true love and makes her way in a rapidly changing world in this breezy lighthearted love triangle that will eep you guessing Series Book 2 in The Gregory Sisters series Review of Book 1 Here and Book 3 HereSpiritual Content Ephesians 320 at the beginning Scriptures are mentioned uoted Prayers Blessings over food Church going Talks about God His plans faiths praying H s are not capital when referring to God Mentions of God Mentions of prayers praying thanking God blessings over food Mentions of those in the Bible Mentions of churches church going services ministers sermons hymns Mentions of blessings being blessed A mention of a godly person A mention of a godsendNegative Content Minor cussing including an idiot and a stupid A bit of sarcasm eye rolling Pain Injuries Being hit Passing out barely above not detailed An explosion barely above not detailed Mentions of Deaths Dying Illnesses Mentions Of dying illnesses Mentions of injuries cutting a finger accidentally Mentions of an explosion Mentions of protestors throwing things being hit passing out Mentions of a tornado injuries Mentions of drinking Mentions of embezzlement thieves Mentions of lies lying liars A few mentions of a cigar smoking A couple mentions of criminals threating A couple mentions of rumors A mention of a possible murder A mention of a war A mention of carcasses at a butcher s shop Note A few mentions of a scary movieSexual Content two lips to finger touches a hand Puckster's First Hockey Sweater kiss a cheekiss two forehead isses three semi detailed isses and a boarder line semi detailed detailed Liar kiss Rememberingisses barely above not detailed Touches Embraces Nearness Shivers Butterflies Blushes up to semi detailed Remembering Touches Warmth barely above not detailed Noticing barely above not detailed Mentions of Noir kissesissing A few mentions of finding a fianc e Renovate: Changing Who You Are by Loving Where You Are kissing a friend A few mentions of jealousy A few mentions of hand holding A couple mentions of married couplesissing A couple mentions of cuddling with someone A couple mentions of swooning A couple mentions of flirting A couple mentions of reputations A mention of a man being called delicious A mention of men in Michelangelo s paintings A mention of Gaffer knowing about the birds and the bees Love falling in love the emotions Note A few mentions of tight corsets A mention of men who have lost their wives in childbirth Charlotte Gregory Joel Brooks POV switches between them Tessa Set in 1910 340 pagesPre Teens One StarNew Teens One StarEarly High School Teens Two Stars Older High School Teens Three Stars My personal Rating Three StarsHmm Not uite as I remembered Charlotte was fun a bit too stubborn but that s become the norm for Christian Fiction leading ladies but Joel got madupset too easily at Charlotte in my opinion so I wasn t really a fan of him Another mention of the main girl s corset being too tight in an odd situation Overall this series has it s cute points but the romance leans to the upper semi detailed side at times Link to reviewBFCG may Read the review to see recommend this book by this author It does not mean I recommend all the books by this author. Nto planning a fund raising gala for the hospital will this combustible pair explodeFan favorite Lorna Seilstad is back with a breezy lighthearted love triangle that willeep readers guessing Attention to historic detail adorns the timeless story of a young woman looking for true love and making her way in a rapidly changing wor. ,