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That it goes both ways given that some Europeans find the translated Arabic uivalents too flowery and heavy Intriguing too to hear about linguistic nuances this when trying to communicate across a language barrier You try acting funny and charming in literary Arabic it s no piece of cake believe me people will always think you re about to announce another catastrophe in Palestine or comment on a verse of the Koran Lakhdar is one of those people who just can t help Voyage to the Underworld (Star Wars Missions, engaging in detail with material I could relate to the way that whenmployed for menial data The First Ghost entry work of historical records he started reading lots around the content subject in his spare time and that s the reflex that makes an autodidact in the first placeIt was still the sort of novel that makes you feel like you ve learned something and for some readers non fiction might be preferable but it was also a good story along the way with the moments ofxperiential insight that novels do well Interesting too to read this straight after Houellebec s Submission and see a philosophical journey in approximately the opposite direction And I suspect that those who know of the books that Lakhdar reads will get out of it again It was impossible to guess if he had been hurt by my suspicions or if his own fate saddened him like an incurable diseaseThis is a necessary timely novel I admit to a hesitation a shame about confronting the world around me Much like my inability to pursue Derrida on Hospitality I needed to look away There s a part of me that I don t care admire at times uoting the poet Dylan I used to care but things have changedCreeping in to Enard s novel I was initially tempted to toss it aside as the narrative opens on almost Orientalist terms a Moroccan spends his time ogling Western girls and lusts after his cousin Was Portnoy s Complaint a racist tract The protagonist is soon kicked out of his house and returns from homeless to the folds of an Islamic Center This is distant time of the Arab Spring and despite his mployer the protagonist simply wants drink beer and read hard boiled novels That isn t too much is it Matters both coalesce and drag in the heavy middle of the novel The satire is heady and piercing The unity of the Arab world xisted only in EuropeThere is w wonderful scene towards the Simple Numbers, Straight Talk, Big Profits!: 4 Keys to Unlock Your Business Potential end where a group immigrants are watching Barcelona FC on tv in a pub and noting the proliferation of girls wearing the colors and drinking beer One of them muses that it is thislement female beer drinking which makes Barca and Spain the kings of football If only such occurred across North Africa the balance of soccer supremacy might tilt One often needs to dream Highly Recommended When a novelist writes in the context of current vents a reader can ither judge his book by its verisimilitude to known Humanism events or judge the book as a work of literature that just happens to use currentvents as an imaginative springboard without trying to be faithful to history I have not previously read any work by Mathias nard and therefore came to this novel without prior knowledge of his literary predilections For the most part he has written a coherent and relatively successful novel but I don t know to what xtent it mirrors the actual times and situations in which he locates the narrativeThe first person narrator Lakhdar begins his story in his native Morocco in Tangier He is in his late teens bored libidinous and at loose nds native Morocco in Tangier He is in his late teens bored libidinous and at loose Placing Memory ends by his family when he is caught in bed with his cousin Meryem who later dies during a botched abortion he finds himself on the streets living a precariousxistence His friend Bassam gets him a job selling books for a Muslim organization that Lakhdar suspects of supporting violent jihadism and Lakhdar Lasombra eventually changes jobs and becomes a typist for a French publisher He also meets Judit a Spanish student from Barcelona when she is visiting Tangier Lakhdar immerses himself in literature often out of boredom and wanting to cross to Spain takes a job working on a ferry Ultimately henters Spain illegally and has a series of adventures there He reestablishes contact with both Judit and Bassam neither relationship being uncomplicated and his situation nds badly or at least ambiguouslyLakhdar s aimlessness and angst are not simply personal but reflect the frustrations lack of opportunity impoverishment and impulsiveness of an ntire society and generation and the upheavals of the Arab Spring and growing Islamic radicalism are never far from the narrative s surface nard writes generally well although it took me a while to get used to his run on sentences sentence fragments being linked by commas into long riffs that serve an unclear purpose The reader is also left wondering about background material that might have been useful such as about Lakhdar s family of origin and its influence on his psychological formation and about his interest in reading some of which seems unlikely given his Wanton Nights economic andducational restrictions The novel s While My Soldier Serves ending also seems a little odd almost as if the authorither ran out of ideas and uickly grabbed at a few implausibilities in order simply to close the narrative or as if he did not adeuately prepare the reader to find the nding convincingI njoyed the novel but not as much as I had hoped I cannot judge whether it accurately reflects attitudes and vents among some young people in the region today but it might be considered at least one perspective As a work of literature independent of these issues it was not remarkable although it is not bad ither Reviewed for 3 AM Recommended for anyone interested in but maybe daunted by Zone Straightforward supercontemporary includes The Fiend Next Door events from April 2012 forward flowing prose animating a narrator superficially unlike the author champions complexities of humanity over reductions of race region religion I have made use of the world Life consumesverything books accompany usin revolt or resignation in faith or abondonmentThis is the first book of Enard that I read and I njoyed it very much Enard is a professor of Arabic at the University of Barcelona He lived in Middle East and knows colonial North Africa His writing has a dreamy naive tone and at times reminded me of Romain Gary Emile AjarThe book takes us to many places but mostly to Morocco and Spain The protagonist is a romantic book lover however a very unlucky one Through the story we relive the vents of Arab Spring fundamentalist Abuse Of Religion The of religion the combination of ignorance and poverty Its a tragedy love story a suspense a traveler s blog all in on. E's place in Christophe Claro's bold pronouncement that Énard's பொன்னியின் செல்வன் - புது வெள்ளம் earlier work is the novel of the decade if not of the centuryMathias Énard studied Persian and Arabic and spent long periods in the Middle East A professor of Arabic at the University of Barcelona he received several awards for Zone also available from Open Letter including the Prix du Livre Inter and the Prix DécembreCharlotte Mandell has translated works from a number of important French authors including Marcel Proust Gustave Flaubert Jean Genet Guy de Maupassant and Maurice Blanchot among othe. In a comparative phrase this is Huck Finn intertwined with The Stranger written and set in thearly 2010 s in Europe and North Africa and it just may be as good as both books The The Return of the Carter Boys: The Carter Boys 2 epigraph is a uote from The Heart of Darkness which hints at how dark and distant this maturation story is from Huck s journey The young male narrator a Moroccan named Lakhdar is forced by fate toxperience the Arab Spring tumult and the poverty and crime of a section of Barcelona called The Street of Thieves Lahkhdar and his boyhood bud Bassam come under the influence of a charismatic leader of the Muslim Group for the Propagation of Koranic Thoughs and there begins a journey of sorts including a boat trip to nowhere due to heavy debt in a sinking European A Meditation on Murder economy To a point it s as if Lakhdar matures viaxperience and Bassam doesn t uite like Huck and Tom though that may a simplification In any vent they are living in dark and twisted times and their lives suffer the conseuences Recommended Will likely read Zone soon life consumes verything books accompany us like my two penny thrillers those proletarians of literature travel companions in revolt or resignation in faith or abandonment mathias nard s street of thieves rue des voleurs captivates from its first lengthy paragraph to its unexpected conclusion the novel s main character a young moroccan named lakhdar is remarkably conceived and vividly portrayed inexplicably street of thieves is somehow like lazarillo de tormes set during the arab spring a sky of infinite blackness that was what was waiting for us today in my library where the fury of the world has been muffled by the walls i watch the series of cataclysms like one who in a supposedly safe shelter feels the floor vibrating the walls trembling and wonders how much longer he ll be able to preserve his life outside Travis everything seems to be nothing but darkness translated from the french by charlotte mandell flaubert proust maupassant l vyt al DISCLAIMER I am the publisher of the book and thus spent approximately two years reading and diting and working on it So take my review with a grain of salt or the understanding that I am deeply invested in this text and know it uite well Also I would really appreciate it if you would purchase this book since it would benefit Open Letter directlyThis isn t Zone 20 It s a much different book linear and with infinity percent periods But it s still incredibly amazing captivating from the first chapter to the logical disturbing nd I think this is going to take off when it comes out this fall since it offers such interesting insights into the Arab Spring and growing up in today s tumultuous climate This is a great book club book as well with all the uestions it raises and is incredibly well written and translated Around 3 am last night I picked up Paterson a book length poem by William Carlos Williams that I have not read and got into bed finally pulling into the sheets I opened to the author s preface to the first section which describes the task of beginning the precariousness inherent apparent here and dogs Still disinterested in sleep I focused my AI Weiwei: Beijing Photographs, 1993-2003 energies however diminishing onto Williams s mongrels To make a start out of particulars and make them general rolling up the sum by defective means Sniffing the trees just another dog among a lot of dogs Whatlse is there And to do The rest have run out after the rabbits Only the lame stands on three legs Scratch front and back Deceive and The Bubble Economy: Is Sustainable Growth Possible? eat Dig a musty boneThis is no Homeric invocation of the Muse it s thexcavation of some insipid remains by a hobbling mutt Your muse is dead I remembered then that Mathis nard s new novel Street of Thieves also begins with dogsMen are dogs they rub against ach other in misery they roll around in filth and can t get out of it lick their fur and their genitals all day long lying in the dust ready to do anything for the scrap of meat or the rotten bone they want someone to throw at them and I m just like them I m a human being hence the depraved piece of garbage that s a slave to its instincts a dog a dog that bites when it s afraid and begs for caresses I can see my childhood clearly my puppy dog s life in Tangier my young mutt s strayings my groans of a beaten mongrel I understand my frenzy around women which I took for love and above all I understand the absence of a master which makes us all roam around looking for him in the dark sniffing ach other lost aimlessWhile nard s opening s primary focus is the nature of man the passage does serve as a subtle microcosm of the larger interesting themes he will The Social Machine: Designs for Living Online eventuallyxplore and poses the pertinent uestion that Williams too asks What happens when your master is gone There are lesser masters than Williams s which however seemingly absent is ultimately creative There are masters of violence terror and confusion Ones bent on destruction And ones insatiable that never disappear These are masters that surround nard s narrator Lakdhar teen in ones insatiable that never disappear These are masters that surround nard s narrator Lakdhar teen in sometimes practicing Muslim and bookseller And lame dog he like Williams s speaker is less driven by instinct to serve than his peers He s not content to chase rabbits His aimlessness is specific discerning than that Which is to say that a difference between Williams s speaker and Lakdhar s is their positioning in the world which may in fact be where this however coincidental comparison falters It had a good run Though Williams doesn t see a master at the moment I don t think if he did it d be one of creation not destruction Williams s is the master of few not many the kind of master that Lakdhar is looking for but for reasons outside of his control cannot findTo conclude as precariously as I began I ll say that Street of Thieves is a fated novel one whose protagonist his ntire world is subjected to the muses not of creation but of destruction He doesn t choose them He has no choice Lakdhar s doggish life in his own words I ate from the hand of choice Lakdhar s doggish life in his own words I ate from the hand of Not my thing and I felt that all the because I was coming to this from the fascinating Compass and knew that Enard s other Englished novel is a five hundred page sentence All of that suggests a fascination with form and ideas This book is this book is Dickens written by a Frenchman The book gives us a perfectly linear narrative with a few vaguely connected vents and much of it frankly is silly how much can you read about one man s ogling before you cease to care I can justify this in two ways First Enard was just trying something different but different for him happened to be a solid realistic two ways First Enard was just trying something different but different for him happened to be a solid realistic If that s the case. Recipient of three French literary awards Mathias Énard's follow up to the critically acclaimed Zone is a timely novel about a young Moroccan boy caught up in the turbulent vents of the Middle East and a possible murderExiled from his family for religious transgressions related to his feelings for his cousin Lakhdar finds himself on the streets of Barcelona hiding from both the police and the Muslim Group for the Propagation of Koranic Thoughts a group he worked for in Tangiers not long after being thrown out on the streets by his fatherLakhdar's transformation. Well I guess he pulled it off There s plenty of characters and melo dear god did we really need to throw cancer in with the terrorism drama here Second Enard is slyly mocking the self righteousness of many contemporary readers including myself who will be miffed by the idea that a Moroccan man might actually find the freedoms of Europe nticing And I was miffed and then convinced that I was being a dullard and that of course there are many many things about the west that are deeply desirable I m just not convinced that that main one is sexual promiscuity Alternatively I guess this is just straight nihilism Europe is morally decayed North Africa is morally decayed we re all morally decayed That seems about right Not as weird as I Design Research: Methods and Perspectives expected from the twisty angular cover design the structure is straightforwardly linear nor from the author s reputation preceding him for the sort of single sentence Zone but Street of Thieves was interesting in its own right as a story At first it seemed like it might be anxplanatory socio political case study moulded into a novel much like Horses of God which similarly featured directionless young working class Moroccan guys seduced to varying degrees by well funded radical Islamic organisations Except this book also takes in dead Your Everyday Art World end jobs illegal immigrantxperiences the Why Photography Matters economic difficulties of Spain and the Occupy movement Though it was at least obvious from the start that by making the narrator Lakhdarssentially convincing nard avoided the massive flaw of Horses of God in which Doreen Valiente Witch extremists ghosts suddenly acuired post mortem an understanding of their situations very similar to those of the liberal Western readers the book was written for This narrator s bildungsroman by contrast makes sense That s to say I find the narrator convincing for informed opinions you d be better reading posts by twentysomething guys from Arab backgrounds or at least their mates this novel like Horses is also written by an academic a couple of decades older than his main characters It was about a third of the way through that I really started to like Street of Thieves as a story as than anxtended Duty Free Murder example from a textbook or long read news feature noting at thend Lakhdar is a composite of several interviewees although Asperger - Leben in zwei Welten : Betroffene berichten: das hilft mir in Beruf, Partnerschaft Alltag even before that wrenching descriptions of certain feelings and situations as well as plot points that felt fiction than fact occasionally made it clear it was at heart a novel Most of these descriptions are rather long and detailed but I thought nardspecially vividly good on what it s like taking leave of someone you like but don t know well after a night out And something I m not sure I d really seen described before but which in my own way I ve got to know in recent years how comfortable and necessary it can be to knowingly hide one s head in the sand live with blinkers on and that there are some situations in which it may be the best way to feel a decent uality of life those weeks seem to me like a somber happiness the Hsi K'Ang and His Poetical Essay on the Lute edge of a razor and you don t know whose throat it s going to cut just as the tightrope walker must defy the possibility of falling in order to concentrate on his footsteps he looks in front of him gently maneuvers the pole that saves him from the abyss advances towards the unknown I was walking without thinking about the fate that had pushed me towards Barcelona like an animal I could sense the storm to come around me inside me while at the same time putting it out of my mind so I d be able to cross the voidRecalling instances of the old colleague or acuaintance who returned from holiday in Turkey and complained about the sleazy waiters and other local men who tried to chat up her and her sister for some reason it was a popular destination for these women to go to with their sisters it was intriguing to hear the other side of the story about this type of young man who is routinely necessarily batted away Reading of course means not being put on the spot by such guys perhaps wanting simultaneously to understand and assert oneself whilst knowing that sounding sympathetic couldasily give the wrong signal Here were Lakhdar and his mate wandering the streets of Tangier hoping to get the courage together to chat up European tourists near their own age as their compatriots were forbidden to them and yes unfortunately their attitudes aren t likely to get on the right side of most of the objects of their desire And he s one of those hapless men from thousands of miles away who send social media and dating messages so desperate and vague that our perspective is why do they Venous Catheters even think this would work I looked at a few Internet sites sent some Facebook messages to girls I didn t know all French like throwing bottles into the sea I am a young Moroccan from Tangier I m looking for friendship to share my passion books So typical simply to mention nebulous books rather than to start a conversation about a specific one asking and stating some opinions which if one is lucky might at least provoke a reply in some idle moment of boredom I ll show you ladies how cultivated I am I thought hence the note about the books slightlyxaggerated perhaps but sober and precise I should add that I chose girls who definitely were pretty but who wore glasses and who came from cities I knew

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about but imagined cold boring and thus propitious for reading It goes without saying that I never received a replyLakhdar actually has plenty of worth to say about books to the reader of Street of Thieves Novels about big readers can be a bit of a self referential yawnfest but this is a not yr usual selection of texts and b an autodidact with a tough life who sometimes is too overworked to read sometimes plain can t get books rather than the Brooklyn based hipster whose taste is already ultra familiar Tattered classic European noir and thrillers g Manchette Izzo are Lakhdar s favourites among the small selection of affordable non Islamic books he can find in Morocco fans of those will find favourites among the small selection of affordable non Islamic books he can find in Morocco fans of those will find of interest here there may also be hidden references to these novels I was oblivious to For those who know the Tangier xpat literary tradition there may or may not also be a few aster ggs I ve read next to none of it And there is loads here about classical Arabic literature and poetry that will likely be fascinating to people trying to Strange Visitors: Documents in Indigenous-Settler Relations in Canada from 1876 explore that During Lakhdar s travels to Tunisia and ultimately to Spain as an illegal immigrant his favourite touchstone is Ibn Battuta It was also revealing to hear him describe French and Spanish love poetry as dry showing. S from a boy into a man from a devout Muslim into a sinner take place against the backdrop of some of the most importantvents of the past few years the violence and Witched At Birth (A Paris, Texas Romance, excitingruption of the Arab Spring and the devastating collapse of Europe's conomyIf all that isn't nough Lakhdar reunites with a childhood friend one who is planning an assassination a murder Lakhdar opposesA finalist for the prestigious Prix Goncourt Street of Thieves solidifies Énard's place as one of France's most ambitious and keyed in novelists of this century This novel may ven take Zon. ,

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