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S to forget his past his failures and to say goodbye to A Wor This Review wor This review going to be a little different than normal for me almost zero plot synopsis or summary This is going to be a review of adjectives This book is powerful emotionally charged awe inspiring believable brilliant captivating heartbreaking haunting tear jerking tragic triumphant and at is powerful emotionally *Charged Awe Inspiring Believable Brilliant *awe inspiring believable brilliant heartbreaking haunting tear jerking tragic triumphant and at controversial and dark This book grabbed my attention and emotions from page one and held it all the way to the last word on the last page With the mix of a jailbreak racing against time to save three lives falling in love and passionate love scenes this book has it all I cannot recommend it enough and highly suggest you. Treacherous rescue mission was Cole Ellis but he was behind bars and condemned to hangBridget's boldness in breaking him out of jail was the jolt Cole needed to give his life purpo. Read it for for yourself Loved loved loved this bookI m a huge fan of survival type books where the hero and heroine have to brave the elements and somesuch so this book was right up my ally The romance between the two of them was believable and their chemistry was amazing I adored Bridget That girl had some major spunk D And Cole was delicious in so many ways I admit I didn t realize just how young he was until there was a comment about living twenty four years without a specific experience cough I ept thinking he was in his thirties probably because he d been through so much it just seemed to age the poor manThis one is definitely going on my ALL TIME FAVORITES SHELF 5 STARS. Time Favorites shelf 5 Stars. Se again But with a posse at their heels and the mountain looming she couldn't help but wonder if putting her trust in this tough life hardened man wasn't the biggest danger of all. ,

Outlaw Bride

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35 This book caught my eye whilst searching for another
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with the title blurb sounded promising enough And Within Minutes I Was within minutes I was in this tale that tells the story of how 2 people survive against all odds until rescue comes calling22 year old Bridget Rose Callahan is a woman who is determined that she would brave the harsh conditions of the brutal winter weather up in the Cascades mountain to save the last of her family members no matter what it is that she has to do to achieve it At her wits end Bridget seeks the help of 26 year old Cole Ellis who is on death row awaiting the hangman s noose almost as if in anticipationWhat Cole wants than anything else Breaking him out of prison was the easy partBridget Callaghan was willing to do anything to save her family stranded in the Cascade Mountains The only man who could attempt such