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Ot of big things happened and yea for therapy That s another kind of brave seeking help but I was happy to see everything tied up to see how far both Alissa and Dakota have comeDisclosure ebook provided in exchange for an honest review 15 StarsReviewPLOT Here lies the issue I got with this novellaThis is the reason for the low rating The reason for me hovering over I didn t like itI didn t like most of the story line I don t like the whole insta love or insta lust thing I simply don t get it This had both thrown in so honestly it made me roll my eyes right from the get go Oh and add to that the one and only And I ust can t dealI was not impressed with the smut It ust was I don t know not for me I found it not very enticingIn general this was too cliche and too emotional and too grand gesture for me I did like the underlying message or some of them I didn t like how it was brought acrossThe epilogue though is the reason I rounded this down I know what it was suppose to evoke in me But I ust thought Really Seriously are there men out there who speak like this To be honest should I ever have to face a situation like that I would run I am of a actions speak louder than words kinda girl And forget the gran romantic gestures they scare the crap out of me and make me wonder what hidden agenda there is to it Yeah I know I am a cold heareted hard ass BI think however the story will appeal to loads of gals out therePROSE Having said all this things about the story line ust loved the Prose reason I am hovering towards this is okI love the way Dawson writes The novella was well thought out and well paced I loved how she added flashbacks and slowly unravelled the story Dawson held my attention despite the fact that I wasn t sold on the story and wasn t sure about the characters Which is a feat I gulped this up and when I was finished I realised that despite me not really liking this I was totally captivated Sure speaks for Dawson s skill as a writerCHARACTER BUILDING I didn t like either MC particularly well They were to soppy and melodramatic for me Oh and possibly not broke enough The character building was done really well One got to know them slowly one reveal after the other And considering this is fairly short I ended up knowing a great deal about them My issue was I couldn t find myself caring for them they seemed to carefully planned and not uite believableIt s a must read novella for lovers of the genre and the author And I am planning on reading another of Dawson s books hoping that I will like that story line better next timeFor reviews ect of The 12 NA s CHRISTMAS on CLOSET GEEKS AND SLOW MO click HERE All I can say is WOW I have not read anything by this author before but when I read the cover of this book I knew I wanted to read it and boy am I glad that I did This was a beautiful sad heartwarming tale "of 2 broken and lost souls who find each other and ultimately heal each other Highly recommend plus "2 broken and lost souls who find each other and ultimately heal each other Highly recommend plus will definitely be reading books by this talented author I received a copy of this book via Netgalley to read and reviewThis book was so cliche it s comical honestly I kept reading because it was funny how bad this book was You know that facebook friend of yours that is in a new relationship every month and the day they start dating she s like LUV MY BOO yeah that is this book The characters fell in what I like to refer to as insta love This is a huge pet peeve of mine you are not in love with them that fast you do not know their soul shut up before I barf My other pet peeve showed up in this book as well physically flawless characters Like ust give your character a flaw in their appearance Nope he s a perfect ten and so is she From the descriptions they sound like models Not everyone is perfect and I don t want to read about the perfectly beautiful characters Except Gia the supermodeldrug addict who got HIV I d read about herThe whole thing was super melodramatic Every single thing is over the top I didn t want to watch a soap opera actually I ve seen soap operas that are less dramatic than this I can t tell you how many times that I read the word demons like we get it you have a tragic past Can we move on ever Or do you want to talk about your demons for another five Pages The Main Character The main character is very helpless and super bossy I m pretty sure I ve sprained an ankle before and didn t need to be carried everywhere She plays such a damsel in distress and Dakota is her knight in shining armor But did I mention that he has demons Because he does he really has a tragic past and oh in case you didn t And oh in case you didn t the first forty times I told you both the main characters are freaking gorgeous Really they re so beautiful and tragic they re tragic too BARF Another thing their thoughts and actions don t match their words at all They both act so damaged by their tragic pasts and super guarded about everything and then as soon as one of them asks the other a uestion they spill their guts Like you re either guarded or your an open book you can t be both pick oneI thought maybe I d like the ending of this book at least they seemed to be moving forward But don t worry they ll tell you a few times that he s dealing with his freaking demons The ending is way too happily ever after for me I ust wanted to vomit Great go live happily ever after and I don t ever want to hear about these characters ever agai. S all about What real love is all about But is the season enough her courage enough her love enough to heal this hero’s brave heart and in the end set herself freeWarning This book is for mature audiences onlyNew Adult Contemporary RomanceOther books by this AuthorA Perfect Secret Series Hope Parish Novels New Adult Contemporary MysteryA Perfect MessA Perfect Mistake coming soonA Perfect Dilemma coming soonGoing to the Dogs series Romantic ComedyLight MysteryLeashed #1 FREEGroomed for Murder #2Hounded#3Collared.

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I don t know what to say other than I was blindsided by this novella by Zoe Dawson Expecting a feel good sweet little Christmas story Brave left me an emotional mess crying in my room as I tried to get a grip and come to terms with what I had ust read I haven t done eitherand I m still crying Brave is not a Christmas novel Rather it is one about life and love sacrifice soul searing pain and soul lifting A Certain Justice (Adam Dalgliesh, joy numbing fear and the bravery to face that fear in spite of yourself The synopsis on this and other sites explains the plot adeuately but in no way prepares you for the emotional storm of this magnificent little story It may be short but it is powerful Ms Dawson I got it I felt it I lived it through your words Now let me wipe my eyes and blow my noseagainand put the rest of your books on my wishlist I finished this book andust sat uietly in awe at having experienced such a moving story From her entrance during the blizzard possessively dragging her pink and yellow backpack with Winnie the Pooh on the face behind her to her subseuent fall over the cliff rescue and residency in the cabinsprained ankle and all I absolutely loved Alissa Her strength in both her uest to carry out her promise to her best friend Charlie and to convince Dakota that he deserves than this life of isolation was the true catalyst in this story for meDakota was living with the demons from his past and struggling to try to overcome them Alissa said it best I was so thoroughly intrigued by him His looks and body aside there was something about him Somethingwounded I knew about being wounded and maybe that was why I recognized it in him His character development during this story is extraordinaryAnd this is their ourney to overcome the demons and see if Love can really conuer all And what an amazing story unfolds filled with laughter and tears and hope And a whole new meaning to the word Brave Oh and one truly Awesome EpilogueZoe thank you for allowing me the privilege of reading an ARC of this book My copy was provided via NetGalley by Blue Moon Creative LLC in exchange for an honest review 155 Stars I don t like it but I don t hate it eitherDakota came off as tortured soul who has unsuccessfully escaped the horrors of his past retreating towards himself in an attempt to save himself from the painAlissa a girl who was doing all she could even going against her family to fulfill a promise to a best friendAs I was through the first two chapters I realized that this wasn t my cup of teaI can be a sucker for romance but inta love and insta lust It felt somehow forced I d personally prefer a much slower approachI find some of the descriptions a bit too much Especially Alissa s descriptions of Dakota I get the fact that he s hot You don t have to point that out every single time And what bugs me is the fact that she only met this guy and already she feels comfortable too comfortable in fact Having "ualms whatsoever of asking him to fetch her "whatsoever of asking him to fetch At least a little decency will be appreciated after all she came from a wealthy family I was hoping she d act refinedI find Dakota s POV a little better than Alissa s Although the fact that he wants her out of there but ended up carving her a walking stick and even ornamented it with flowers made me roll my eyesParts of the book reminds me much of Fifty Shades And what with Dakota having the last name of you guessed itGrey It has a lot of cliche and a bit dramatic for my tasteI guess to me the characters weren t that believable They felt unrealI think I had to commend Zoe Dawson s writing for the fact that even though I did not like the story it still caught my attention and that is saying something There were mysteries that kept me intriguedThis is a must read for those seeking instant romance which I think might appeal to a number of girls out there This is the first book from NetGalley that I reviewed although I downloaded some other books on the said site before I didn t know how to openacsm files then and I haven t got a chance to read any of those Brave by Zoe DawsonSource AuthorMy Rating 55 starsDakota Gray s life is divided into two distinct categories 1 the time before that horrific day and 2 the time after that horrific day Before that horrific day Dakota was a talented and skilled nurse whose outlook on life was generally very positive His kind nature and desire to help other led him to caring for others until that day robbed him of everything Now Dakota lives in total isolation shunning the world and refusing to return to the life the family and the friends he once had That day lives on in Dakota s every thought and every feeling and he ust can t see a path beyond the pain For Alissa Thompson life should have been easy Her parents are ridiculously wealthy and as long as Alissa follows the life plan her parents have mapped out for her they will continue to pay for everything and make achieving her goals smooth and easy All of this and can be Alissa s as long as she doesn t expect anything like affection andor concern in return The only bright spot in Alissa s life has been her best friend Charlie a friend she would do absolutely anything for even if it means defying her parents and digging deep to find Cinderella Unmasked (Fairytale Fantasies just a little bit of courageEnter fate a mountain a hot guy cutting wood and a wretched snow stormIn trying to fulfill her promise to Charlie Alissa finds herse. In the season of hope in the season of givingHow far would you go for your friendAlissa Thompson has been the good girl her whole life Her uninterested parents don’t understand her hopes and dreams But this Christmas when her steadfast childhood friend Charlie needs her than ever she can’t back down Crossing the line means being braver than she has ever been in her life It means changing and growing and taking a standDakota Gray was brave in the face of debilitating fear But he lost himself in that blood soake. Lf trapped on a mountain top with a busted ankle and a rescuer who wants nothing to do with her beyond setting her injured ankle and pushing her out the door the moment the storm passes Alissa is scared and hurt in ways than one yet realizes that Dakota may beust what she needs to overcome her fear and begin to live her life Dakota can t deny his basic nature and taking care of Alissa does come uite naturally Both angry and confused by her presence Dakota fights himself his memories and Alissa before finally accepting that there may be hope for him yetThe Bottom Line Even at ust 118 pages Zoe Dawson s Brave will take you on a whirlwind ride beginning with page one and not stopping until the very last sentence Dakota and Alissa are both beautifully broken characters who may never have dealt with their issues if they weren t forced into doing so Thank goodness for that snow storm Every moment with them is both heartbreaking and oyful as you see them learn to accept themselves and care for one another Oh and they have some steamy sex too Even in so few pages both characters and their respective backstories are fully developed and left me with a real sense of satisfaction at the end Zoe Dawson has mastered the fine art of packing a few pages with a whole lot of powerful Overall this uick and emotionally charged novella will have you flipping pages at lightning speed and remind you of the true meaning of bravery and courage love and friendship and the holiday season I received a free digital copy from Netgalley in exchange for an honest feedbackI wonder where I found the strength to finish this I ve put it down a lot of times because I was really bored as it dragged on I have no idea what to expect with this but the cover caught my eye and that was one of the very few things I appreciated in this bookThe whole story revolved around two characters Dakota and Alissa described physically perfect which was one of the major cliche factors Both have a dark past they willed to hide but slowly opened up through conversations and a lot of sexual tensions along the way I have to admit that I was confused when the story began but that turned to annoyance and even boredom before even reaching chapter 5 Things were so unreal Can you imagined how the universe must have conspired for their paths to cross How lucky for Alissa that Dakota was even a healer In The Power Of A Choice just a matter of few days they were changed into what they thought was impossible creatures in the path of moving on Alissa was described as one having compassion but seriously she wasust lusting most of the time There was even a part when Dakota was opening up and Alissa was ust kissing him to bring him back to reality or of taking advantageMost of the time they ust held back from their lust which Dakota attributed to the demons inside of him and they appear every so often in the book I think they should have ust succumbed to the call of the flesh so this book would have been over sooner Or better yet the author should have ust stopped dragging it on since the story was predictable anyway That was ust 118 pages but seriously felt like forever I m happy that with their new resolve to be brave but other than that there was nothing else I ve appreciated Original review found at Alissa and Dakota are two lost and broken souls who are stranded together in a cabin on
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Apsen mountain top by blizzard and unusual circumstance the week of Christmas If this doesn t make "For A Cozy And "a cozy and pre Christmas read then I don t know what does Did I mention that Dakota is swoon worthy in a dark and broken kind of way Dakota has been closed off and numb since a tramatic event in his life and is not thrilled that Alissa is stuck in his secluded cabin with him Why was she there and what was with the back pack Alissa sees something in Dakota beyond the sad broken man with the demons that haunt him As much as they don t want to admit it and fight it they make each other feel things like they never have before This story is haunting and beautiful at the same time Both characters are beyond likeable and their stories are beyond sad The chemistry between the two is sizzling and the way they come together is heartwarming This was a uick but satisfying Christmas read for me and at the same time I think I found a new author to enjoy Brave is a surprisingly heavy read and packs uite a punch in only 119 pages Alissa and Dakota have been through a lot things Dawson hints about but you have to keep reading to find out exactly what haunts themBrave is told from both Alissa and Dakota s points of view I m a big fan of dual POVs we see Alissa on a uest for her best friend and Dakota who is hiding out in the mountains and comes to Alissa s rescue They are both suffering both weighed down with guilt and grief and together they begin to find a way to move on I made it so you wouldn t feel hopeless I know what that feels like and it s the worst feeling on earth I didn t want you to feel that way ever location 1034I liked how Dawson showed the different kinds of brave emotionally and physically and how sometimes you are being brave ust getting through the "DAY I TOLD YOU I M "I told you I m hero Alissa I m Oh My God, What a Complete Aisling just a manjust a man I know you are a man You are so sobrave Brave Do you really think so Yes and you taught me how to be brave location 1155I did think the end was kind of rushed a D day and has shunned everything he once knew Now shattered and broken he hides out in isolation his wounds beyond healing His heart closed his emotions buried he’s a man on the edge of self destructing Little does he know that courage would be found in another searching for the strength to be braveNow snowbound in the Colorado Rockies one week before Christmas Alissa thought this was about herourney and her friend about setting him free But from the moment she meets Dakota she learns about what real bravery
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