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This is a great start to a new sword and sorcery series with sassy take no prisoners thief Amra Thetys who has a knife for very occasion When her friend and fellow thief Corbin nds up dead after asking her to look after a strange artifact while he goes to do business with a difficult client Amra vows to find his killer This leads her into all sorts of trouble with a bad bunch who will stop at nothing including sorcery and black magic to get hold of the artifact This short novel or long novella is full of fun and fantasy as Amra TRIES TO AVENGE THE DEATH OF HER FRIEND CORBIN to avenge the death of her friend Corbin is nough world building to give a strong sense of Amra s town and life and there are some great characters Amra herself a thief with a conscience who will always help those in need her friend Holgren the mage who comes to her aid Kluge the Detective who can also wield a little magic and Bosch a very vil immortal villain So good to know there are books in this series waiting to be read With thanks to Netgalley and Ragnarok Publications for a digital copy of this book to read and review Reread it as I got the double feature audio book and I think I loved it ven the second time aroundI found audio book and I think I loved it ven the second time aroundI found on the SPFBO list bought it and then had it sitting on my readet for a whileNow I m wondering why it took me so long to pick it upIt started of fine but I fell in love with about 100 pages about 50% inA short mage fight with a gory nd and a lot of humor thrown in has me shaking from laughter for uite a while Afterwards it gets stranger and darker and amazing I liked the main character who defied any stereotypes but just was herselfI also njoyed the writing style and the side characters and of course the dog I always love the dogThe plot was interesting and had some unexpected twistsI am going to buy the second one right away But why would you care about honorIf you have to ask you wouldn t understandTrouble comes knocking when Corbin Hardin appears on Amra Thetys doorstep with an unknown artifact in tow reuesting she hold onto it for safekeeping The two being thick as thieves both in literal and figurative senses Amra agrees without much uestion When Corbin fails to retrieve the item the following day as promised Amra is immediately swept into a whirlwind investigation of his heinous death set on bringing justice to her friend s murderer Her path of vengeance is hindered by deceit magic and immortals but she refuses to let this crime go unanswered With aid from unexpected places and a thief s network of resources she ll go any length and face any adversary to lay this nightmare to restKerf s crooked staff Wonderfully concise with all the fat smartly trimmed away The Thief Who Pulled On Trouble s Braids is a truly remarkable thrilling and unforgiving story perfectly wrapped in a little package The surface is decorated with blood treachery and cynical banter but on the inside is an inspiring account of loyalty and dedication It s a tale of how the need for vengeance clouds one s judgement Of the power of secrets and jealousy and the absolute control they hold How the worst feeling anyone could Hot Shot (North Ridge Book 3) everxpress is apathy the indifference the Math Basics 6 enemy from within that s potent and dangerous than anyxternal threatOf my many favorite aspects of this book the beautifully developed characters their relationships and their refusal to conform to stereotypes definitely tops the list Amra lucrative thief and heroine with an unremitting loyalty to those she holds dear Everything from her looks to her morals seems to be about balance she s neither pr. Alternate cover dition of ASIN B00AF97702Winner of the Self Published Fantasy Blog Off Hosted by Mark LawrenceAmra Thetys lives by two simple rules take care of business and never let it get personal Thieves don't last long in Lucernis otherwise But when a fellow rogue and good friend is butchered on the street in a deal gone wrong she turns her back on burglary and goes after something precious than treasure RevengeRevenge however migh. Etty nor ugly regardless of her scars neither noble nor malicious Inconspicuous unnoteworthy yet witty And Than Capable She Swears than capable She swears a sailor and commands great respect from those surrounding her Holgren a mysteriously powerful mage who s atypical of your traditional mage He s willing to help others without asking for recompense and has a sociable personality with a cynical sense of humor It s obvious there s lurking beneath the surface and hopefully we re able to xplore that in future books Boschabsolutely repugnant Bosch s The First Ghost employeryou ll seeThe city of Lucernis and surrounding territories are handsomely craftedverything from the upscale villas upon the cliffs overlooking the Dragonsea to the ramshackle abodes bordering the charnel grounds ach region is illustrated in vivid immersive detail Rich history is hinted at by introducing various deities and describing them by the actions and personalities of their priests and acolytes Descriptions don t take up too much real state the world speaking for itself as you re dragged along the sprawling streets at a breakneck pace The darker and grievous facets of the story balanced with a sardonic tone is in my opinion the perfect recipe for an amusing and Simple Numbers, Straight Talk, Big Profits!: 4 Keys to Unlock Your Business Potential engaging adventureLooking back I originally shelved this book at the beginning of 20172017 I m literally chiding myself for waiting so long to finally dive in I thoroughlynjoyed this book and have already ordered the rest of the series to catch up on the misadventures of Amra Thetys If you re looking for a uick and ntertaining read of thieving mystery and magic this is the one you re looking for Onto the next I must admit that the only reason this book came to my attention was because it was the winner of the first Self Published Fantasy Blog Off hosted by Mark Lawrence I like the idea of a competition that seeks to separate the wheat from the chaff in the murky world of self published a competition that seeks to separate the wheat from the chaff in the murky world of self published so I decided to go ahead and read the book deemed the best of the best I m not super keen on the wordy title or the books cover but did think the synopsis was uite intriguing Was the story itself worth the reading Definitely It was not a rival for any of the books sitting on my favourites shelf but it was a solid Swords and Sorcery fantasy tale Amra Thetys is a thief with morals who finds herself on a uest for vengeance after a friend and fellow thief is murdered after a job gone bad The story was uite njoyable Amra was not at all what I was Humanism expecting She was tough gritty cynical and kick ass for sure but she was not particularly bitter or angry at her lot in life I found itasy to like her The secondary characters were a likeable bunch The best of the lot being the mage Holgen The world was an interesting and fairly original one We only got glimpses of it while reading this first instalment and I was left wishing for a bit backstory long before the story concluded As luck would have it that Smokin' Hot explanation arrived at thend in the spectacular form of a brief guide of Amra s World written by the hilariously cantankerous old priest Lhiewyn the High Priest of the God of Knowledge The story itself was a nice mix of mystery and action the plot moved along at a nice pace and the world was full of some cool magic and creatures This was an Placing Memory enjoyable read I ll definitely be reading the seuel as I think there is interesting tales to be told in this worldRating 4 stars August 28 2020 only 099 todayJuly 2018Previous rating 4 starsNew rating 5 stars Because DUH and stuff And the moral of this reread is I first told you Little. T be hard to come by A nightmare assortment ofnemies including an immortal assassin and a mad sorcerer believe Amra is in possession of The Blade That Whispers Hate the legendary powerful artifact her friend was murdered for and they'll do anything to take it from her Trouble is Amra hasn't got the least clue where the Blade might beShe needs to find the Blade and soon or she'll be joining her colleague in a cold grave instead of aveng. ,

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The Thief Who Pulled on Trouble's Braids 2015Barnacles about this Most Deliciously Scrumptious Series MDSS THREE YEARS AGO And you are still NOT READING IT What the bloody shrimp of the stinking Fish Is Wrong With You is wrong with you Decapods My original crappy non review was way too crappy and you need incentive Would the sudden and totally unexpected unleashing of the murderous crustaceans on you help I thought it might Watch out incoming Note to self why the bloody fish didn t I kidnap adopt Holgren the second I met him Because I m a total nitwit that s why Good thing the Silly Arthropods have been reading crap instead of this series otherwise ngaged these past three years and never learnt of his xistence MINE MINE MINE Holgren is MINE A very private message from this Slightly Awesome Book SAB to Clueless Barnacles verywhere Book 2 The Thief Who Spat in Luck s Good Eye Book 3 The Thief Who Knocked on Sorrow s Gate Book 4 The Thief Who Wasn t There Book 5 The Thief Who Went to War Short stories The Last God Original reviewKerf s whithered testicles where did you come from Amra Thetys I cannot for the life of me remember how I found out about you I could kick myself when I think that I abandoned you in the cold lonely depths of my Kindle for three whole months before giving you the attention you deserved How could I forget about you Damn To think of all the crap I read while you were there patiently waiting for me Damn To think of all the wow yeah this is so cool stuff I missed Damn I m such an idiot mostsometimes But hey it s never too late to fall in love right And let me tell you I am most definitely in love with Amra Thetys Yes I am Why am I in love with Amra you ask Because she s not feminine Because she s not pretty Because she curses like a sailor Because she s straightforward Because she s sarcastic and cynical Because she s honest with herself Because she doesn t take crap from anyone Because she s a thief Because knives are her favourite toys And because she kicks ass Oh yes in love I amYeah I know what you re probably thinking Blah blah blah blah Sarah s fallen in love with yet another badass heroine so what lse is new Well I ll have you know that My DNF track record is much impressive than my Damn I m So In Love Right Now stats And don t you doubt that for a second My beloved Amra is not the only reason I loved this story so much No she s not Cross my heart hope to die and all that crap What Wanton Nights else did I LOVE about this book then Apart from thentertaining fast paced action Packed Plot You Mean And plot you mean And shrimpalistic world building And Holgren Amra s sidekick And the magic sorcery bits And the cool creatures And the blood and gore yay And the humour And last but certainly not least the absolute total utter lack of freaking romance Well I m afraid these are the only few things I LOVED about this story That s not much now is it Right But hey you know me I love to give high ratings to crappy books that don t deserve it that thing right there It s called sarcasm just making sure While My Soldier Serves everyone gets it just in case and stuff This is a novella This is free This is the introduction to one of the best series I vever read in the ntirety of my ntire life What do you want Nothing huh That s what I thought Read this people You can thank me later And you might want to consider thanking Michael McClung too MaybeBye now Pre review nonsense Fantasy magic very cool knife wielding heroine very cool magic wielding sidekick lots of action This was pretty fantastic Sigh Yet another series to add to my to read list Double sigh Crappy review to come In a year or two Maybe. Ing his death Time is running out for the small scarred thiefMcClung has an impressive ability to write compelling characters and a fast paced and action packed plot that never seems to let up Speculative Book ReviewThere are gods and demons and magic and better yet it all feels refreshingly original Elitist Book ReviewsMichael McClung writes ಪರಿಸರದ ಕತೆ Parisarada Kathe excellent dialogue that keeps the charactersngaging and the story moving forward Fantasy Facti. ,
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