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Uentro a un V ctor Hugo ensayista con una obra ue toca muchos y variados temas donde el autor ranc s despliega su proverbial sabidur a su amplia cultura y su exaltado romanticismo La resultante de esto es una suerte de discurso Ue Parece Acercarse M S A Una parece acercarse m s a una al ser humano ue a un ensayo sobre Shakespeare y compa a V ctor Hugo aprovecha el viaje para dejar sentir entre las p ginas de su ensayo una amarga ueja en contra de los gobiernos intolerantes y dejar sentir entre las p ginas de su ensayo una amarga ueja en contra de los gobiernos intolerantes y spotas La voz amarga y rebelde ue se escucha procede de la Isla de Guernsey amarga y rebelde ue se escucha procede de la Isla de Guernsey el Canal de la Mancha tras el destierro ue le impuso Napole n III desde donde el inmortal autor se da tiempo para lanzar sus invectivas condenando la represi n y la carencia de libertad de expresi n Seguir persiguiendo el espectro de Shakespeare para poder ver aunue sea algunos de los destellos ue lanza esa luz inmensa mientras tanto ue viva V ctor Hugo Victor Hugo was a madman who believed he was Victor Hugo Jean CocteauThis has to be one of the craziest books I ve ever read and I loved it After a ew half hearted pages of actually erroneous biography Hugo abandons the subject of Shakespeare and launches into a sermon on the nature of genius The overwhelming elephant in the room and true though unspoken subject of the book is Hugo s paean to his own massive genius a Song of Himself It also includes an interesting list of Hugo s choices of the greatest writers of all time in chronological order1 Homer2 Job3 Aeschylus4 Isaiah5 Ezekiel6 Lucretius7 Juvenal8 Tacitus9 St Paul10 St John11 Dante12 Rabelais13 Cervantes14 ShakespeareThe implication is clearly that 15 is Hugo Himself Delicious Victor Hugo not only gives the high points and the low points of William Shakespeare s life but also what led to Shakespeare being a great writer He explains what made Shakespeare s art so amazing He discusses not only the literature but the science history and culture behind Shakespeare Moments of brilliancemoments of rambling. This work is culturally important and have elected to bring the book back into print as part of our continuing commitment to the preservation of printed works worldwide. Glandtake away India and put Germany that other immense mother All men Allemagne take away Pericles and put Elizabeth take away the Parthenon and put the TOWER OF LONDON TAKE AWAY THE of LONDON TAKE AWAY THE AND PUT take away the and put mob take away the atality and put the melancholy take away the gorgon and put the witch take away the eagle and put the cloud take away the sun and put on the heath shuddering in the evening wind the livid light of the moon and you have Shakespearepage 154A Gutenberg discovering the method As If Being 12 3/4 Isn't Bad Enough, My Mother Is Running for President! for the sowing of civilization and the meansor the ubiuity of thought will be Stickman Odyssey, Book 2: The Wrath of Zozimos followed by a Christopher Columbus discovering a newield A Christopher Columbus discovering a world will be The Last of the Tribe followed by a Luther discovering a liberty After Luther innovator in the dogma will come Shakespeare innovator in art One genius completes the otherPages 238 239The bifurcated idea the idea echoing itself a lesser drama copying and elbowing the principal drama the action trailing its own shadow a smaller action but its parallel the unity cut asunder surely it is a strangeact These twin actions have been strongly blamed by the ew commentators who have pointed them out Podr a decir ue en este libro a pesar de su t tulo se habla de muchas cosas menos de Shakespeare pero estar a exagerando V ctor Hugo nos presenta un ensayo con diversos temas como la cultura la misi n del arte l desarrollo de la sociedad el sentido de justicia la democracia el pensamiento humano las guerras la historia en in nos habla de ese torrente de luz ue se llama Civilizaci n Para ello se vale de muchos personajes como Ner N Napole N n Napole n gula Dante Rabelais T cito Esuilo Beethoven Miguel ngel Voltaire y por supuesto Shakespeare El grand simo V ctor Hugo novelista nos ha ascinado hasta el arrebato a un sinn mero de lectores con sus narraciones a trav s ya de dos siglos Ahora esperando encontrar un paneg rico de Shakespeare ue me hiciera entender un poco de la grandeza de la obra del Bardo me enc. Tions introduced by the digitization process Though we have made best efforts the books may have occasional errors that do not impede the reading experience We believe. .
Title William ShakespeareAuthor Victor HugoTranslator A BaillotRelease Date november 10 2016 ebook 53490language englishproduced by laura 10 2016 EBook 53490Language EnglishProduced by Laura and Marc D Hooghe at Free Literature online soon in an extended version also linking to ree sources or education worldwide MOOC s educational materials Images generously made available by the Hathi TrustFree download available at Project GutenbergI made the proofing of this book or Free Literature and it will be published by Project GutenbergImages generously made available by the HathiTrustPREFACEThe true title of this work should be Apropos to Shakespeare The desire of introducing as they say in England before the public the new translation of Shakespeare has been the irst motive of the author The The Seduction of Miranda Prosper feeling which interests him so profoundly in the translator should not deprive him of the right to recommend the translation However his conscience has been solicited on the other part and in a binding way still by the subject itself In reference to Shakespeare all uestions which touch art are presented to his mind To treat these uestions is to explain the mission of art to treat these uestions is to explain the duty of human thought toward man Such an occasionor speakingtruths imposes a duty and he is not permitted above all at such an epoch as ours to evade it The author has comprehended this He has not hesitated to turn the complex uestions of art and civilization on their several The Warrior Princess of Pennyroyal Academy faces multiplying the horizons every time that the perspective has displaced itself and accepting every indication that the subject in its rigorous necessity hasoffered to him This expansion of the point of view has given rise to this bookPage 67Homer Job Aeschylus Isaiah Ezekiel Lucretius Juvenal Saint John Saint Paul Tacitus DanteRabelais Cervantes ShakespeareThat is the avenue of the immovable giants of the human mindPage 145Now take awayrom the drama the East and replace it by the North take away Greece and put En. This is a pre 1923 historical reproduction that was curated or uality uality assurance was conducted on each of these books in an attempt to remove books with imperfec. Hugo's Works William Shakespeare