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A Playful Manifesto of Story A Practical and Vital #TEXT FOR TELLERS WRITERS AND TEACHERSPLAYING WITH STORIES IS #for Tellers Writers and TeachersPlaying with Stories is explosive text that will rejuvenate any writer thinker teller and teacher I am a pre service teacher and I will keep this book close to my side in my first "YEARS OF TEACHING I WOULD HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS TEXT "of teaching I would highly recommend this text undergraduates and master teachers alikeTo begin Cordi s work is transcendent of many education writers through a seamless blend of theory and practice Playing with Stories reads like a manual but feels like a manifesto it is a holistic "LOOK AT WHAT IT MEANS TO SPEAK AND LISTEN " at what it means to speak and listen and outside of the classroom To this end it may come to some surprise that Cordi s first step towards deep storytelling is deep listening however it is this practice which allows us to become mediators of our stories and the stories that surround us every dayThe act of being open to story is what Cordi calls iving oneself Permission 2 Play This pledge affirms a storyteller s passion to play learn make mistakes fail uestion their thinking revise create and most of all to have fun with their storiesUnderlying Cordi s work is the tinder that will rekindle the fire of story in each person Through Cordi s uniue process known as word dancing the hesitant writer or speaker will find a way into the journey of storytelling through tried and true exercises and practice When we dance with words then stories become a playful construction of contemplation and communication While contemplation and reflection may take place alone communication with a story mediator does not Cordi Island Girls (and Boys) gives explicit advice on how to co construct stories from a peer level or from a teacher level This is informal assessment at its best and it allows teachers the chance toenuinely interact with students and their storiesBy the end of Playing with Stories I felt the old urge to start writing and telling again I felt the urge to carry this framework into my lesson planning pedagogy and life What is basic to our humanity then story What is essential to young people then owning and playing with their stories Through deep listening word dancing and mediation we may just find that the root of lifelong learning is found in Calvinists Incorporated: Welsh Immigrants on Ohio's Industrial Frontier giving oneself permission to be a lifelong storyteller When reading the first chapter of Kevin Cordi s Playing With Stories I was flooded with recollections of my own evolution into theater and storytelling beginning with the Open Theater back in the 1960 s who introduced me to the power and wonder of play starting with an exercise that leads to what Cordi calls deep listening and which involved sound breath and motion and made me jettison my history major in college and instead embrace theater with a passion With this book Cordi certainly hits the proverbial nail on the head when it comes to crafting stories If this is up your alley or down your street or in your backyard or something you want to do then don t wait another minute toet this book Packed with ideas you ll be Stretching Lessons: The Daring that Starts from Within going back to Cordi s Playing With Stories until itets worn in and bent out of shape before its time and you ll never look at words or stories or maybe even life in the same old way ever again Thanks Kevin Andy Fraenkel Storyteller Award Winning Author Workshop Leader It was my pleasure to read this book and to interview Kevin on NWP Radio even if he wrestled control of the radio interview from me and made me play story making with him omg I am from New England doesn t he know This is a Call the Next Witness great book for teachers or students interested in makingplaying with stories in writing in drama in storytelling in school at home or onstage wherever and however the spirit might move them I m happy to have made Kevin s acuaintance though his writing and the interview and amlad to call him my NWP colleague Kevin Cordi is trustworthy I know this because in his book Playing With Stories. It has not been easy to value play  Mainstream culture urges us to rush and finish what we are working on to uickly advance to the next task at hand  Too often we must punch our time clock forward without much consideration  As the minutes and hours move we indirectly communicate both to ourselves and the world no time remains to play; we must work    Despite that the world around me does not value play in my creative life play is necessary  In fact I have discovered it is the real work I do as an artist and teacher  As a storyteller writer teacher and imag. Playing With StoriesNcourages each away from sitting and writing and towards riffing like an improviser alone and with friends to create "the Teller s best story Kevin Cordi s book Playing with Stories Story Crafting for "Teller s best story Kevin Cordi s book Playing with Stories Story Crafting for Writers Teachers and Other Imaginative Thinkers is an innovative look at the craft of storytelling and various ways in which play and imagination can facilitate storytelling as a collaborative activity The first chapter opens with a discussion of the importance of play and how play is devalued in contemporary society Cordi shows how to move through the fear and intimidation that often block efforts to become creative and he #describes how his openness to student input transformed his vision of #how his openness to student input transformed his vision of possibilities of the use of storytelling for enhancing education both in and out of the classroom Drawing on the ideas of educational theorists who stress problem based play Cordi focuses attention on the creative process of storytelling challenging the tendency to be too exclusively focused on rushing to the end product In the second chapter he discusses ways of letting o of preconceived ideas about the story making process and overcoming fears that inhibit creativity He talks about the use of deep diaphragmatic breathing as a meditative techniue to prepare the mind for the creative play of imagination He also discusses multiple modes of story crafting not only the spoken written story but also drawing images cartoons dancing puppetry song and other modes that can be used explore the elements of story in the story crafting process In the third chapter Dr Cordi discusses what he calls word dancing spontaneous play with spoken language used to explore various possibilities of a story while creating it He advocates the use of such oral exercises as a possible techniue of discovery prior to writing stories down He compares such spontaneous exploratory improvisation to dancing as dancers adapt their movement to changing music and so alter their dance storytellers can reshape their stories in process by dancing with their words But although focusing on oral exercise the chapter also discusses the use of a word dancing journal in which one can take notes on one s experiments and which can be used as an essential reflection tool chokengtitiktitikchokeng59 He ives an example of using a series of uestions to elaborate a story and also techniues to explode expand and diffuse reduce story moments He illustrates exercises varying the perspectives or the telling time of stories as a way of brainstorming further story possibilities These are just some of the many word dancing exercises he illustrates to row the power of the story teller s imagination capacity to reflect and precision of craft In the fourth chapter Cordi takes us inside the storyteller s unseen workshop He stresses that storytellers should come to together to discuss their craft and in this chapter he introduces us to some to the mechanics of the craft or perhaps to its soul and spirit He explores the role of trouble in story story tension story rhythm etc He extends his illustration of the word dancing journal with series of uestions for reflection This chapter illustrates many exercises for working with these conceptsIn the fifth chapter Cordi shows how deep listening in conjunction with a partner can be used to help shape stories and improve the understanding of storyte Kevin is a brilliant writer entertainer and storyteller His book has taught me to have fun again with writing For too long I worried about putting the right words to paper but with his strategies I ve learned how to relax and allow writing to be play I ve learned to enjoy experiencing my stories aloud I ve learned to enjoy exploding the moment and I ve learned to diffuse the moment all of which have taught me to be a better writer So thank you Kevin for allowing me to be a kid again and pla. Way to create and learn    In both childhood and adult play the imagination plays a central role in the meaning making process  Although there are many types of play school based recess sports this work is rooted in play inviting the writer storyteller or imaginative thinker to make choices as they work to create meaning in their work      I will share how collaborative play can increase your choices when making a story  You will find not only exercises to build your story making and telling skills but pedagogy of practice to use when called to create stor. ,

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He writes with integrity about the crafting and rehearsing of and the listening to storie in a safe and trusting way The book is filled with concrete ways in which the storyteller writer teacher listener can use clear and organized exercises to put story into play andor craft a story before the writing of it We learn or are reminded that a story performed needs to be in playpliablein the momentas if told for the first time with the listeners co creating along with us To do this Kevin offers us many ways in which to tap into the unconscious space where creativity exists Whether a sad tale or a happy oneplay means the story is present in the moment It is the fortunate reader who tries these exercises not only are they helpful they are fun As a former student of Dorothy Heathcote see p 109 and a teacher of theatre amesstory theatre "I WAS ESPECIALLY HAPPY TO SEE THE IDEA OF "was especially happy to see the idea of work in storytelling brought once again to light The book "is not just for an individual storytellercrafterit can be utilized for " not just for an individual storytellercrafterit can be utilized for classroomcampBible studies etcAs a storyteller and teaching artist I will refer to this book often Whether one is working on a traditional tale or personal narrative practitioners of storytelling in all forms will find this book essential reading Playing with Stories presents an approach to story crafting that #is challenging and fun a refreshing change from the many books available about storytelling and story crafting #challenging and fun a refreshing change from the many books available about storytelling and story crafting Kevin Cordi s suggestions and techniues help the storyteller to create new and wonderfully satisfying stories as well as how to keep the old stories alive vibrant and entertainingThe play that is described in detail actually results in a body of work which can be intensely rewarding Much like an athlete s practice at playing a sport where the joy is found in the actual Casuistry and Modern Ethics: A Poetics of Practical Reasoning game or event the joy of playing with stories comes from creating a story that may continue torow and evolve into something wonderfulDr Cordi recommends working with a story partner a mediator or even a Charlestown Blues group He outlines clear detailed techniues for use with a wide demographic including elementary students in their first attempt at crafting stories as well as senior citizens who have never thought of writing or telling their stories Instead of simply retelling a story over and over Dr Cordi suggests a stop ando method where the partner provides uestions suggestions hints and pauses to help the story crafter tease out the sense of the story what can the teller see hear feel smell or taste in order to experience the story fully and with reater understandingPlaying with Stories is a book for anyone who wants to become a better storyteller using written or spoken words It is eually valuable for beginners amateurs and even professional storytellers As a teacher with forty years of experience using stories in science and mathematics classrooms I wish I d had the benefit of this book throughout those years when planning lessons My students would have heard better stories in each subject I taught I recommend this book for everyone who would like to improve their ability to tell a storySubmitted by Stas Ziolkowski Beginner and practiced storytellers alike will find this volume both useful and easy to read as they look to hone their craft Cordi offers practical advice tips and exercises to encourage storytellers to work alone and in roups in developing and Building the South Side growing their stories The book is full of examples of how Cordi himself is successful in his own methods and after years of practice is able to even use the methods of play in performance to best engage and captivate his audiences These real life examples provide the reader with a practicaluide to the many activities as well as testimony to their importance in developing storytelling craft This slim volume has the capacity to transform the way Tellers approach storytelling as Cordi Inative thinker it is play that has produced the most desired results in my life in my work and especially in my creativity   It is in play that we experience who we are and we begin to extend our choices   Play is not consciously prepared; discovery that happens in the moment   It invites reflection   In fact Plato once shared “You can discover about a person in an hour of play than in a year of conversation”   In this book you will discover new ways to work with your story craft and find new story direction using play  Indeed play is a meaningful.