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Erlatives on this multifaceted book It is a gem that far surpasses the expectation of simply being a book for James Bond fansThe book isn t neatly pigeon holed as a biography of Ian Fleming the creator of James Bond While Fleming is at the heart of the book it is so much richer deeper and nuanced than another bio It is part mid century British history Jamaican history British political history social commentary historical analysis of colonialism and the breakup of the British Empire cold war politics psychology sociology tawdry gossip of the sexual escapades of British upper class pop culture iterary critiue not only of Fleming but also his neighbor Noel Coward who is discussed almost as much as Fleming and even a bit of musical history particularly related to Island Records which brought Bob Marley to the world stageAll of this is told in an engaging style that makes the book hard to put down Of course the book centers on Fleming Like his fictional alter ego he was a chain smoking 70 unfiltered cigarettes a day hard drinking half a bottle of gin a day womanizer During World War II where he served as a Naval intelligence officer Fleming made a trip for a meeting in Jamaica and fell in ove with it Following World War II he took a position as a reporter and columnist with the London Sunday Times upon condition that he could have two months vacation each January and February to travel to Jamaica then a British colony filled with decaying sugar plantations tropical birds and sea creatures pristine waters and Manipulation and Dark Psychology less than 200 hotel rooms Fleming bought about 15 acres overlooking a beautiful bay and built a rudimentary home he named GoldeneyeFour yearsater he sat down at his golden plated typewriter and typed The scent and smoke and sweat of a casino are nauseating at three in the morning It was the opening Women's Activism and Social Change Rochester New York 1822 1872 line of Casino Royale the first James Bond book For the next 13 years until his death in 1964 at the too young age of 56 Fleming would spend each January and February writing a James Bond bookBut this book does so much than trace Fleming s writing or his failing marriage his struggles at being a father to a difficult child hisong standing ove affair with a woman from one of Jamaica s old families and even his failing health just as the James Bond craze was skyrocketingIt s those other stories about the people and the changing world that surrounded Fleming that put context to Fleming s ife and to people and the changing world that surrounded Fleming that put context to Fleming s Understanding Shutter Speed life and to fictional creation James BondI admit being a Bond fan since I was very young and a bigger fan of the books than the movies I even found a curious connection of which I was unaware I knew that Fleming died on my 12th birthday August 12 1952 about six months before I discovered Bond in the dark of aocal movie theater when I saw the movie Goldfinger But what I didn t know until I read the book was that Ian Fleming s only son Caspar a troubled young man who committed suicide by drug overdose at age 23 was born on the same day in the same year was born on the same day in the same year me which of course meant that Ian Fleming died on his son s 12th birthday But even taking this connection into account this is one of the best books I ve read in the past several years It is a MUST REA. Onship with Ann Charteris and hers with Jamaica and the emergence of Blanche Blackwell as his Jamaican soulmate Goldeneye also compares the real Jamaica of the 1950s during the build up to independence with the island's portrayal in the Bond books to shine a The Mother I Carry: A Memoir of Healing from Emotional Abuse light on the attitude of theikes of Fleming and Coward to the dramatic end of the British Empire.

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GoldeneyeGoldeneye An ode to Fleming Bond and JamaicaIn 1943 a young naval intelligence officer was in Kingston for a conference when he promised to himself that a young naval intelligence officer was in Kingston for a conference when he promised to himself that would come back and ive on t The writing moves along and is easy reading The book fleshes out the man who created Bond and the times and circumstances that influenced his books The 50 s was a time of great political and social change in the West Indies influenced his books The 50 s was a time of great political and social change in the West Indies this book covers its impact on Jamaica Fleming had an eclectic group of friends and overs and their interaction on the island is fascinating You The Writing Workshop ll feelike a fly on the wall at times I definitely would put this book in the curl up with a hot cup of tea and a Couple Of Relaxing Hours Category Highly Recommended If You Are of relaxing hours category Highly recommended if you are Bond fan Interesting book primarily about how Jamaica influenced Ian Fleming as he wrote the James Bond novels Worth a read of you Agricultural Engineering like Bond and r Jamaica After Andrew Lycett s exhaustive biography of Ian Fleming which is 20 years old believe it or not you may wonder what iseft to Distant Echoes Finding Keys To Life After Abuse learn of James Bond s creatorIn his new book Goldeneye Matthew Parker proves there is uite a biteft to How Debuggers Work Algorithms Data Structures and Architecture learn Unlike the works of Lycett and John Pearson which remain the two indispensable Fleming biographies Parker s book is not a straightforwardife story He instead focuses on Fleming s An Alien Heat love for Jamaica and the vacation home he built there Goldeneye Pearson and Lycett certainly acknowledge that Jamaica was a major part of Fleming sife but Parker has time and space to devote to the author s time in Jamaica and he unearths aspects of the man not found by previous biographersFleming first visited Jamaica during a conference in World War II while he worked for British naval intelligence Before The Alchemy of Culture: Intoxicants in Society leaving he told his friend Ivar Bryce who wouldater figure in one of the biggest dramas of Fleming s Rough Rider: BWWM Interracial MC Biker Alpha Male Romance life that he would buy a home on the island where he would vacation and write That home would become Goldeneye on Jamaica s north coast near Oracabessa When Fleming secured a London journalism job after the war he insisted upon and received two months paid vacation per year when I was a teenager reading about Fleming I found nothing remarkable about this Today I wonder at his power of persuasion Fleming would spend those two months from January to March at Goldeneye Parker details Fleming sife for those two months out of the year remarkably pinpointing Fleming s Sonic Alchemy: Visionary Music Producers and Their Maverick Recordings locations and activities during his time in Jamaica In some ways it is a biography of two months at a time each chapter usually focusing on a single yearParker also delves into Jamaican history pertinent to the island s hold on Fleming Britainost India shortly after the Second World War but in the ate 1940s and early 50s Jamaica seemed a sunny friendly outpost of the British Empire something that appealed to the nostalgic imperialist Fleming and provided the perfect spot for him to create his imperialist hero James BondAlthough Fleming hinted at the end of the war he wanted to write a spy novel he did not start banging away on his typewriter until his 1952 visit to Jamaica This coincided with his impending marriage to his ongtime mistress Ann pregnant at the time and Flemi. For two months every year from 1946 to his death eighteen years Gramatica de baza a limbii romane later Ian Flemingived at Goldeneye the house he built on a point of high and overlooking a small white sand beach on Jamaica's stunning north coast All the James Bond novels and stories were written here This book explores the huge influence of Jamaica on the creation of Fleming's iconic ,

Ng often blamed premarital jitters for the creation of Bond But Parker finds evidence that Fleming was ready to write Casino Royale that winter of Bond But Parker finds evidence that Fleming was ready to write Casino Royale that winter of his fleeting bachelorhoodThe portrait of the resulting marriage is familiar from Lycett s biography Ian and Ann Fleming were two people who oved each other deeply yet seemed addicted to damaging each other In Parker s book Goldeneye itself becomes an obstacle between them after Ann begins to oathe Jamaica and refuses to vacation there with her husband This allows Fleming to begin an affair with Blanche Blackwell a celebrated member of Jamaica s north coast society and it is hard to dispute a sympathetic partner for fleming by this point ann fleming already was By this point Ann Fleming already was a widely recognized affair with British politician Hugh GaitskillParker ooks at the writing of each Bond book and the circumstances that surround their inception He pays closest attention to the three books set in Jamaica Live and Let Die Doctor No and The Man With the Golden Gun and how the island s shifting political situation is reflected in each titleParker s book is deeply researched but highly readable a uality it shares with Pearson s biography Dozens of books have been written about Fleming and Bond but new insights are hard to come by any Parker s Goldeneye is filled with them It is a worthy supplement to Pearson s and Lycett s thicker volumes I Integrating Cleveland Baseball love James Bond movies fast moving fantasy glitzy bad guys good guy always wins never a dull moment Goldeneye is the house in Jamaica that Ian Fleming built and where all the James Bond books were written The book details theife of Ian Fleming his friendships and the influence Jamaica had on his ife and on his 007 books There s uite a bit of history thrown in as well as societal reflections of the day particularly relating to class and race It wasn t as absorbing a read as I would have expected I felt the writing didn t flow as fluidly as it could have was sometimes boring and ploddy and I had to steel myself to power on through But all in all I got the picture of an Ian Fleming on the island of Jamaica that heavily influenced his writing of one of my favorite spy series of all time I ove reading about Jamaica and I can t get enough of the unlikely friendship between Fleming and Noel Coward so I thoroughly enjoyed this book which places the Bond novels in the context of what s happening both in Jamaica and in Fleming s private Grassroots Leviathan life Five stars just for the photo of Coward with Sean Connery honestly interesting book whichooks at both Jamaica and Ian Fleming the creator of James bond and both histories and how Fleming created the books at his haven Goldeneye the author ooks at Flemings Imperial cravings away from the austere London post war There are three reasons I Bought And Then bought and then this book1 I ove to read books that are historical in focus Its a bonus for me when the history that is being written about has a Jamaica So fascinating Parker does a wonderful job of balancing the history of Jamaica the history of Bond and Fleming s own Facts and Features of English History, a Series of Alternating Reading and Memory Exercises life details Readike fiction so much family drama political intrigue tragedy addiction beauty I cannot heap too many sup. Ost war hero The island was for Fleming part retreat from the world part tangible representation of his own values and part exotic fantasy It will examine his Jamaican friendships his extraordinary circle included Errol Flynn the Olivier's international politicians and British royalty as well as his close neighbor Noel Coward and trace his changing relati. ,