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Third DegreeIng the government and while Warren ept his business out of it he d started partaking when he found out about his conditionThings escalate from thereThis is the first Greg Iles novel I ve read Some reviews are saying it s by far not his best work What do I say to that Thank God Maybe I ll give him another goIt felt like a bad scene from a made for TV movie where everything gets out of hand in a big hurryYes Laurel finds out she s pregnant She s positive that Danny is the father Meanwhile while Warren holds her hostage all he wants to now is for her to admit to her affair and who the man is But she denies it denies it right up until the end even when the proof is flashed between the three of themThe whole scenario within a what 8 hour span was blown way out of proportion You get to understand why because of steroid use and unexplained bouts of anger and violence are a side effect But until you find that out it just seems to dragIt gets to be repetitive and in some places information details and explanations are drawn out and are unnecessary Bad enough that I started skimming pages to get passed explanations that had absolutely nothing to do with the situation For the first time I read anything by this author that from me is considered a bad signAnd the characters good lord where time I read anything by this author that from me

considered a bad signAnd the good lord where I start I was upset with Laurel right from the beginning No matter how bad a marriage is there is no excuse to stray If you aren t in love any it s called DIVORCE Sit down and talk to your spouse Lack of communication upsets me greatly because there is no excuse for it I do hope that I don t offend anyone that s my opinion with a story of fiction or not cheating on your spouse to me is unexcusable Warren I can understand his excuses for NOT TELLING ANYONE ABOUT HIS CANCER I M SURE telling anyone about his cancer I m sure d feel the same way But again if he doesn t want anyone to now that s fine but as his wife and mother of his children she had a right to now what was going on An. Way of his study wildly pulling books from the shelves Two weeks earlier Warren and his partner were informed by the IRS that their medical practice was being audited; since then the stress on Dr Shields has steadily ratcheted upBut Laurel has problems of her own uickly returning to the bedroom she locks herself in the master bath opens a home pregnancy testing it and fearfully tests herself PREGNANT announces the digital readout Laurel closes her eyes as though absorbing news of a death then uickly hides the evidence She is not sure who the father is Summoning all her strength she walks into the itchen to carry out the acting performance of her lifeLater that morning Laurel returns home and is surprised to find her husband's car still parked in the driveway The house has a strange stillness to it In the den she finds Warren sitting on the sofa in the same clothes he wore the previous day His face is pale and unshaven his ey.

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D then he drags the children into the middle of their fight lucky I can t jump into a book I might have beat the crap out of him myselfVera and Auster are completely selfish with utter lack of any morals whatsoever I can t stand people like that in real life I hate finding it in a book fiction or otherwise Some of the cops shouldn t even be cops let alone part of the county s SWAT team Danny seemed to be the only one worth his salt He tried to talk Warren down tried to get him to understand that no Matter What Laurel Did Whether She Cheated Or Not It what Laurel did whether she cheated or not it still no excuse for the way he s acting Tried to get him to stop Even though he was lying to Warren himself that was the smallest of indiscretions that didn t bother me He was trying to stop anyone else from getting illed periodThe biggest problem for me with this book was the repetitiveness and the unnecessary details It made the book drag It wasn t until the second half of the book where the story really started to get interesting Not sure I really liked this one but I had to finish reading it Sometimes however I m not convinced that male authors actually have any concept about what women are really like when it comes to sex and porn I think they male authors tend to create women like they WISH women were In other words I didn t find the lead female to be especially convincing The lead female school teacher secretly having an affair and watching porn on her laptop Disgruntled husband doctor in a practice that was defrauding the government Paramour veteran older man in unhappy marriage Office secretary smart white trash leading not too smart doctors into white collar crime Police department not too smart good ole boys ready to shoot anything that moved In fact all the characters were pretty 1 dimensional to say nothing about them being cliche Any story that tries to make marital infidelity seem like the best choice isn t real high on my oh my gosh I have to read this lis. Es hollow with fear Then in come the children innocent of it allSo begins the most terrifying day in the history of a marriage one that in less than five hours will make the Shields house the vortex of a nerve wracking siege While a nervous ring of armed men awaits its chance to storm the suburban home inside the house the clock ticks down on exposure of Laurel's terrible secret But she is not alone in her lies Before the siege is through this terrifying drama will pull in desperate characters from the town and drive Dr Shields his wife and her lover to the very brink of sanity and survivalRich with Southern atmosphere and perceptively laced with the tacit deceptions and psychological cracks found in nearly all marriages Third Degree delivers another nockout page turning read from Greg Iles the poster boy of southern gothic thrillers Kirkus Reviews and proves again that Iles is today's unparalleled master of the suspense nove. ,
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Again an exciting novel of unexpected adventure In this one we have a husband thinking his wife has been unfaithful They have In this one we have a husband thinking his wife has been unfaithful They have children He idnaps his wife and uestions her to find out who she has been unfaithful with The children become involved and things get worse as guns and murder are brought into play Only Greg Iles could make a super mystery out of a bad marriage Too long and seemed really rushed and drawn out at the same time Rushed bc you don t ever find out what happens to most characters and drawn out bc there was TMI in other parts And lots of unnecessary information too Like all the hoopla about porn and cracking the passwordweird book Unforgiving In ways that oneLaurel Shields s day turns into a nightmare from the moment she got out of bed First an EPT Pregnancy test turns out positive her husband had never came to bed and seems frantic while trashing the great room Obviously he s looking for something What she doesn t Walled know The problem is she doesn tnow who the father is Her husband Warren s or Danny McDavitt the man with whom she d had a year long affair with that recently endedEven though she feels a migraine coming on she still goes to the school with that recently endedEven though she feels a migraine coming on she still goes to the school she teaches special needs children Her migraine becomes full blown when it s Danny who shows up for the parent teacher meeting not his wifeShe returns home for medication for her migraine only to have her husband confront her Seems he found a letter hidden in one of her favourite classic books from an unknown man She denies it but he doesn t believe her Now a gun comes into the picture and Warren is now holding her hostage determined to find out who she was having an affair withMeanwhile Warren has a secret he s been eeping from Laurel He s sick and there s nothing that can be done about it And he s nown about his condition for a little over a year And to boot the IRS is coming to audit him and his partner Kyle Auster Seems Auster has been defraud. From New York Times bestselling author Greg Iles comes his latest tour de force thriller an unforgettable plunge into a world of sex violence marital betrayal medical malpractice and Southern intrigueall of which takes place in the span of one furious terrifying dayIn Third Degree Greg Iles takes us to the idyllic town of Athens Point Mississippi to probe beneath the surface of the modern American marriage where the appearance of perfection conceals a soul searing conflict of unnerving intensity and violent possibility Packed with the storytelling brilliance and twisting suspense that mesmerized readers of True Evil Turning Angel and Blood Memory Iles's newest novel delivers a powerful revelatory reading experienceLaurel Shields thirty five and mother of two awakens to find that her husband Warren a prominent local physician is not in bed with her Creeping out to the itchen of their palatial home she sees him through the door. ,