(E–pub) [Zot The Complete Black and White Collection 1987 1991]

Zot The Complete Black and White Collection 1987 1991

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Zot The Complete Black and White Collection 1987 1991 #COLLECTS ISSUES 11 36 OF ZOT THE BLACK AND #issues 11 36 of Zot the black and issuesBack in the day my first exposure to Zot was issues 30 31 two of the Earth stories about Jenny and her friends Since the scars of adolescence were still fairly fresh I was enthralled As fate should have it Scott McCloud published a book of the black and white issues of Zot of which the Earth stories were a part ofThe book starts off in the vein of the last book albeit in black and white Jenny is pining over Zot and he arrives After a series of adventures on Zot s earth the story shifts to our earth and focuses on human storiesI don t "KNOW HOW LONG THE HIATUS BETWEEN "how long the hiatus between 10 and 11 of Zot were but Scott McCloud s art evolved by leaps and bounds Black and white definitely did him a favor both in the super heroic tales and the Earth stories The manga influence is still there as is the traditional super hero influence but the man can draw His earth stories have so much intricate art To paraphrase the man himself drawing utopian cityscapes is one thing but a Burger King in the ain is something elseWhile I enjoy the black and white super hero stories with Dekko The Blotch 9 Jack 9 and Bellows the Earth stories are far far better A few of them
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nominated for awards The Earth stories focus on Jenny and her friends and Zot is in the periphery for the most part McCloud tells some personal emotional stories and tackles subjects like alcoholism homosexuality homophobia teenage sex and acism all problems that have been sol. From comics pioneer Scott McCloud the complete black and white collection of Zot featuring never before seen artwork and extensive commentary by the authorLong before manga took the American comics market by storm Scott McCloud Understanding Comics Making Comics combined the best ideas from manga alternative comics and superheroes into Zot a fre. Ved since 1991 I was being sarcastic before
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chimes inThe was sad but hopeful I m glad McCloud left things open ended enough to do Zot Online years later I ll have to give that a ead sometime soonThe first time I The Confederate Privateers read these comics I was only a couple years older than Jenny and her high school friends I m happy to say the past couple decades have not diminished the series It s still a five staread particularly the earth stories I Big Bad Detective Agency really can t capture the whole essence of Zot but Ieally want to talk about it Zot is my favorite superhero comic and one of my favorite comics in general Zot is about #understanding what superheros eally are "it s about getting to know #what superheros eally are "it s about getting to know it s about finding your "s about getting to know yourself it s about finding your it s about Otto Freundlich: Cosmic Communism relationships it s about family it s about friendship it s about big ideas it s about ideals and staying true to them The characters in this book deal withelationship problems deal with their fears deal with bullies get through divorces they have crushes they get jealous they get angry they are full The Tattooist of Auschwitz (The Tattooist of Auschwitz, rounded persons with uniue personalities The most of the characters in this comic book are completelyealistic and Profiles in Leadership: Historians on the Elusive Quality of Greatness relatable As a last thing I would like to say that I believe that it s essential for every teenager toead Zot I m not sure but I believe that Zot had a huge influence on Brian K Vaughan I know it had on me and the way that I write you can also find my eview at my comicsbooksmovies elated Instagram account artfanatic313 The modern Superman comes in for uite a bit of criticism for being a bi. Netic and innovative exploration of comics' potential that helped set the stage for McCloud's later groundbreaking theoretical workZachary T Paleozogt lives in the far flung future of 1965 a utopian Earth of world peace obot butlers and flying cars Jenny Weaver lives in an imperfect world of disappointment and broken promises the Earth we live in. .

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T of a metrosexual wimp but the Superman of the 1950s was as much a product of his time with his gratingly patriarchal att I was eady to give this book a bad eview eviling Scott McCloud for ever doing anything but smart analyses of the comics medium like in Understanding Comics Then I got to the last third of this graphic novel The first two thirds of Zot consist of McCloud finding himself as a writer and unfortunately that means many of the stories are nonsensical villains of the McCloud finding himself as a writer and unfortunately that means many of the stories are nonsensical villains of the combined with overwrought humor Zot himself "is pretty boring and the characters around him are meaningless Then two thirds "pretty boring and the characters around him are meaningless Then two thirds the way through its Schätze Aus Dem Musée Picasso, Paris run its like Scott McCloudealized that Zot as a character is dull and needed to focus on human drama At this point Earth Stories as they Letters to Rollins re called this comic takes a Strangers in Paradise esue turn The stories focus on love slices of life and ancillary characters to great success The cheesy villains have disappeared and for someeason there s a kid in underwear still hanging around This makes for a much better comic it s just a shame that it took Mr McCloud to progress enough to get to that point in his storytelling I bought this 550 page graphic novel used from my fav comic shop Maybe the best five bucks I ever spent Zot is a treasure A deconstruction of the superhero genre that is as hopeful as Watchmen is bleak The commentary from Scott McCloud after each issue is always humble and thoughtful and sometimes emotional It adds a ton to this collection If you like comics at all definitely check out Zo. Stepping across the portals to each other's worlds Zot and Jenny's lives will never be the same againNow for the first time since its original publication than twenty years ago every one of McCloud's pages from the black and white series has been collected in this must have commemorative edition for aficionados to treasure and new fans to discove.