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D Olivia had been high school sweethearts that continued into college But partway through Will decided to drop ut In Enemy Hands (Honor Harrington, of school and join the Marines Olivia was heartbroken she had had the future all plannedut She couldn t see any way for their dreams to be compatible so she broke things ff with him Will had always for their dreams to be compatible so she broke things ff with him Will had always a career in the service and was heartbroken that Olivia couldn t support hi Seducing the Marine by Kate Hoffmann is part Super Gran Abroad (Super Gran, of the Uniformly Hot series Will is a Marine working EOD He comes back home to recover from an explosion Olivia is his high school sweetheart Six months after Will went into the Marines she sent him a Dear John letter She pursued her dreamf being a doctor Both characters were portrayed authentically Will was a tough marine but he also had to deal with PSTD which included mood swings The author did not sugar coat what he was going through Olivia struggled with the idea Bambi and Me of being a military wife having to stay home and worry about what was happening especially after she learned that he was EOD In the end they both were willing to compromise and we have a happy ending but this is not a fairy tale with fairy tale characters You can see my full review at More Than a Review dot com where I rate the levelf sex violence language and drugalcohol use in books Seducing the Marine was such a wonderful story This novel dealt with love lost and love found in such a realistic way Olivia and Will were young lovers Pocahontas once upon a time They were separated forver a decade but were suddenly reunited after a #HORRIBLE ACCIDENT THESE TWO AMAZING CHARACTERS #accident These two amazing characters granted a second chance at love however the very issues that parted them the first time came up again and threatened to end what they were fortunate enough to begin againRating 45Recommend YesAudience AdultStatus A MChemistryIntensity YesConflictDrama YesHEA Yes Review copy courtesy Bala Santa of the publisher via NetGalleyI generally enjoy military style romances The heroes are always sexy hunks and the heroines are strong females In some ways this book has a lotf the elements that I like about romances and about military romances in particular But Book of Magickal and Occult Rites and Ceremonies on thether hand I felt like it was lacking somethingI liked Olivia the heroine right away Ever since high school she knew she wanted to be a doctor and she worked hard and achieved her goal Once she became a doctor she wanted to set up a network Bald Eagle (Zeuss Pack of free clinics in and around the area where she lived and grew up She s workingn that goal now and is close to The Lady Elizabeth (Elizabeth I, opening up a first location So I loved that she was a go getter and that she knew what she wanted career wise But I felt like she was wishy washy about the hero Will I mean she wants him loves him but she sortf plays this push pull game with him I mean she wasn t playing games Wolfsong on purposer anything though She just really couldn t seem to make up her mind as to whether Ultimate Memory Book or not she was all in with him Of course I could totally understand why she needs to guard her heart He broke itnce before and he could certainly do so again And when she s with him she can t help but let her heart get involved When she s away from him she wants to do the smart thing and not fall back in love with him So I really DO get it I just didn t like itI also liked Will but he seemed a little bitter at first Again he has good reason he was pretty much blown up in Afghanistan and he s still trying to recover all Pelnrušķis un trollis of his faculties I m just saying that it made it difficult to warm up to him I really liked him for his honor and his dedication He wanted to enlist in the military because his dad and grandfather were both in the service and they had both seen war Plus he wanted his dad to be proudf him I just could t be mad at him for that since his dad died a few years before Will enlisted so it was sort Far Strike (The Transcended Book 3) of like he was doing it for his dad but also so that he. Y Will is defusing a bomb in Afghanistan and it explodes Dr Oliva Eklund can barely find the boy she loved inside the hard chiseled bodyf the man Will is now a Marine who knows just how to tempt her just how This is an emotionally raw story Amidst the heated romance O Mistério do Infante Santo of the story Hoffmann makes you really stop and think about the livesf those in the military and the lives Disgrace (Department Q, of their families The realityf the characters situations shine through in an unmistakable way The romantic tension between them is palpable throughout Not Monsoon only is the story well told but Hoffmann allows the beautyf winter to shine through The main characters in this novel are fantastically well developed I thoroughly enjoyed getting to know Them As Individuals Their as individuals Their histories were revealing and also allows readers to understand the context Slice by Slice of the story itself I appreciated how they were both determined to be true to themselves but in the end willing to compromise The supporting cast in this novel wasn tverly developed but they all suited their roles in the story As a whole this was a shockingly raw real novel that I thoroughly enjoyed I would definitely recommend it to Angels Flight (Legion of Angels Book 8) others and will be readingf this author s work in the future Please note that I received a complimentary copy Ice Maiden of this work in exchange for an honest review Just because it didn t workut when they were young adults doesn t mean that it can t work nowI love reading military stories and I have to say that this was Both Will and DrOlivia have two paths they want to take but sacrifices must be made Are they willing to let their worlds collide Latin Lovers Greek Husbands Bundle or will they just take the path that may mean leavingne anotherWhat better time to read a book like this then during the holidays When utside is cold this book is sure to heat things upOK yea that was cheesy but this book was fairly steamy I thought that this book was a fun read it s all about second "chances but also going for you want I loved watching the passion rekindle for the " but also going for you want I loved watching the passion rekindle for the I loved that they are people who go for what they want and wont let anything get in the way but they are both a bit stubborn in trying to give in and seeing where their love goes This book was very well written with plenty f drama to keep the readers interested I And Cowboy Makes Three overall loved this book and highly recommend you lovely readers to check itut Promise me you won t fall in love with me If we let that happen this will be a disaster The nly way it will work is if we keep it just two adults enjoying a brief but #Passionate AffairThis Is A #affairThis is a about two morons who think that they can have sex together while Will is home n medical leave and no feelings will develop This is extra moronic since the two used to be lovers for 6 years 4 years Rancher Bears Baby (Rancher Bears, of HS and 2f college and so they have all this romantic history behind themOlivia s a medical doctor but she comes up with the stupidest plan that I ve ever heard heal Will s PTSD with sex Yes sexual healing ladies and gentlemen Somehow she thinks that this will work fine and they will be able to do this with no emotional repercussionsThe book has an added layer A Valentines Wish of stupidity with both Olivia and Will s sister Elly trying to stop Will from going back to Afghanistan Listen he s a grown ass man and if he wants to go back then that is his choice I have no tolerance for people who think they can controlther s lives It would be Paixão Sem Disfarce one thing if Olivia was Will s wife but she s not She s not evenfficially his girlfriend SoSEXVery meh and perfunctory Nothing to see hereONE GOOD THINGOne good thing I can say about this book is that Hoffmann s writing is vastly improved from her terrible near unreadable book The Mighty uinns Ryan which I almost DNFed I have no idea if she was just phoning that in Rain or was sickf writing about the uinns she has a lot In the Matter of the Complaint Against Egbert C. Smyth and Others, Professors of the Theological Institution in Phillips Academy, Andover of books in that seriesr what This was at least readable if not particularly compellingTl dr A sweet but slightly stupid story about a woman and her Marine The sex is blah ONE REAL STAR ONE ROMANCE STARHarleuin Blaze January 2015 Good reunion story Will an. Subject Marine Will MacIntyre Current Status Medical leave One day a year Will MacIntyre lets himself remember the woman who left him after he enlisted But seven years later I Met Someone on the anniversaryf that fateful da. .
Could feel closer to his dad I just #thought it was really sweet and noble Now Will s hesitance n getting back together with Olivia made #it was really sweet and noble Now Will s hesitance n getting back together with Olivia made lot The Other Islam of sense to me He feels like he can t trust hiswn emotions Does he really care for her still Last Man Standing or is it just his hormones and loneliness talking Does he really want to stay at homer does he want to return to the military and the job that he s good at and the brothers in arms that he has there I think that "Will s journey was a lot interesting and made him fun to readOf " s journey was a lot interesting and made him fun to readOf Will and Olivia have history together so they made a great couple I wanted to yell at them and say Of course you belong together Figure it Light, Gesture, and Color out already But that would have totally ruined the story Both Olivia and Will have some issues that they need to work through before they would be good for eachther Will wants to go back to the military and be deployed again Classic Krakauer: Mark Foo's Last Ride, After the Fall, and Other Essays from the Vault once he s all healed and cleared for duty She wants him to stay home and be with her where it s safe And neitherf them want to budge Toxic Game (A GhostWalker Novel) on their careers It makes for great drama but it also made them both less likable at times There were several Sexy Time scenes and they were pretty hot But something was missing from this bookr from their relationship and I m still not sure what it wasI m actually Canada on the fence about whetherr not to recommend this book It has all the elements that make a great military romance a strong flawed wounded hero who has serious doubts about himself a strong self sufficient woman who helps him get back to shape a hometown rooting for the hero to stay and for them to be a couple I could go The Queens Fool / The Virgins Lover on But I have to say that I felt a little bored with the story Sometimes Olivia seemed like a selfish brat And Willccasionally seemed like a hard headed idiot Not a lot happens except for Will trying to get 100% function back so that he can return to his unit and Olivia fretting about whether Dead Reckoning (Sookie Stackhouse, or not he ll leave But there s absolutely nothing actually wrong with this book There s also not a lot about it that s fun uniuer exciting I m going to have to leave this DogFace one up to you dear readers to deciden whether to read What You Owe Me or not to read thisne I love love loved Will He was an amazing sexy wonderful heroHOWEVER Olivia I wanted to strangle her several times Along with his sister Allow me to rantpreach for a second When you love someone you want them safe yes But you accept and support their life choices wants and desires Buffalo Woman Comes Singing or you moven When you are recovering from an injury from war Dinner at the Homesick Restaurant or even just a basic car accident you need someonen your side who will stand up for what you want feel etc and both f them DROPPED THE BALL ON THAT RANT the ball n that Rant Shining City ofThe fact that neither his sister nor Olivia could getver that he might go back to the Marines really bothered me It really disappointed me and even though Olivia steps up at the end I couldn t get Blind Spots over that I also just didn t like her Her personality grated my nerves a bit The part where view spoilershe figuresut that she had A Boy and A Bear in a Boat originally planned their life around her dreams without taking into consideration his and thenn the next page she gets mad at him for getting a part time job with the recruiter just because it bothered her hide spoiler Only another soldier can understand how hard it must be for someone like Will to face the uncertainty SOS of a future without thenly life he has known His fear St. Johns Wort of failing is his biggest hurdle and as much as Olivia hates the ideaf him going back to war she cannot stand by and not help It would be too easy to fault her for selfishness yet Olivia never lets him give up Even knowing how much it is going to hurt in the end I like that Olivia and Will s story is not all about a conuering alpha male but f a personal uest to find the man within the soldierLototyReviewer for Coffee Time Romance MoreOfficial Review Coffee Time Romance More. O seduce her Olivia is well aware that Will plans to return to his unit after he recovers but she can't resist trying to heal him Even if it means sending him back into a war zone And breaking them apart forever. .

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