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A wonderfully entertaining story from *Sylvia Day Have you ever wanted something so bad you couldn t imagine not having *Day Have you ever wanted something so bad you couldn t imagine not having were two things in my life I d felt that way about the man I d stupidly fallen in love with and the administrative assistant position I was about to interview forThe man had turned out to be really bad for me the job could change my life in an amazing way This book is fucking awesomeThis book is written from the perspective of Gianna a fierce modern woman determined to make her way in this world She s been taking the restaurant business world by storm as the prot of the owner of SavorUnfortunately her professional veneer is cracked when an old flame shows up to a business meeting Gia and Jax had an affair two years ago which ended in Jax disappearing without a word and Gia nursing a broken heartAll of the emotions from their past fling are uickly rekindled As they begin Affair Round Two Gia is left to wonder if sheet twisting sex can compensate for a lack of commitment Why did Jax leave the first timeWhat brought him back into her life nowWhat can she do to keep him from disappearing againI have a total Lady Boner for any book heroine who is strong and secure enough to tell the hot uy she s lusting after to Fuck Off when the relationship becomes toxicIn a perfect world of literary crossovers Gianna would be hopping from book to book slapping sense into women who lose themselves in their men Women who are so dazzled by their alpha male that they forget they had oals of their own I m looking at you Ava from the This Man TrilogyThat s not to say that Gianna was apathetic toward her relationship with Jax She was willing to work for it to make compromises but she wasn t oing to sacrifice her personality for rade A dick I d face all that and for a uy who really loved me I told him coldly But I m not putting up with this shit from a jerk And yes Jackson Rutledge is top shelf sex Sheet twisting angry fucking multiple orgasm inducing sexYes Jax delivers in the bedroom but he was obnoxious in every other way He kept secretsWas emotionally distantRan from his relationship problemsSo when the shit hits the fan and Jaxon is facing an epic meltdown of both his personal and professional lives he is the one who must make changesIt is with regret that I must knock this down to 4 Stars because the ending was rushed and I think it really could have benefited from an extended epilogue Perhaps one which shed light on Jaxon s family post meltdownSide NoteI kind of feel like an ass for saying that I picked this up to tide me over while I wait for the new Crossfire Book Captivated by You but it is true I was having Gideon Cross withdrawalsLucky for everyone Sylvia Day is awesome The only similarities between this book and the Crossfire series were the scorching hot sex strong female MC and an obvious love for Manhattan Some Of My Some of My Moments view spoilerHave you ever wanted something so bad you couldn t imagine not having itThere were two things in my life I d felt that way about the man I d stupidly fallen in love with and the administrative assistant position I was about to interview forThe man had turned out to be really bad for me the job could change my life in an amazing wayThere was something about him that hinted he might spank you with a spatula as expertly as he cooked with oneHis mouth curved revealing that delicious dimple Oh how that changed him concealing how dangerous he was with a touch of boyish charm I hated that playful little indentation as much as I adored it Damn it I didn t know you were in love with me Gia My eyes closed against the pain of hearing those words from his lips If that s true you didn t know me at all You ll hurt me I ll worship you Gia He shook his head and sighed I m an asshole to everyone else in my life You re the one thing I ve cherished Don t make me stop He lounged against a black McLaren a car I recognized because one of Lei s chefs had bought one to celebrate the five year anniversary of his first restaurant Jax s arms and ankles were crossed his pose relaxed and sexy Sunglasses shielded his eyes from the laring reflections cast by the towering skyscrapers around him He was dressed in black slacks a white shirt and Imagine That! gray tie His dark hair was tousled like he d run a hand through it and let his styling effortso at that You can t run from me he said tightly And you can t pull that shit you pulled yesterday We need to talk I agree but that usually means you tell me I m only ever Elena's Conquest going to be a fuck buddy to you and you don tive me any reasons why I don t have the patience to run around in circles Unless you ve Sister of My Heart got real answers for me I m notiving you any of my time A public place won t save you We re oing to fuck lo. AfterburnThe realization that Jax still affected me so strongly was a jagged pill to swallow He'd only been part of my life for five short weeks two years ago But now he was back Walking into a deal I'd worked hard to close And God he was magnificent His eyes were a brown so dark they were nearly black Thickly lashed they were relentless in their intensity Had I really thought they were soft and warm There was nothing. Afterburn AftershockArks fly sex ensues lots of arguments and running away lots of secrets lots of misunderstandings I liked the characters and I liked the plot but I felt that it was too repetative The arguements were the same and with the same outcomes and there was nothing else to concern ourselves with no minor subplots that I cared about alongside whether Gia and Jax would et it on that night I felt like it needed to be longer and developed but at the same time if it had been left as is and not padded out with depth and detail then I m Rescuing Gus glad it wasn t drawn outOne further criticism was the beginning in which Gia and Jax meet and she thinks he doesn t remember her even though they spent five weeks as a couple really Just because she was wearing a business suit Come on You can rarelyo wrong with Sylvia Day That s how awesome she is to me Unfortunately I read this while I am still high on Gideon and Eva so the comparison can t be helped While Jax s insatiability reminds me of how Gideon is with Eva which is 100% yummy Gia is nothing like Eva which can be a Class of 92: Out of Our League good thing But only if she is better than Eva For me she isn t While I find Eva s headstrong as charming Gia is just annoying I like Gia just fine when she is on her own But when Jax starts to be in the picture Gia s stubborness at times just screams of wanting of attention Thankoodness this series is just a short one Had it been a long series like Crossfire I think I would have think twice to remain loyal to it I loved the book but it was so short I d love a GideonEva style series based on the two of them JaxGia are so perfect I think they deserve their own series and if not a series then at least a proper novel Give me Ms Day There s no denying that Sylvia Day is a consummate skilled writer who crafts passionate charactersBut Jax never deserved Gia after jilting her for two years in order to protect her His reasons were superficial and flimsy Gia laid herself out on the line only for him to tread all over her efforts including his world of elites He did what he had to do right at the end but it felt overdrawn and over exaggerated And this didn t make it okayDozens I ve damn near been a monk since I met you Two women Gia Two And since you fucked two Portrait of a Starter: An Unhidden Story guys you veot no room to talk I m entitled to those two as pointless as they were With eual footing I can handle other people However she had a reason to move on and he didn t I wanted someone willing to plunge in 100% Who didn t allow the irl he loved to try and placate herself with other men Who didn *t justify himself having sex because she had *justify himself having sex because she had uys Rather he underestimated her conviction shattered her expectations alongside stringing her along She was weak when it came to him and lot of her sass was simply talk I wanted resentment and rovel Jackson and Gia don t make the cut against Gideon and Eva And his Gia baby just pissed me right off sorrynotsorry iwillstillwatchthemovie imahypocriteThis is the movie review I thought I d add it albeit 3 years later It just proved to me that the Crossfire series must never

"be made fifty "
made Fifty of Grey and this movie can attest to that When I say I cackled I ot second hand embarrassment from their acting It s a Passionflix movie but his acting Bless them they tried she was believable Sadly for the uy some lines read well in books but they should never be verbalised Christ I want you Mine I ll worship you My cock inside you He said CACK Christ it has to be Christ Christ What did Christ do to you Ahahah His actual voice and intonation was very nice though masculine and deep The only scene I enjoyed was the one with Sylvia Day as a customer at Rossi s And when he said Fuck this isn t a oddamn romance novel GAGGED Ah Some Moonrise good ol fashioned comedy I think they were new York accents and it kind of reminded me of my family which also ended up annoying me at the same time I don t know I blame work again Afterburn Aftershock was an interesting audio to listen to yesterday The main character kind of reminded me of one of my aunts once she started talking in her normal accent In it you will meet Gianna and Jackson They used to date or sleep with each other or something like that Then they actually started to sleep with one another It was definitely a second chance at love if you ask meNow they had some drama in this book that Iuess could be called interesting in a way but it was predictable and kind of boring to listen to I just feel like it was mostly drawn out and I kind of just wanted them to admit that they loved each other Fallen Angel: The Passion of Fausto Coppi get married and have lots of babiesEventually that happened and they also started torow on me The ending was cute enough that it left me satisfied but I m mostly happy that it s over On to the next book Bleargh 275 stars. Sideline my career What he didn't know was that when I didn't like the rules I threw them out and made my own I wasn't After Tamerlane: The Global History of Empire Since 1405 going to let Jaxet away with it I wasn't Alien Alpha going to let himet away at allI loved Jax enough that it was impossible to ive up Jax loved me enough that iving up was the only end he'd consider He didn't think I could swim with the sharks It was entirely my pleasure to show him that I'd already dived. .

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Ng and hard wherever we end up Better we don t end up in jail and splashed all over the tabloids while doing it don t you think You ve really ot to do something about that ego Baby I ll crawl on my hands and knees if that s what it takes Tell me you love me Jax There was a moment of silence Loving each other isn t our problem He hung up leaving me holding on to an empty connection As usualAn enigmatic millionaire with secrets than dollars I know the type I pinched the bridge of my nose knowing it d be better for my sanity if I walked away Also knowing I wouldn t Not sure you want your dick anywhere near my teeth while I m feeling this way about you I loved Jax enough that it was impossible to just walk away even for my own self preservation Jax loved me enough that walking away was the only end he d considerI didn t know how to deal with all the emotions he d been stirring up in me since he had walked back into my life I kept shifting from wanting to heal whatever was wounding him to wanting to hurt him myselfHe d said I was sexy as hell when I was mad at him and I understood what he meant when confronted by over six feet of angry bristling masculinity I d face all that and for a uy who really loved me I told him coldly But I m not putting up with this shit from a jerk I m not oing to be able to let you o after this Gia For better or worse you re mine I m so afraid of fucking this up Of looking at you one day and finding that you ve lost that light in your eyes you have when you re looking at me Rutledge wants Gianna to move in with him Angelo said facing Vincent and crossing his armsVincent s brows rose You ot a ring I threw up my hands I don t believe this It s the twenty first century Did you know that The rules haven t changed he said crossing his arms too He wants the milk he s ot to buy the cow My Beautiful Ghosts gaze narrowed Did you just call me a cow And for your information I m not a virgin I ve had sex More than once Both Vincent and Angelo plugged their ears Angelo hummed loudly You re both ridiculous I scolded themIt was crazy What was the catchIt was just depressing having to ask myself that uestion How could I love him than anything when I was constantly seconduessing himI d been seeing a lot of new sides to Jackson Rutledge lately Had I been in love with a mirage this whole timeHe carried himself like a man who liked to fuck and knew he did it well That subtle sexual arrogance had always turned me on It s always been this way with us You say when and how and where and how long I have no input No control His face tightened He took a step toward me Is that you think Christ No control His face tightened He took a step toward Is that what you think Christ you ve ot me by the balls *If that s true that s not what I want I want us to be a team *that s true that s not what I want I want us to be a team I don t want either of us to feel like we re at the mercy of the other Every word he spoke every move he made was designed to seduce meAnd it was working God you were made for fucking he said ruffly You were built just to drive me out of my mind He was everywhere In every breath I sucked in over every inch of my skin Every fucking time it s like you re slipping under my skin I want to My nails dug into his back my fingers flexing I want to own you Jackson I made my bed Gia he said tightly his face hard and remote And you made the decision to lie in it with me This whole relationship has been a mistake The flat finality in his voice sent ice coursing through my veins You know what Jackson Rutledge Fuck you Eventually we d run out of mistakes to make I had to believe thatWith everything on fire around us we focused only on each otherHe went after VincentAnd almost two weeks later I found myself still waiting for him to come home hide spoiler Book 1 AFTERBURN 35 Stars You ve A Year in 120 Recipes got to be pragmatic about relationships Marrying for love never works out well Jackson Rutledge It was time for me to start making my own rules Something beyond asking him to sayoodbye when he decided we were over Gianna Rossi Book 2 AFTERSHOCK 45 Stars I need to spend time with you You make me feelhuman Being with you makes me feel like I m not a complete piece of shit Jackson Rutledge Maybe instead of pushing back all the time I had to love him with everything I had Really make him feel it so he d miss it when it was F. Scott Fitzgerald gone enough to bring him back to me Gianna Rossi Bland plot and even blander characters I didn t feel any chemistry between our two leads and they continually had the same fights and miscommunications because they had no idea how to talk to each other like adults which annoyed me a ton I wanted a cute romance and this was not at all what I was looking for This book is exactly like all the Fifty ShadesCross Fire This Man series that are dominating at the moment Rich mysterious stud meets sassy but beneath himirl sp. Soft about Jackson Rutledge He was a hard and jaded man cut from a ruthless clothIn that moment I understood how badly I wanted to unravel the mystery of Jax Bad enough that I didn't mind how much it was The Devil Hath Been Raised: A Documentary History of the Salem Village Witchcraft Outbreak of March 1692; Together With a Collection of Newly Located and Gathered Witchcraft Documents going to cost me Aftershock When it came to playingames my lover Jax was a master strategist He pulled strings behind the closed doors of DC's most powerful political players and somehow still found time to nearly. .