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Ly didn t buy the hubbub over that pic in their world Is it Käse really that surprising that two god like beings whoe both super hot decide to bone C mon guys In Power Couple Charles Soule has created a very strong story that does sweep up the Hired Girl reader and carry them through to the end you do want to know what happens next but it fails in a couple of instances The jumping around style of narration is unnecessarily complex Wee in the present then the near past then the future then the past again then the present and so on It s not like you can t follow it but it s a very choppy way to write what is basically a straightforward story And the story itself is fairly unmemorable Superman and Wonder Woman fight another power couple Zod and Faora and win Eh It s a bit thin plotwise But I get it the book s not The Service of the State: The IAS Reconsidered really about plot so much as it is about character and this is where Souleeally succeeds This book isn t a Superman book with Wonder Woman as supporting character it genuinely is a SupermanWonder Woman book We learn about Superman s past and culture through Wonder Woman just like we learn about her background through Superman admittedly though for experienced DC comics readers it s all stuff you already know Soule s written a eally decent Superman book it s all stuff you already know Soule s written a eally decent Superman book a eally decent Wonder Woman book and then spliced the two together That approach permeates the story so that Superman never dominates the fighting and isn t in the spotlight doing the heroic t in the spotlight doing the heroic while Wonder Woman s in the background They both fight Doomsday They both fight Zod and Faora They both save cargo ships planes and lives And when it comes to the finale the only way they can achieve victory is through being together Besides a pants cameo from the New 52 JLA who get beaten pretty badly which underlines how useless they are I know I ve ead their own title as well the story is all Superman and Wonder Woman with no one else helping them out You could look at the pairing and think of course DC would put the two together they Finding Caruso re high profile characters whoe going to be Fat Lives reallyeally well known even so when the DCU movies start coming out in just a couple years so it s worth pushing them to front and centre in as many comics as possible But actually Charles Soule had a plan for them and it s turned out to be anything but a cynical marketing ploy to shove the two together into an arbitrary title Tony Daniel s art surprised me too I Số phận chú bé đánh trống remember his work on the Batman books that spun out of Grant Morrison s a few years ago and the art was very much like Jim Lee s the less said about his writing the better He hasn t totally lost that look but in this book the lines are cleaner and leaner and the panelspages are dynamic He s gotten better as an artist and I don t think I ve seen better work from him before His style definitely suits this modern cinematic title with its hefty dose of splash pages large panels and BIG action And as a fan of Frank Miller s The Dark Knight Returns I liked that Superman looked a lot like he did in that book post nuke it s a nice nod I didn t love Power Couple partly for theeasons I mentioned earlier but also because for a book focused on two characters I don t think Soule A Southern Moderate in Radical Times: Henry Washington Hilliard, 1808-1892 really showed us anything new or insightful about them either as individuals or as a couple But as light as it is it s still a solid superhero comic and entertaining to boot And it endseally nicely with Clark and Diana dancing woah DC allowed their characters to have a little fun and smile for once SupermanWonder Woman Volume 1 Power Couple is shock a pretty good New 52 book Looks like Hawkman played a very ugly and hairy cupid in this one 35 stars Love this I have always loved Wonder Woman and Superman Well and the Hulk I had a pair of little kid Wonder Woman underwear set I might still have them packed away somewhere Anyhoo I want of this I NEED of these two together Mel. T Will their love spell doomsday for planet EarthIn SupermanWonder Woman Power Couple collecting issues #1 7 ising star writer Charles Soule Red Lanterns and sensational artist Tony S Daniel Justice League launch an all new ongoing series chronicling the epic adventures of two of the greatest super heroes of all ti. ,
R with their eyes open and without sappiness they solve problems as a team and form the kind of eual partnership that seems worth aspiring to In short Charles Soule presents them as a true power couple and for the first time it seems like they Tagebuch re presented as iconic a duo as Superman and Batman are usually shown This combination also makes at least as much sense as the traditional ClarkLois pairingTony Daniel kills it with the art providing appealing action scenes and some of my favorite depictions of these new designs of the charactersPS This is the SupermanWonder Woman Iemember from years ago I ll go on the ecord saying I love Clark and Lois together However this isn t the Clark we know This is New52 Clark who is of a assholeish young kid who has almost no game so he never gets this universe Lois So instead we get Clark hooking up with Wonder Woman The power couple The Gods be thumping and bumping The story basically evolves around them first dating Trying to figure out their elationship like any other couple Then the news gets out that they e dating and people are freaking out Then Zod comes to earth and wants to open up the Phantom Zone And then Doomsday is here Kind ofAnd yeah a whole lot of shit happens in 8 issues What I liked The art is Access to English. Test pack 4 reallllllly solid Everything looks great and the fights floweally well I like Clark and Diana together They a bit off beat but it works for who they are Plus they fight just like eal people Oh and I also thought the moment Superman beat down a God was cool The 2 On 2 Fight Was 2 fight was What I didn t like Doomsday is getting tiring Why is he always the big bad Also the ending seemed to be missing huge chunks of the story and got a bit confusing I think the pacing in general is just off Like it s missing moments Overall this was fun and enjoyable Similar to Batmansuperman it has a lot of fun ideas some even great but it feels uneven Maybe because they tie it to the main universe and that holds it down I d love to see a separate universe for both of them to have freedom But overall it s good stuff and I ll check out This has to be some kind of ecord New 52 Savage Hawkman shows up in this book and it DOESN T end up sucking what the hell is going on But I have to admit I did like this book which surprised me because I Hoffnung Mensch read the monthlies and gave up after 3 disappointed I didn t think that the issues collected in a trade would work as well as they did soeading this book was a pleasant surprise I guess some titles just ead better in trade paperbacks than if you e eading them month by month and vice versa Superman and Wonder Woman are a secret couple for no good eason than to have this forbidden fruit angle that I suppose omantic eaders will The Witch who was a princess respond to Then for noeason the Phantom Zone starts farting out Superman villains first Doomsday then Zod and Faora Actually there is a eason given at the end but it s pretty stupid Thankfully the omance is put on hold while Superman and Wonder Woman fight but it s pretty stupid Thankfully the omance is put on hold while Superman and Wonder Woman fight the Phantom Zone intrudersWhile I generally liked most of what s in this book a few things bothered me The main problem was keeping their elationship a secret why Well apparently if the two ever broke up there d be mass devastation as one or both would go on a Jeden výdych koňa rampage Hmm Superman and Wonder Woman are GODS Is it conceivable that they don teact to things the same way petty humans do Is it possible that if they ever broke up nothing would happen they would be mature enough to walk away as adults Eleanor, Quiet No More rather than throw a spat like a baby tossing its toys out of the pram Or maybe they never break up some people fall in love once and for life But we ve gotta have this secrecy subplot because of dummies projecting their own fears and shortcomings onto figures who are so far above them And because we have to know who leaked the shot of the two kissing I honestly don t care and Ieal. O find out that its two most powerful super heroes are than just teammates But secrets have a way of escaping And the very different worlds that the world's greatest couple have inhabited are about to collideGods and monsters like threaten not just Superman and Wonder Woman but everyone and everything they care abou. .

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Fine story decent villains and a good setup for future stories if they Luftwaffe Fighters 1945 (Topcolors) re willing to focus on the action and flush the melodramaThis story brings up a lot of flaws though some that are baggage from New 52 some that are poorly handled details of Azzarello s very isolatedun in WW and some that are "just plain poor choices by Soule and Daniels At the oot of it I feel like people aren t "plain poor choices by Soule and Daniels At the oot of it I feel like people aren t this shit seriously I mean have fun and make fun stories and all but let s not screw up the details so much that it gets in the way of a fun story not that this was one oh no DC no fun for youThis sword shit Pumpkinflowers really bugs me Tony Daniels You spend all this unnecessary time putting superfluous lines and piping on Superman s costume hell on page 6 you draw what is likely the most beautiful USB port in all of comics So why can t you spend ten seconds showing us how Wonder Woman s sword stays on her hip Is it magic Is there some hidden clip thing Magnets What the hell people unless you give us someeason to understand this looks like everyone just agreed that it wasn t necessary for us norms to get a clue how the damned sword just doesn t fall to the ground Grr What else bugs me 1 The star on her ass 2 That a warrior born would wear two inch heels Seriously folks You think she s into cute boots Steel toes maybe Hidden blades in the heel sure A two inch heel to give her height put her on her toes and make her hips sway when she walks Pffft Idjits 3 to give her height put her on her toes and make her hips sway when she walks Pffft Idjits 3 did Diana acuire Wolverine s healing factor It s Wonderful Memories of It's a Wonderful Life ridiculous enough on him now Diana too Is that newThere s a noticeable problem with damsel in distress treatment of WW and of treating Superman as the only worrisome threat If WW is truly a god carries herself like a warrior and knows how to take down everyone there s only a few and especially not the military tacticians who would underestimate herFinally what s with the middle of this book treating this like two single character ongoings instead of one dual character story There s plenty ofoom in other books to spend an extended amount of time with these two as separate people but if I buy a team up book I expect them to operate as a team World s Finest got the tone exactly Green Eyed Envy right and while those characters have had years as a twosome it s not like Supes WW haven t been part of one team for five years already I ll tell you this Soule if youe just getting the initial wavering angst out of the way early and we get on with shit in the future great If you e gonna keep up this BS take it to your LiveJournal don t take it out on usLord help *Me The Variant Covers *the variant covers so many 20th century sins buried in these which I m sure got tons of attention from editorial so these were all approved well in advance but mostly just putting Supes aboveahead of WW omance cover she looks like she s on a date The Amethyst Road rape drug spacey and cold 40 s wartime cover head tilted back eyes closed and he gets a different but head to toe uniform but she doesn t deserve function or modesty stupid comic cover she s smaller and behind him Superman and Wonder Woman newly dating are ambushed by a monster named Doomsday and meet a strange kryptonian named ZodDoomsday is introduced in almost a cameo appearance while the threat posed by Zod is hidden at first thingsapidly spiral out of control once Clark takes Zod to the Fortress of Solitude in what felt like a nice evamp of Zod s introduction into the New 52 stories Zod seems a little sane this time around not making it personal by not especially caring who Clark is as he only focuses on Earth s dominationOf course the secondary story unning through every scene is Clark and Diana being together and how they The Lupus Encyclopedia: A Comprehensive Guide for Patients and Families relate Clark visits Diana s new family on Olympus which makes for a few entertaining scenes Clark wants to maintain privacy while Diana prefers to be open about who they are which I enjoyed as a dichotomy They speak to each othe. The Man of Steel and the Warrior Princess An Alien and a goddess They come from two different worlds But together Superman and Wonder Woman have teamed up to protect this world from all who would harm itAnd they've fallen in love doing itSo far they've kept theirelationship a secret worried the world isn't When I Grow Up, I'm Going to Play for the Nebraska Cornhuskers ready