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I had a college professor who spoke in the same way that Scoggin writes That class made me a better individual and this book is already making me a concious teacher I highly recommend that if you teach reading in any way shape or form you read this book Book 23 Read in 2018Be Fabulous The Reading Teacher s Guide to Reclaiming Your Happiness the Classroom by ScogginThis is a cute uick read about how to not get bogged down by standardized testing administrators who have never taught and colleagues who do not pull their weight Scoggin is an elementary reading teacher While I am a secondary English teacher there was enough about creating a ove of reading in your students that I enjoyed this book The main gist is to find what works for youplanning strategies that make you feel prepared organization to keep sanity etc I would recommend it to fellow TEACHERS WHAT ARE YOU GRATEFUL FOR WHAT ABOUT THIS What are you grateful for What about this and the teaching of reading makes you feel the most inspired When are you the happiest in your teaching Be brave Find the courage to focus on your own happiness Be fabulous Jennifer Scoggin Be Fabulous The Reading Teacher s Guide to Reclaiming Your Happiness in the ClassroomThe ife of a teacher may not seem as fabulous as it s made out to be Are you disorganized Are you drowning in the tumult of dealing with parents objectives extra curriculars methods instruction and best practices Teacher and blogger Jennifer Scoggin is here to offer a Heads of the Colored People lifeine to the overwhelme. Being a teacher of reading does not mean simply giving students access to instructional best practices; it means giving students access to who you are as. Be Fabulous

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Ed by texts Scoggin recommends an overhaul of tradition methods standing up to mandatory assessments that actually detract from student ability and earning and recommending that teachers focus their energy up to mandatory assessments that actually detract from student ability and earning and recommending that teachers focus their energy only that which is beneficial Be Fabulous The Reading Teacher s Guide to Reclaiming Your Happiness in the Classroom truly is a ife raft for the tired overworked teacher With great strategies paired with simple recommendations Are you stressed about something Don t be ashamed to walk away from it for a ittle while Don t feel sorry for sitting down with a warm drink finding your happy place and enjoying your current book You deserve it by the time you reach the end you l already feel positive in your outlook and approach Providing students with the skills to become great readers and curious minds is possible It may not be easy but you can do itThe familiar feel of this book reads ike a much needed pep talk and breathes new dull outdated classroom practices Scoggin s voice is of valued colleague helping the reader to find the highly elusive balance and harmony in their own classrooms Each chapter though covering a variety of topics from organization to time management and assessment is about walking the fine ine between control and chaos that each teaching professional undoubtedly experiences from time to time It would be difficult to walk away from this book without exhaling a sigh of relief Take your classroom back and don t forget to be fabulous. L Flowers and Sausages begins her heartfelt call to teachers everywhere Rediscover who you are and redefine the type of reading teacher you want to become. D teacher in the form of one simple message BE FABULOUS IN HER BOOK SCOGGIN POINTS OUT THE fabulous In her book Scoggin points out the number of obstacles faced by today s teachers and along with the help of charming anecdotes guides her readers into rediscovering a ove for teaching and reading Be Fabulous discusses the current atmosphere of education and its apparent ack of contribution from teachers in favor of the opinions of nearly everyone else encouraging teachers or future educators that they too can take control of their classroom and bring a The Interior Landscape: Love Poems from a Classical Tamil Anthology little zen into theirivesThis book on the methods and philosophy of teaching reading provides a Framework For How To Change Your Own for how to change your own into a supportive and positive community for both you and your students Scoggin touts the importance of empowering students to choose their own materials to become better readers and offers several approaches on how to get students interested in reading how to keep and maintain a well stocked and organized classroom Longevity, Senescence, and the Genome library and how to engage in collaborative relationships with reading students to help each child grow as a reader whilst challenging themselves asearnersTeachers must make the classroom a place where students are free to imagine what might be possible for themselves their community and the world Scoggin illustrates the importance of nurturing this sense of possibility within students and prioritizing the joy of reading pushing children to see beyond the strategies and skills and into the possibilities creat. A reader a teacher and a person You are fabulous and you deserve to be happyWith these words Jennifer Scoggin aka Mrs Mimi of the teacher blog It's Not Al.