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Ht it was gonna be a total bust asI had previously shelved this book as a checked won t read book and this just showed that sometimes I shouldn t listen to my gut Though this book might be better than I originally thought it could also mean that it s was better because I had very low expectations Not sure if I m interested in continuing though as I understand each book centers around different couple on the Thirds team and I felt like this one wasn t the ending that is satisfying enough Dex and Sloane better get another book Do you now why jaguar Therians are the most lethal of the Felids Um My Therian bite has twice the strength of a lion s I can use a deep throat bite and suffocation techniue where my fangs pierce through the temporal bones of your skull right between your ears and pierce your brain Sloane gave a little demonstration with his fingers on Dex s scalp earning him a scowl Sloane laughed then whispered in Dex s ear I bet the only word you heard from all that was deep throat Different uotesFacts From The Bookview spoiler Pearce seemed to mull it over before turning back his hands shoved into his jacket pockets Destructive Delta is in Unit Alpha and those positions are the highest most dangerous most sought after in the THIRDS yet Gabe s position is still open has been on and off for over a year What does that tell you I don t The Devil’s Historians How Modern Extremists Abuse the Medieval Past know but I can imagine losing Gabe was probably tough for the team Pearce nodded his lips pursed I m sure it was but the THIRDS don t mourn theyeep moving They re not like the rest of us Rumor is the Team Leader Agent Brodie has run off over half a dozen agents I ve met him and believe me when I say he s the biggest asshole to walk this earth As far as he s concerned no one is good enough to replace Gabe I would have found his loyalty admirable if he hadn t been the one to send Gabe to meet that Therian informant on his own the night he was The African American Odyssey Volume 2 killed There are several THIRDS field offices throughout Manhattan including offices for specialized operations but you ll be working out of the Manhattan Division s H There are three main departments in this division Intel Recon and Defense with a total of eight thousand employees Each department is broken up into four units Alpha Beta Delta and Omega Units Alpha and Beta handle major crimes with Alpha taking on the violent crimes Delta and Omega handle lesser crimes Each unit is then broken up into suads or teams There are ten suads in your unit The government had been treating the first wave of Therians as a side effect of the war one that would eventually die out Then in 1976 scientists discovered what was really happening The first generation of purebred Therians had been born The mutation had perfected itself Solidified inside these First Generations Suddenly there was an advanced new species and along with it a whole new set of fearsIn an attempt to restore social order the US government uickly put new regulations and laws into place along with a Therian branch of government In 1990 Human and Therian legislators launched the Therian Human Intelligence Recon Defense Suadron AKA the THIRDS an elite military funded agency comprised of an eual number of Human and Therian agents and intended to uphold the law for all its citizens without prejudiceAs long as Humanity continued to repeat the mistakes of the past organizations like the THIRDS would be needed to ensure Humanity had a future even if they had to stumble along the way to get there hide spoiler 101119 re read still freaking awesome 6418 audio versionalso 5 stars This was my very first shifters paranormal book I normally don t read theseinds of books but after a few recommendations of some people whose opinion I trust I gave this one a try And boy am I glad that I did I whose opinion I trust I gave this one a try And boy am I glad that I did I totally converted This book was awesome I loved the suspensethe hot alpha menthe sexual tension I have a serious crush on Sloane and Dex made me pee my pants laughinghe was so fucking funny I cant wait to see what happens next This book was not high on the romance but since the storyline was so good that didn t bother me at all It ind of reminded me of the first book of the cut and run series I hope the romancelove thing will develop but I will just have to wait and seeor in this caseread The only thing that makes it 45 stars and not a full 5 is that I would have loved some sexytimes I would also like to see some shifting Those itties are HOT Who would have thought This book

Really Surprised The Shit 
surprised the shit of me and I m jumping into the next one right away Thank you to my friends for recommending 45 stars from me Kindle freebie 41117Attention all fans of military men and shifters A new series has come to town Excellent paranormal book with simple yet effective world building just what the doctor ordered Charlie Cochet your hard work has paid off This was very enjoyable though I almost Hardcore physical child abuse knocked it down to 35 stars because the mystery element was weak In a lot of paranormal books the reader has to do a lot of hard work getting up to speed with the author s created world There is often either an info dump or things aren t very well explained both of which are pet peeves of mine This was surprisingly simple and easily digestible world building If you read the blurb and were a bit confused here is what you need tonow Therian Shifter That s about it The rest is easy peasy just some details about how the world got that way and some other basics I liked the care that the author put into the THIRDS world Everything was well conceptualized and nicely executed And the MCs fans self I loved Dex and Sloane and the chemistry between them It was all very alpha male very testosterone y and smoking hot I could have used a wee bit dirty talk but I have a weakness for a dirty mouthed boyCharlie Cochet also created side characters with a TON of meat on their bones and I don t mean in the chubby chaser ind of way There is so much depth to them I could see this series going on and on Who DIDN T feel the chemistry between Ash and Cael and between Calvin and Hobbs yup you read that correctly There is a LOT to work with there and I can t wait to read those stories And the writing so tight It had an excellent flow and pace never getting boring or dullNow on to the bad The mystery wince That was a blunder if I d ever saw one If you are going to make a bad guy at least hide him better Captain Obvious If I m going to read romantic suspense or a mystery I want to be clueless I think this author has to work on her red herring skills PLEASE If I m going to nit I think this author has to work on her red herring skills PLEASE If I m going to nit there was also a ton of back and forth between Sloane and Dex that grew a bit tiresome I don t like my guys to waffle uite so much but that is just personal preference All in all a very nice book that will be sure to please paranormal and romantic suspense fans alike. Ing with Team Leader Sloane Brodie who also happens to be his new jaguar Therian partner turns disastrous When the team is called to investigate the murders of three HumaniTherian activists it soon becomes clear to Dex that getting his partner and the rest of the tightknit team to accept him will be a lot harder than catching the iller and every bit as dangerou. Hell High WaterWritten August 7 20153 12 Stars Sweet FunBook 1 I m so relieved I finished this story at lastafter a whole yearI never finished reading the ebook last summer Stopped at 83% not because I didn t enjoy it but it was summer vacation time and not enough time Then time went and there were other books Nearly a year later I added the audiobook just 210 hrs narrated by Mark Westfield and I crossed my fingers Hell High Water would work better this summer Jeez I must start by saying that I m impressed by this THIRDS series big set up Just facts view spoiler A well made webb page thirdshcom with lots of interesting information pics of all the characters and the casting some about the huge police agent organization they work for etc There are six or even eight planned full length books already As much as three book parts the first year 2014 and two year 2015 This first series starter was a Dare for More kind of hype here among a lot of MM readers last summer With mostly very happy reviews and high raitings hide spoiler Reread May 2020Still love Dex Still want to slap Sloane upside the head Reread June 2019Seeing a few of my friends read this for the first time made me want to reread the series Here we go binging again Still hate the whole dead ex thing but absolutely love Dex Originally read August 2018Why my GR friends do this to me I do notnow Encouraging me to read shit I see another binge reading coming on sighPlenty of reviews at there but for what it s worth I absolutely loved Dex He s hilarious but he s also a THE COCAINE ADDICTION CURE (Drug Addiction, 12 Step Program, Road to Recovery, Alcohol Addiction) kind and loving person He takes care of Sloane andnows just what he needs But I will say this dead exes are not my thing It s one of my least favorite troupes For the most part I didn t find it to be too big of an issue here from Sloane s perspective and I was glad Seemed to me everyone else made it a big deal I can already see that Sloane feels differently in some ways about Dex But impatient me I want to see him treating Dex the way he deserves Like I said I love him and it ind of pisses me off Sloane lashes out at him at times And the ending Dex should have resisted just a wee bit longer Sloane deserved it for the silent treatment Well that is all I got On to the next one 3 35 StarsSo this was a fun little nugget to start what I hope will be an awesome series I love MMI love PNRAnd I love shifter romance So you give me gay shifter romance in some alternate post Vietnam realityAnd I ll make like a chubby Storage Wars asshole who bids on everyone else s superfluous crapDex and Sloane were some really good and interesting charactersalthough they were saddled with one of my least favorite story glitchesview spoilerThe dead former lover hide spoiler DNF d at 30% I m stunned And shocked And befuddled How did this happen This was supposed to be one hell of an MM romance read filled with amazing paranormal aspects and a world building romance that will blow a reader s mindrightWell no At least not for me and that s unfortunate because I contemplated buying the whole series in paperback and having these fantastic looking covers in my library But I tried and I really didn t see anything special about thisFirst I have to say that I expected this to be a lot serious The voice of the narrator instead gives place to humour and teasingwhen it s not necessarily the time And in general I couldn t embark into the story that I thought will be intense with that ind of atmosphere given But that s personal You may find it to be to your likingSecond there s this personality changing from the point where Dex was still a normal detective to where his working along THIRDS It s like someone took off 10 years of his life since he became a teenager again Because that s how he was acting Always joking around feeling like he owns the place when he barely nows anyone or the Around And Sincerely Was The Cheese Scene Obligatory I Cannot And sincerely was the cheese scene obligatory I cannot what childish Reactions FollowedThen There S The Slow Pacing The Whole Story followedThen there s the slow pacing The whole story to have been plotted in 2x slow speed It was tiring to always wait for something of importance to happen I felt like the author was trying to build some sort of ground for her world because there was a lot of information on it but I seriously was burning for some real action The author could have maybe left those explications for also other scenes not mostly all at once I m saying this due to the fact that it bored me but maybe that was the only way it could have worked for the authorNow we are at the part that I cannot believe didn t provoke any single emotion inside me the romance What romance There was no romance At least not up to where I got It was mostly teasing but barely because there was no slow burn There really wasn t I was searching for it and after each chapter I told myself that it s impossible for it to not be right I didn t find any But the biggest problem for me was how the author handled the way Dex and Sloane met It was that childish cheese scene When they were fighting I thought it was interesting but that scene really made me think WTH and somehow I didn t believe seeing them as a couple to be exciting any There was principally something about their personality being so divergent from one another I think that was also the cause I usually don t mind that but in this the combination was missing some chemistry in my opinionWell I am in the real minority right now so I don t feel like warning you about this But I guess if you eep in mind that the ambience is not very serious up to where I got that is and that the romance will I figure come way later in the story things should go better for you than they went for me Warning series contains action comedy romance bromance cheesy eighties references big boys with big guns a puppet sassy blonds shenanigans A lion a tiger a jaguar oh my Don t forget the cheetah Oh and plenty of sexy timeHello all As the time grows nearer I couldn t be excited to be sharing with you the first book in my new contemporary law enforcement shifter series called the THIRDS When I first set out to write this series I Imprisoned with the Alien Rohilian Warrior knew I wanted to do something a little different with my shifters or Therians as they re referred to in this world It all started with a few uestions What if humanity was inadvertently responsible for the birth of a new advanced species What if these Therians weren t hidden from society but a part of it What if the government needed a new branch of law enforcement capable of handling Therian threats Welcome to the Therian Human Intelligence Recon Defense Suadron younow how the government loves their acronyms Join tactical team Destructive Delta as they face dangers both on and off the field form friendships and fall in love Find out at THIRDS H 45 starsI want a THIRDS TV show or a movie I mean look at this casting that Charlie Cochet has on her website Chris Pi. 10 hrs 6 minsWhen homicide detective Dexter J Daley’s testimony helps send his partner away for murder the conseuences and the media frenzy aren’t far behind He soon finds himself sans boyfriend sans friends and after an unpleasant encounter in a parking garage after the trial he’s lucky he doesn’t find himself sans teeth Dex fears he’ll get transferre. Ne Joe Manganiello diesSorry I got distracted there it s just that I get too excited with this new series from Charlie Cochet She is not a new author to me I first read her stories back in 2012 But so far I am familiar with her historical stories and for someone who doesn t read a lot of historical I sure do enjoy hers Charlie does have a shifter story awhile ago but this well I must say that this one nocks it out of the park It s probably her best yet definitely most ambitious I mean look at the special site she has for the book THIRDS H Talk about dedicationBut what about the story itself you say Like I said this is probably her best yet Well it s definitely my all time favorite from her so far maybe until book 2 is released LOL Hell High Water is the first book in an urban fantasyshifteralternate universe series called THIRDS THIRDS is Therian Human Intelligence Recon Defense Suadron an enforcement agency made from the toughest agents around combining human and Therian shifter team to deal with crimes related to TheriansDexter Dex Daley imagine Chris Pine with his dirty blonde hair blue eyes rather naughty attitude is transferred to THIRDS after he becomes a target from his fellow police officers after he testified against his partner He joins the Destructive Delta team in THIRDS and paired with the head of the team the deadly over six foot jaguar Sloane Brodie yes yes imagine Joe Manganiello there Sloane lost his partner and he is not planning to replace him But Dex is determined to be accepted by this new team even if that means he will gets under Sloane s skin grinThe banter between Dex and Sloane is just awesome well Dex is just awesome He s a man child he s a HOOT the words that are coming out of his mouth are worth highlighting over and over I couldn t tell you how many times I had to hide my giggle in public because of the things that Dex was saying or doing Let me tell you Sloane didn t have a chance But Dex is also observant he notes what is wrong within the team after losing the team member Sloane s partner uickly He just gets it and I seriously think that Dex is what the Destructive Delta neededMeanwhile Sloane is your usual brooding big guy who has a deep secret and pain after losing his partner He s dependable and definitely a leader that everyone is looking up to but he has emotional issues Don t worry Dex thaws him wonderfully The camaraderie between the THIRDS team is great and one I always love to read I admit that I don t feel a lot of urban fantasy series involving teams even in non MM so it is very much appreciatedIf anyone has nown me for awhile I very rarely giving a 45 or 5 stars When I do usually they are for books that can touch me emotionally But once in awhile just like I m gushing over the new Captain America movie a fast paced book that is just pure entertainment with a great cast of characters charming banter EXCITING action oh and some explosives and a well worthy villain can definitely enter my top favorites too This one is an exampleIf I have but one complaint why it is not on my 5 stars list yet it is probably that I m still hoping to get deeper insight on Dex I African American History Black History Month Book 1 know he s amusing but somehow I also feel that there s to Dex than meets the eye and I m dying tonow about it Also about Sloane s past Oh and the villain is a bit too predictable although he has characteristics of a sociopath that just fit the nature of this bookBy the way the ending is a smart hook for making readers eagerly waiting for book 2 I now I am Luckily it will not be long Book 2 is coming in August BRING MORE THIRDS In the meantime some dreamy imagination is needed sigh droolEdited to add July 10th 2014Did the little uiz to see which Destructive Delta team member I am Apparently I am Ethan HobbsYou have simple needs are down to earth dependable and persistent You love to Eat Drink And Be drink and be You must always feel comfortable don t like changes and favor routine At times you can be cranky for no reason You re old fashioned affectionate and family orientatedI am so cool with that The ARC is provided by the publisher for an exchange of fair and honest review No high rating is reuired for any ARC received Hell High Water would make a ick ass movieThis book read like a fast paced flick but contained certain elements I dislike in the MM romance genreFocus on action vs romanceMany secondary characters that drew the attention away from the MCsVery little steam on page there was one count it ONE sex scene and it was over before I blinkedLots and lots of bantering to the detriment of realistic dialogueInfo dumping to set up the premiseAn unhinged rather obvious villain who confesses to the crime as an easy way to resolve the weak mysteryAn asshole of an MC Sloane blew hot and cold and treated Dex like shit and Dex The Alchemy of Yoga kept taking itNo resolution at the end with a cliffie to boot glares Inow it s a series but must we be so fucking obvious about itAnd yet I m giving it a solid 3 starsWhy you ask I enjoyed Charlie Coche Second re read 03032020 When I re read the Marshals series by Mary Calmes I found that I wanted to re read this one as well Though I struggled to focus a lot so the re read wasn t exactly a hit but I still enjoyed Dex and Sloane a lot I primary skimmed the facts and all the in between and only focused on Dex and Sloane s scenes due to the fact that I just couldn t get into it I was so tried and Michael Maier's Atalanta Fugiens: Sources of an Alchemical Book of Emblems kept yawning for some reason and itept me from fully get into the book So the rating went down Not the book s fault this time though this one s on meNew Rating 3 stars Re read 08062019 I couldn t help myself Really I felt a need to re read this series again How long into the series I ll go I don t now but I needed Dex and Sloane I m surprised though I found myself enjoying it this time around Perhaps it s because I wasn t so focused on the facts and information of the THIRDS world and instead enjoyed the characters in that sense If that itself makes sense Do I even make sense here Anyways I like it when I re read and I like it This happen to me with the Straight Guys series as well The I read that series the I like it and I ve re read it like 2 3 times now P I found myself annoyed that I couldn t read it in on go because of lifereality On to next re read of this seriesNew Rating 35 stars Not bad but not great First read reviewThe book centers around a Defense Agent used to be a homicide detective the Human Police Force Dexter Dex Rookie J Daley 33 and his Team Leader Sloane Brodie 37 who also happens to be his new jaguar Therian partner Getting the team to accept him won t be easy as the man he s replacing is dead won t be easy as the man he s replacing is dead top of trying to get his partner to trust him there s people out there getting illed and the team is struggling to find the iller Overall I m surprised at how not bad it was I thoug. D from the Human Police Force’s Sixth Precinct or worse get dismissed Instead his adoptive father a sergeant at the Therian Human Intelligence Recon Defense Suadron otherwise nown as the THIRDS pulls a few strings and Dex gets recruited as a Defense AgentDex is determined to get his life back on track and eager to get started in his new job But his first meet.