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Deal breaker for some Curve Ball By Angelica Kate Is by Angelica Kate is fresh summer read by an up and coming author of light inspirational romance Although I thought there was less inspiration than in many novels of this genre such as the the Love Inspired series her characters were interesting and well developed than many of those shorter novels I laughed out loud at the a I
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Curve Ball as a First Reads Giveaway I thoroughly enjoyed this story Cassie is a busy woman Trent is the man on her next work project Cassie is busy Raising Her Sister S her sister s ids and Trent is busy running from commitment This book is about the two of them learning to come together and seeing if they can make it as one big happy family This is a definite must read Touching uick read I love the character of Cassie ValentineCassie has had a rough life especially when her sister died Cassie took over the care of her sister s 5 adopted children and one biological daughter who was born the same nigh. D of her five boys but he is adamant about remaining single with no complications When these two polar opposites meet it's anything but love at first sight Soon the lines between professional and personal start blurring when Cassie's boys join a baseball team Trent and his brother coach after hours This sweet inspirational romance will have you cheering for a happy ending for this large blended family THIS IS AN INSPIRATIONAL ROMANTIC TAL. .
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Hort and sweet I love Cassie as a character Growing up without a family in the system and then inheriting a family she always family in the system and then inheriting a family she always for as a child after her sister passes away sad but neat I also liked that of the six children she inherited five of them also came from the system Although I expected it to end the way it did I will admit I got a little emotional teared up just a little The ending is super sweet and I would have been bummed had it gone any other wayIt s a good read More of a novella as it s very short Light with occasional cutesy humor Glad it s part of my collection I absolutely loved itThis was such a sweet story I couldn t put it down until I reached the end All the characters made the story come alive This was really a cute little story All the characters were likeable and things progressed in a normal charming manner I will say though there were uite a few formatting issues with words out of place This doesn t bother me but I now it can be Age skills and trying to avert the next disaster the children hatch up she completely misses the curve ball about to be pitched at her by Trent Thomson Trent is the contractor on her latest job be pitched at her by Trent Thomson Trent is the contractor on her latest job and his tight nit family run the construction company that is Going To Pull Of to pull of miracle turnaround on her latest project that should secure her even lucrative contracts He may be the oldest and his mother's special project as the last unmarrie. ,

I read this on a trip to Tulsa Oklahoma since it was the author s home state A simple and easy read nothing too deep Probably not a book that will stick with me in any The characters were likeable but not developed The romance was all G or PG rated The characters were likeable but not extremely developed The romance was all G or PG rated good for readers who prefer modesty A strong female character who perseveres and defies the odds FTC disclosure I received this book free from Goodreads hoping I would review it CuteCute story but has uite a few grammatical errors and typos Very abrupt ending The ids were very cute Thanks I won this book in a Goodreads First Reads giveaway Thanks Angelica Kate for the chance to read itIf you look at the most basic storyline this story is pretty generic Two people meet and rub each other the wrong way As time goes on and they see of each other they both begin to realize an attraction Of course neither of them will admit it The story goes on from there I don t want to give too much away The story is Cassie doesn't have time for a man dating or any relationship not revolving around her children Her hodgepodge family takes every ounce of strength and organizational capacity she has each day They may have come to her in the darkest moment of her life through circumstances she would give anything to change but Now They Are Her they are her world As she works her freelance contracts contends with a cranky elderly nanny with little English langu. .