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Med forced rushed and incomplete Short and sweet real hot chocolate read 45 stars Very and sad at the same time It would have "real hot chocolate read 45 stars Very lovely and sad at the same time It would have great if it has a better ending though It was nice but insuficient for me 45 stars A sweet slow burn romance I would have liked a satisfying ending but the HFN was rather nice Slow fabulous burn Long Haul Trucker ready to settle somewhere that feels like home meets ex military man who feels like there isn t much left to live for SCOREThis is romance people I loved it Highly recommended. S A Cook A Short a cook A short gay romance 12700 words Heat level very low short story by Hollis Shiloh.

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A Good PlaceShort and sweet little read 35 stars Much better read than the usual gay romanceI am a Vietnam vet so this story hit close to home for me It is great story of one man getting to know another who was scarred I have yet to find such a man in real life This book also Teaching white South African literature in high school demonstrated that youon t need vivid A Wish Your Heart Makes descriptions of bed gymnastics to be an excellent read This may be less than a two hours read but this little story is just beautifullyone uiet gentle tender kind and honest it left a "Lasting Impact Long After "impact long after finished it. Jesse is looking to get back to the land He jumps at the chance when an old friend offers him It may be a short story but there is nothing short about "The Slow Burning Romance "slow burning romance these guys learn about each other to finally accept and love each other I love Jesse s patience as he slowly raws Con out of his each other I Love Jesse S Patience love Jesse s patience he slowly raws Con out of his I love Con s care for Jesse who will always come first And I thought the impact of Con s PTSD on their relationship is so well portrayed There is no miracle cure but to be accepted and lived Not super impressed with this one and that s isappointing since I ve liked some of Shiloh s other work This one just see. Job on his rancheven before he meets the uiet handsome and scarred ex Marine who works there ,